Survivors are always part of the joke when it comes to Dead By Daylight. Whether you play Killer or Survivor, other Survivors will be annoying you for a majority of your playtime. It could be because of rude high-rank players that bad manner for fun or because of low-rank players who don't know how to play.

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There is always a select few group of people you will run into and roll your eyes over, hoping they don't mess up your game this time. Being a solo Survivor can be hard because of these oddballs, but it makes playing Killer more entertaining.

10 The Scaredy Cat

Dead by Daylight survivor hanging out in locker

The Dwight. The locker boy. The scaredy cat. There will always be one player, at least in low to middle ranks, that will constantly hide in lockers whenever they hear the slightest sound. They never come up with strategies or risk their life to help the team. They simply hide for a long time. Even when the Killer is no where near them. This mostly manifests as a Dwight for reasons unknown.


9 The Donkey

Survivor in Dead by Daylight looking through window

The rude boy. Or gal. This type of player is a decent Survivor. They can loop, flashlight save and come up with quick strategies. But what makes them so unfortunate to work with is that they will make the game un-fun for any party they feel like at the time. Sometimes they will refuse to save you from the hook, teabag your body, and then teabag at the exit gates. This player has no mercy and cares not for the Killer or their fellow Survivor's feelings. They will go so far as to side with the Killer.

8 The Farmer

Dead by Daylight Survivor

Whether this type of player is purposefully trying to farm Bloodpoints off of you or they really just don't understand how to play the game effectively, only the universe will know. The Farmer will unhook you while being chased by the Killer and risk, and most certainly accomplish, downing both of you. This progresses nothing for the Survivor side and you're left being a piece of meat on a hook only worth some Bloodpoints.

7 The Sprinter

Survivor jumping over barrier in Dead by Daylight

This can manifest as a noob player. It must manifest that way, because surely they don't realize the Killer is alerted to sprint-vaults and can see their scratch marks?

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These types of players will sprint-vault toward you after getting away from a chase, while you've been hiding successfully and are almost done a generator. This brings the Killer right to you and if you're not good at looping it's sayonara for you. Sometimes it's easy to forget the Killer hears you every time you sprint and perform an action if you only play Survivor.

6 The Croucher

Crouching Survivor in Dead by Daylight

The Croucher. Sometimes this can be similar to the Scaredy Cat situation, other times it's a Nea trying to get all the worth she can out of Urban Evasion. Whatever the true reason is, it's so not helpful. Couching for a majority of the match is time consuming, even with Urban Evasion. Most especially if people are about to die on hook and you're taking your sweet time because of the fear of being caught by the Killer. Being a Survivor in Dead By Daylight is about taking risks.

5 The Courageous

Dead by Daylight Survivors lined up

These boys have no fears whatsoever. They are the do-ers and the leaders. Dwights look up to them. Megs thank them, begrudgingly. Sometimes they may take the form of a Steve or a Feng. This is their world and we're just living in it. The Killer is their plaything. Whenever you see such a fellow they will most likely be looking for tricks to distract the Killer while you work on generators or they will be playing with the Killer.

4 The Blendette

Claudette from Dead by Daylight crouching

A widespread meme and annoyance in the community is the Blendettes. These are Claudettes who take it upon themselves to wear dark, camouflaged clothing and take advantage of Claudette's appearance to hide in the smallest of corners where no one can find her.

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These are well and fine to have if you're playing Survivor since they will die less due to hiding successfully, but as a Killer it's a pain. There's absolutely no way for Killer's to see a Blendette unless you raise your computer's brightness up to the fullest and lower the graphical settings in the game.

3 The Meg

Dead by Daylight survivor

No one really likes a Meg. These players are obnoxious towards the Killer, flashlighting, stunning, looping the Killer for hours and then rubbing it all in the Killer's face once the exit gates are open or the hatch is found. This can sometimes manifest as a Nea, Feng Min, or a Laurie. They aren't an amazing Survivor team mate but they aren't horrible either. It's an indifference. You're glad to have a Meg because that means you know at least one person can stay alive, but you know she will be messing around for most of the game.

2 The Good Guy

Healing Survivor with a medkit in Dead by Daylight

The Good Guy is your average player. This player isn't horrible or fantastic at playing Survivor, but they know when to step in and when to step out. If you ask for heals, they'll give it to you and they will risk their life to save you for the good of the objective. They will also have some camaraderie with the Killer if the Killer wants. They are an all-around nice player that goes with the flow of things.

1 The Key Bearer

Key in Dead by Daylight

This dude right here. The man with the plan and with the power to end all suffering. The Key Bearer can also be The Courageous or The Donkey at the same time. If someone's bringing a hatch key, they know how to play the game. Sometimes it will be a Survivor who wants to use it as a last resource, but most of the time it's a good player who's prepared to go na-na-na-na-boo-boo at the Killer the moment when it counts the most. Absolutely splendid for fellow Survivors, downright annoying for the Killer since it ends the game for them.

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