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Lost Sector grinding has become a legitimate PvE activity with the release of Destiny 2: Beyond Light. Both Europa and the Cosmodrome have Lost Sectors that are eligible for Legend and Master difficulty variants.

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Completing these Lost Sectors on higher difficulties can reward Exotic armor for a certain slot or Enhancement Cores. Exodus Garden 2A is one such Lost Sector, a rather short area inside the Cosmodrome that can be tricky to complete. Fortunately, there are a few weapons and Mods that trivialize this Lost Sector. Here is a complete guide to the Exodus Garden 2A Master Lost Sector in Destiny 2.

Updated July 28th, 2021, by Charles Burgar: Those preparing for Season 15 will want to farm Legendary Lost Sectors to obtain high-stat Exotic armor. Exodus Garden 2A is, with the right loadout, one of the game's easier Lost Sectors to farm. We've updated this guide with better organization and new loadout recommendations to reflect Season 14's Artifact mods.

Destiny 2 Truth

Every Legendary Lost Sector in Destiny 2 has a suite of modifiers that make it much tougher to complete when compared to a normal Lost Sector, Master-tier versions having the most modifiers. Excluding the random Master modifier and standard modifiers such as Match Game, here are the key modifiers that influence Exodus Garden 2A:

Exodus Garden 2A Modifiers

Master Difficulty
  • Extra Shields
  • Match Game
  • Locked Equipment
  • Extra Champions
  • Barrier
  • Overload
Faction Modifiers
  • Scorched Earth
    • Enemies throw grenades more often.
Destination Modifier
  • +Solar and environmental damage taken
Master Modifier
  • Attrition
    • Health and shield regeneration slow down, but killing foes may create wells of Light that restore health and charge your Super.
  • ++Void damage
  • Void
    • Servitors

Due to the size and verticality of the final arena, Swords are only useful for the first few encounters in this Lost Sector. Surprisingly, Truth is a fantastic option here since it aggressively tracks, has three rockets in the tube, and can kill most Champions in three rockets or less. The rest of the Lost Sector is rather enclosed, meaning the likes of Warmind Cells are extremely useful here.


  • Way of the Pathfinder
    • Repositioning in this small Lost Sector makes it much easier.
  • Revenant
    • Great crowd control during the storage room encounter.
  • Attunement of Chaos
    • Contraverse Hold grenades deal incredible damage to Champions and the final boss.
  • Code of the Siegebreaker
    • High-damage abilities and can spawn Warmind Cells with Wrath of Rasputin.


Truth Ammo efficient Rocket Launcher that deals good damage.
IKELOS_SMG_v1.0.2 Deals great damage, spawns Warmind Cells, and can Overload Champions.
Long-Range Weapons Sniper and Scout Rifles are good picks for the final arena.


Global Reach Warmind Cell explosions cover a larger radius.
Concussive Dampener Take 25/40% less AoE damage.

A Detailed Guide: Entrance

Destiny 2 Exodus Garden 2a Entrance

Entrance Enemies

  • One Barrier Servitor
  • One Servitor
  • Dregs
  • Shanks

One Servitor will be directly in front of you at the start of the Lost Sector. Two Shanks will also accompany it, one of which is hiding behind the tube held up by a crane. Destroy the Servitor by breaking its shield with a Void ability or Truth, then take down the pair of Servitors to open up the next section of the arena.

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To your left will be a horde of Dregs that will rush to the center of the arena. Killing all of the Dregs will spawn a Barrier Servitor alongside a horde of Shanks that the Servitor will protect. Breaking the Servitor's protection will require you to stun it by destroying its Barrier shield. You can use a grenade, freeze the Champion, or try to damage it from a distance to force its shield to spawn. Destroy the shield, kill the Champion, then focus on the Shanks. Once every enemy is killed, focus your attention on the nearby corridor; a large wave of Fallen is about to spawn.

A Detailed Guide: Corridor

Destiny 2 Exodus Garden 2a Corridor

Corridor Enemies

  • One Overload Captain
  • Wretches
  • Dregs

Nearly a dozen Fallen Wretches and Dregs will rush to your position right as the Barrier Servitor dies and, along with them, an Overload Captain will drop down from the ceiling. A second Overload Captain will be giving covering fire on a rooftop further ahead, so it is ill-advised to push ahead. Instead, lure the enemies back to give yourself some distance to pick them off. If you can generate Warmind Cells, now is a great time to make one. Kill the Overload Captain once most of the rank and file Fallen are dead.

A Detailed Guide: Storage Room

Destiny 2 Exodus Garden 2a Storage Room

Storage Room Enemies

  • Two Overload Captains
  • One Barrier Servitor
  • Explosive Shanks
  • Dregs
  • Resilient Dregs
  • Vandals
  • One Servitor

This is by far the most chaotic part of the Lost Sector. When you push up to the Overload Captain on your left, three Explosive Shanks will spawn to your right. Back up, take them down, then disrupt the Captain at the roof of the shack to your left. Once they're dead, retreat once again.

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Swarms of Fallen rank and file enemies will rush out of the back of the room once enough enemies are slain. Try to spawn a Warmind Cell here to take care of these enemies. Annoyingly, there will also be two Champions at the back of the arena. One is an Overload Captain, while the other is a Barrier Servitor. Taking out the Barrier Servitor first is the best option to prevent the Overload Captain from becoming immune to all damage. There is also one standard Servitor at the back of the arena that will also make Champions immune. Destroy the Barrier Servitor, standard Servitor, then the Overload Captain to open the boss arena.

A Detailed Guide: Boss Arena

Destiny 2 Exodus Garden 2a Boss Arena 2

Boss Arena Enemies

  • Two Barrier Servitors
  • One Servitor Boss
  • Wretches
  • Dregs
  • Shanks

Two Barrier Servitors will stick together for most of this fight, floating near the Servitor boss when possible. The best way to deal with the final arena is to run back to the end of the storage room and fight from there. This will force all Fallen rank and file enemies to charge your position while giving you ample cover against the Servitors.

Focus on killing the Servitor boss first, using the likes of Truth or any long-range weapon to take it down. If you can't get a good view of the boss, kill a few Wretches or Dregs to get its attention. Once the boss is defeated, eliminate any rank and file enemies before taking on the Barrier Servitors.

Both Servitors should begin floating towards the center of the arena at this point. Use Truth, a Super, or any sort of high-damage weapon to take them down. Open the chest at the center of the arena to claim your rewards.

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