The Vex Offensive’s Final Assault has arrived in Destiny 2, and everyone is finding it pretty underwhelming to be perfectly honest.

The Undying Mind was first seen in Destiny 1 as a final boss against the Vex. Well, one of many--you see, The Undying Mind isn’t just a single entity. As a time-traveling, dimension-hopping robot, there are actually many copies of The Undying Mind hidden throughout the Vex network.

But anyway, Destiny 2 players have been looking forward to the final showdown against The Undying Mind since Shadowkeep first landed back in October. After all, the season is called The Undying for a reason, and this is it. Players speculated that this might mean a brand new strike where The Undying Mind serves as the final boss encounter.

Vex Offensive
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Instead, it’s just a regular old Vex Offensive activity that replaces the Gate Lord with a Hydra named The Undying Mind.

Bungie didn’t even change anything about the Vex Offensive, either. You still go through the exact same motions getting to the final Gate Lord, killing Vex and smashing crystals. Then when The Undying Mind finally arrives, you still have to wear away its shields using dropped Vex cannons before you’re able to damage it.

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Ghost gives a few extra tidbits of lore along the way, but otherwise, it’s the exact same Vex Offensive as arrived with Shadowkeep.

The disappointment on Reddit has been palpable with multiple posts from players venting their frustration. "I'm... very seriously disappointed if this is the whole change for a month+ long wait,” wrote one user. "I agree, it's a let down to be quite honest,” wrote another commenter. “Nothing new, loot and gameplay-wise, just gotta shoot a Hydra three times and boom, Undying. Very lackluster."


Those looking to achieve the seasonal Triumph will certainly need to kill The Undying Mind, but for everyone else, there’s little incentive to go into the activity besides the extra lore. On the plus side, now’s the time to farm all those Subjunctives you’ve been hoarding Vex Mind Components for.

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