Borderlands 3 players, rejoice! Denuvo has been removed from the PC version of the game after running in the background for over a year.

The news comes from SteamDB where a recent update notes the modified executable. People on Reddit posited that this would improve Borderlands 3's overall performance, but most note that the overall experience is mostly the same. It even still has micro-stutters whenever you log into the inventory screen.

It's also surprising that Borderlands 3 kept its Denuvo subscription for this long. We learned after the Egregor hack of Crytek's internal servers last year that Denuvo licenses work on a subscription model. Although the bulk of that subscription is paid in the first few months of the subscription, Denuvo's pricing structure gradually reduces after three months as it's assumed by then that Denuvo will have been defeated and the game will be "cracked."

A cursory glance at a Google search reveals that Borderlands 3 was cracked just a few months after release, so Denuvo really wasn't doing much after February of 2020. That’s the same reason why Doom Eternal removed Denuvo roughly two months after it’s release last year.

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Most PC gamers would prefer a Denuvo-less experience to one with Denuvo, so news of its removal from Borderlands 3 is likely to be well-received by fans of the game even if it doesn't result in tangible performance increases.

Fl4k with a sniper in their character trailer for Borderlands 3

In other Borderlands 3 news, The Clear Skies mini-event is on now and will run until January 28. The event has Vault Hunters take part in Arms Race, but without the usual storm closing in. This means players can fully explore the map and eliminate every enemy, increasing the chances of finding rare loot.


Starting January 28, players will be able to get extra Air Drops for Arms Race-exclusive gear and also have additional extraction slots to ensure they get to keep whatever loot they find.

And then Gear Rush begins on February 4 with increased spawns of Green DAHL Chests. It's a loot bonanza each week in Borderlands 3, just as it should be.

Source: SteamDB

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