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Destiny 2 players that love certain aspects of the game can show their dedication and skill through titles. If you find the grind lacking, you can go as far as to gild a title, replacing the purple line of text with gold text instead.

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Flawless is an eligible title for gilding. If you gilded this title last season, it's virtually the same process for this season. You'll need to show complete mastery of Destiny's PvP component to gild this title. Earn packages from Saint-14, carry non-flawless Guardians to the Lighthouse, and win games on a flawless passage are a few things you can expect.

Note: You'll need to have earned the Flawless title to unlock these seasonal Triumphs. Progress on these challenges is not retroactive, so focus on earning the default Flawless title first.

Updated September 29th, 2021 by Charles Burgar: Trials of Osiris has seen some major changes in Season of the Lost. This has resulted in its title and associated gilded variant being much easier to obtain. We've updated this guide with new tips, tricks, and information with each Triumph tied to gilded Flawless. We'll go over meta picks for Guardian kills, farming rewards from Saint, and which Exotics you can use to finish the Exotic Passage Triumph.


Lighthouse Warrior

Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris Armor
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Lighthouse Warrior: Defeat Guardians in Trials matches.

You need to kill 180 Guardians in Trials of Osiris for this Triumph. This will passively complete itself as you focus on the other gild challenges. Just be sure that you're landing a few kills every match to make progress towards Lighthouse Warrior. You'll need to play dozens of games for some of these Triumphs anyhow, so landing a few kills each game shouldn't be a major ask.

If you haven't played Destiny 2 recently, the PvP meta is fairly varied now. Most weapon archetypes have a place to shine, but we'll give you some meta recommendations:

  • 140 RPM Hand Cannons: Thorn, Ace of Spades, Hawkmoon, Palindrome, and Fatebringer are some of the most popular PvP Hand Cannons right now. 120 RPMs are also good but were recently nerfed.
  • Shotguns: Even after recent nerfs, Shotguns are still the definitive means of one-shotting an opponent from a short distance. Pellet Shotguns are preferred after buckshot frames were nerfed last season.
  • Rapid-Fire Fusion Rifles: Fusion Rifles are incredibly strong now. Rapid-Fire Frames have a short TTK and are easy to use.

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Light For The Lost

Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris Gear

Light For The Lost: Carry Guardians to their first flawless ticket while the "Light For The Lost" emblem is equipped.

The "Light For The Lost" emblem is obtained upon opening your first flawless chest at the Lighthouse. If you dismantled it, you can reclaim it from your collections under the "miscellaneous" menu.

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You'll need to carry two Guardians to the Lighthouse. Carry refers to assisting a Guardian on their seventh win of their Flawless Passage. If you play Trials in solo or duo queue, there's a chance you can fulfill this requirement on accident. Beyond wearing the Light for the Lost emblem, consider bringing a friend along that's also really good at Trials. You can hypothetically carry two players in the same game, but this is significantly harder to pull off than helping just one person each game.

If you need players to carry or play Trials with, check out the Destiny 2 PC LFG Discord, the100.io website, or the Bungie.net forums.

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Flawless Empyrean

Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris Logo

Flawless Empyrean: Win matches while the "Flawless Empyrean" emblem is equipped and the player is holding a seven-win ticket.

Similar to "Light For The Lost," the "Flawless Empyrean" emblem is obtained upon going flawless for the first time. You can obtain this emblem from your collections tab if you dismantled it.

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You'll need to win seven games while you have a seven-win ticket for Flawless Empyrean. This is surprisingly easy to do now with the changes to Passages in Season of the Lost. For those unaware, Passages no longer track losses. Once you get seven wins, play Trials to your heart's content. Your Passage won't be reset until you decide to do so or the weekend ends. For more info on Season 15's Trials changes, consult our Trials of Osiris guide.

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Guardian, I Have Gift For You

Destiny 2 Saint-14

Guardian, I Have Gift For You: Earn Trials rewards from Saint-14.

Trials rewards refer to Saint-14's Engrams. You'll need to obtain 100 rewards from Saint to finish this challenge. Fortunately, the overhaul to Trials in Season 15 has made this challenge far easier. Saint-14 will give out Trials Engrams as you increase your reputation with him. The more Trials matches you play, the higher your Trials Rank becomes. He also has a dedicated reward path as you increase your rank.

If you need more Trials Engrams for this challenge, you have two options:

  • Play on a seven-win Passage: Winning a match with a seven-win card has a chance of dropping Trials Engrams, weapons, and armor.
  • Use the Passage of Wealth: This grants bonus Trials Rank progress on your third, fifth, and seventh win. Use this when your Trials Rank reaches Mythic or Legend.

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Exotic Passage

Destiny 2 Cryosthesia 77k Season 14 Exotic Sidearm

Exotic Passage: Complete a Flawless Passage with a least one of this Season's Exotic weapons equipped.

Season of the Lost has two Exotics:

  • Lorentz Driver: An Energy Linear Fusion Rifle.
  • Ager's Scepter: A Stasis Trace Rifle that resides in the Kinetic slot.

For most players, we recommend you use Lorentz Driver for this Triumph. It has high aim assist, is easy to land headshots with, and deals excellent damage to surrounding targets. Ager's Scepter is also a solid pick for the last Trials round when you have a Super, as you can overcharge Ager's Scepter with a fully charged Super to deal immense damage.

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