Out of every class, both the Engineer and the Scout are known for having the quickest mobility in Deep Rock Galactic. Both characters can reach difficult areas, like ceilings and steep craters, with swift ease compared to the Gunner's slow zip line and the Driller's blind power drill. While Scout can use his grappling hook to create great speed and collect items quickly, Engineer is the best for methodically placing platforms in the right spots.

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This is a general overview of every item the Engineer in Deep Rock Galactic comes equipped with and what weapons and tactics are best suited for him. Every class has a limited loadout that you either have to master or pass on. If you prefer solving puzzles and helping your team, Engineer might be the class for you.

The Engineer's Best Support Tool: Platform Gun

Deep Rock Galactic platform gun upgrades

The Platform Gun shoots out a material that turns into a platform and this can be placed on any walls, floors, or ceiling. You're able to make stairs with it or create a safe landing for a grappling Scout. Those are the best ways to utilize the Platform Gun. Some quests may involve puzzles. For example, you may have to collect a bunch of Aquarq but they are in areas no regular dwarf could reach unless you strategically place platforms and find a way up. You may need to connect Liquid Morkite pipes, but a pumpjack is in a steep crater with no safe way down.


The Engineer is most useful when he's placing down platforms for other people to use. Scouts usually use their grappling hook to zoom across caves and collect materials. When they use their grappling hook, they can't actually stay in place. Once they let go, they drop. That's why it's important to have your Scout's back. If you place a single platform underneath an alien egg inside the ceiling, your Scout will be able to quickly grapple up there and dig in instead of struggling to stay afloat. If the entire team has to brainstorm a way to reach something, your platforms will come in handy to make sure the entire team can reach an area safely.

Another part of the Engineer's equipment is the ability to pace down sentry turrets. This is most efficient for protecting objectives you can't leave like machine events or repairing mini MULE's. The Gun Platform, different from the Platform Gun, is the second most useful support tool for Engineer.

Benefits of The Platform Gun:

  • Help Scouts
  • Guide team
  • Solve puzzles

The Best Engineer Weapons To Equip

Deep Rock Galactic engineer launcher

The Engineer's default weapons are the Auto 210, Deepcore 40mm PGL, and L.U.R.E. The Auto 210 is your basic shotgun, the Deepcore is a grenade launcher and L.U.R.E is a unique throwable item only the Engineer can use. L.U.R.E projects a hologram of a dancing dwarf when you throw it. This is meant to attract enemies. As you level up your dwarf Engineer, you can unlock more weapons and grenades via the Assignments terminal.

Primary and Secondary Guns

The default primary gun is a shotgun. Who doesn't love a gun that packs a punch? While the shotgun does good damage, your secondary weapon is a grenade launcher. There's no need for overkill when you're low on ammo. The Voltaic SMG is a submachine gun that can be unlocked once you hit level ten as Engineer. It's the best weapon to choose out of the shotgun and the submachine gun because it will carry more ammo and allow for spray.

When you have a grenade launcher that does massive damage in one shot, you'll need a smaller weapon to spray mobs with when the moment calls for it instead of another one-shot heavy weapon. The other gun you can unlock is the Breach Cutter. This is a pretty cool weapon as it shoots out purple lasers horizontally. It's the coolest weapon, but it's not as effective as your other options when in battle.


The Engineer's default throwable is L.U.R.E which projects a hologram to attract enemies. The other items you can unlock for this slot are a Plasma Burster and a proximity mine. A proximity mine can stick to any surface, defying gravity, and will only explode once motion from an enemy walks by it. This isn't too useful in battle because you usually find yourself running around while there are waves of enemies. Waiting for enemies to walk past a mine may be time-consuming. The Plasma Burster shoots a plasma orb that ricochets off walls and is more chaotic in AOE. It may be cool to look at, but L.U.R.E will forever be the best bet for the typical gameplay of Deep Rock Galactic.

Deep Rock Galactic is full of running around while shooting and screaming and not looking back. You have to defeat waves after waves of enemies while completing important objectives and side objectives. With L.U.R.E, you'll be able to keep waves away from your objective or protect a fallen teammate so that you can revive. The usefulness of L.U.R.E is endless.

Overall Best Weapons:

  • Deepcore 40mm PGL
  • Voltaic SMG
  • L.U.R.E
  • Gun Platform

The Best Perks To Use As Engineer

Deep Rock Galactic berzerker perk description and in action

As you play Deep Rock Galactic and complete missions, you'll find yourself earning Perk Points. These are earned from milestones that will happen naturally as you play the game, such as collecting six alien eggs in a specific biome. You can spend Perk Points at the computer or terminal inside your bunk. Once you purchase a perk, you have to equip it at the Equipment terminal on the ship.

Strong Arm

This perk allows you to throw your flares up to 50 percent farther. This is important when you're trying to be mobile and help out your team and it makes you as useful as a single Scout. Scouts have the benefit of not only having high mobility thanks to their grappling hook, but they are able to see clearly using their flare gun. The Scout flare gun sticks a flare into the wall, illuminating caves far more than your regular pocket flares can.

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By using Strong Arm on Engineer, you'll be as useful as a Scout and his flare gun. Upgrading this perk to tier eight allows you to get an additional throwing boost up to 20 percent when it comes to objects like Aquarq crystals.


Berzerker allows you to do additional, major damage with your pickaxe. As a dwarf and a miner, your pickaxe is only really used for digging. You can use it to melee enemies, but it barely does any damage. With the Berzerker perk, your pickaxe gets a power attack that you can enable every so often. Creating stairways and reaching high areas is dangerous when most enemies can climb walls and get you from behind. This perk allows you to have a brief moment of panic and do one swift melee attack. That way, you won't have to switch to your gun and can just keep mining.

Hover Boots

Hover Boots allow you to float briefly in the air by pressing the indicated button while falling. This is the most useful for a Scout, since Scouts usually fall after grappling due to their hook not being able to stay in walls. This perk is also useful for Engineers as they will be climbing just as much as Scouts do. The tier five Hover Boots allow you to hover in the air for three seconds instead of the original two seconds.

Deep Pockets

Deep Pockets is a tier seven perk that allows you to carry way more materials than you could by default. Ore you mine, like Morkite and Gold, has a max amount of storage within your pockets before you have to deposit them into the MULE. Depositing more ore than what is asked of you will give you a money and experience bonus at the end of the mission. With Deep Pockets, you'll be able to carry up to 15 more per ore. This is the most useful for Engineer and Scout since they are the most mobile classes that will be reaching the harder areas.

The Engineer Works Best With Scout

Deep Rock Galactic a heart between enginner and scout

Scout has the best mobility in the game. The grappling hook gives him an incredible advantage against the clock, enemies, and teammates. But he's prone to falling from great heights. With an Engineer in the mix, the two will be able to retrieve every objective item, plus some, with ease while the Gunner and Driller of the group use their firepower to keep the waves of enemies at bay. This is the best outcome for completing missions in Deep Rock Galactic.

Engineer Class Overview

Deep Rock Galactic engineer closet

Engineer helps the team get what they need in the most efficient way. Drilling large holes into walls is quick but not efficient, ziplines are way too slow, and Scout's grappling hook can only be used by him. The Engineer's Platform Gun and L.U.R.E grenade can assist the entire team in surviving and reaching areas safely and quickly together.

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Deep Rock Galactic Is The Best Aliens Game Ever Made

Deep Rock Galactic is excellent and you should play it.

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