Dead By Daylight has three forms of currency: Iridescent Shards, Auric Cells, and, most importantly, Bloodpoints. Bloodpoints are used to progress through each unique Survivor or Killer Bloodweb. In these Bloodwebs, the player can find items, addons, offerings, and most usefully, perks.

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Being able to unlock a variety of perks will keep Dead By Daylight feeling new and, at levels 30, 35, and 40, players are able to unlock the unique three perks that come with each Survivor or Killer, making it available to all owned characters on respective sides. Although the grind can, unfortunately, be quite brutal for new and experienced players alike, there are a number of ways to improve the number of Bloodpoints earned per game.

7 Familiarise Yourself With Each Category For Bloodpoints

Objectives For Survivors Dead By Daylight

Both Survivors and Killers have 4 unique categories that can give up to 8000 bloodpoints each. It is vital that players familiarize themselves with these.

For Survivors, there are Objectives, requiring players to do generators, hit skill checks and open up the exit gates. There is also the Survival category, where players must use pallets, counter the Killer’s power and, most importantly, escape! For Altruism, players must help teammates by any means: heal them, save them off hooks and provide protection hits. Finally, the Boldness category requires the player to enter chase with the Killer and play aggressively.

For Killers, there is Brutality, requiring players to hit as many Survivors as possible. Deviousness is based on how Killers must make the most use out of their unique power. Hunter requires the Killer must have prolonged chases with Survivors. Finally, the Sacrifice category encourages the Killer to aim for 3 hooks per survivor.


6 Adapt Your Playstyle To The Categories

Claudette Healing Dead By Daylight Running Heal Perks

If there is a clear weakness in one of the four categories, it is vital that the player works on this. Each category can give up to 8000 Bloodpoints, so if players are focusing on Objectives and hiding from Killers or hitting Survivors and not hooking them, they will lose out on 8000 Bloodpoints per game.

Dead By Daylight is a game where the more a player practices, the better they become. Until you can consistently find an even score across all four categories, the game will demonstrate your weak points through the lack of earnings. When a player is able to work towards all 4 categories, they will find a significant rise in Bloodpoints per match.

5 Take Perks Designed For Bloodpoint Farming

Dead By Daylight Perks Designed For Bloodpoint Farming

There is no shame in taking perks that aren’t Meta. Dead By Daylight has a wide range of perks that are designed to help in all areas of the game. Some are specifically designed to help both Survivors and Killers maximise the number of Bloodpoints they can earn. Survivors are able to take perks that will increase the number of Bloodpoints in each category, like Prove Thyself or No One Left Behind. Killers can take perks like Barbeque and Chili or Distressing.

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It is vital to recognise the weak points in personal performance, and adapting builds and taking a unique range of perks will greatly assist the player reach the fabled 3200 Bloodpoints at the end of the game.

4 Don’t Be Shy To Use Offerings

Dead By Daylight Offerings For Survivors and Killers

In Dead By Daylight, to make Bloodpoints you’ll have to spend them. Throughout the Bloodweb, there are a wide array of Offerings that are accessible to both Survivors and Killers. Offerings can provide up to a 100% increase in Bloodpoints in 1 of the 4 categories at the end of the game. Although, depending on the luck of the player, they may even be able to get Offerings that provide a 100% increase to all categories and, potentially, to all players.

During Dead By Daylight events, Behaviour will usually add an event-themed Offering that will increase Bloodpoints yield. It will then help players in the long run if they search for these Offerings and stack up on them when possible. During the 2021 Anniversary event, players were able to earn up to 525% more Bloodpoints if everyone in the lobby had the Event-themed Offering, which made the Bloodpoint grind fly by as they could be earned in bulk.

3 Get Ranks, Get Bloodpoints

Dead By Daylight Bloodpoints Rank Rewards

Dead By Daylight has a rank rewards feature, giving players bonus Bloodpoints from 10,000 up to 250,000 depending on their final rank before reset (the 13th of every month). Behaviour has additionally developed an entirely new player ranking system for the game, making it easier than ever to climb the ladder.

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Previously, finishing rank never mattered as there were no rewards, but now the final rank level now rewards players accordingly. Luckily, as players practice and learn the game, they are guaranteed to steadily rank up.

Those who play both Survivors and Killers are able to get two sets of rank rewards, as both categories of rank rewards are stacked. It would greatly benefit those who want more Bloodpoints to play both sides at least a few times, as it will guarantee a minimum extra 10,000 bloodpoints.

2 Don’t Forget Your Tome

Dead By Daylight Tome I

Dead By Daylight has two challenge-style elements to earning Bloodpoints: players can do their daily task for anywhere between 3000 to 6000 Bloodpoints, or they can progress through the multiple Tomes. When working their way through the Tomes, players are tasked to complete a set amount of actions (e.g. repair 10 Generators) or do a certain action (e.g. stun the Killer with Power Struggle). Initially, challenges are easy and give 15000 Bloodpoints but gradually the difficulty and rewards both increase, giving up to 45000 bloodpoints per challenge.

Found in The Archives tab, Players can choose several Tomes to complete which, due to the number of challenges, will keep the player satisfied with a steady income of Bloodpoints. At the end of each Tome, the player is additionally awarded lore and charms, not only the Bloodpoints. Although Tomes do require players to adapt to the requirements, it is the most effective way to earn a large number of Bloodpoints consistently.

1 Play During Events!

Dead By Daylight 5th Anniversary Event Title Screen

Everyone loves the holidays, and that includes Killers and Survivors. Behaviour always brings out in-game events during the Holidays that not only add unique items and limited-time skins (purchasable and unlockable) but, most importantly, Bloodpoints.

As seen with the 5th Anniversary Event, Behaviour gave out upwards of 50,000 bloodpoints daily simply for logging in. During events, Behaviour often releases time-limited items and offerings that will drastically increase the amount of Bloodpoints that can be earned.

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