It wouldn't be Destiny 2 without a few confusing twist and turns, and the newest season comes right out of the gate with a real head-scratcher. After completing the introductory mission to Season of the Splicer and meeting up with Mithrax, your guardian will be kicked back to orbit and instructed to meet him back in the Last City. The problem is, is surprisingly difficult to figure out where exactly the Last City is. If you look at your Director, you won't see any quest indicators showing you where to go, and the mission icon in your quest log won't be very much help either.

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If you're struggling to figure out where to meet up with Mithrax, Kell of Light in The Last City, here's a quick and easy guide to follow that will get you back on the right track.

Where Do You Go To Meet Mithrax In The Last City

Destiny 2 players will likely be very familiar with the Last City. It's the cascading urban area located directly under The Traveler that we guardians lookout at any time we visit The Tower. We've even visited the Last City ourselves on a number of occasions, including during the end of the Red War campaign, and most recently, during the live event at the end of Season of Arrivals when The Traveler finally woke up.

The live event launched from The Tower, so you would be forgiven for thinking you'd find the icon to launch The Last City is located on the map of the Tower. It isn't, nor is it located on the EDZ map, the closest patrol zone to The Last City, geographically speaking.


Instead, the location for this mission, called Last City: Eliksni Quarters, is a bit obtuse. To find it, just open up the H.E.L.M. map and look at the bottom left. You'll find the icon for the Last City there and you can load right into the mission.

After Osiris and and Mithrax talk, feel free to take a look around the area. You'll find quite a few audio logs from Eido and you can learn a lot of Mithrax and his newly formed House of Light. If you leave, you can come back to the Eliksni Quarters whenever you'd like from the H.E.L.M map. There's no doubt that this will be an important location throughout Season of the Splicer, so it's important to learn where to find it.

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