Diablo 3 is a fantasy game full of magic, monsters, and deadly missions for players to enjoy for hours on end. This year, as fans reluctantly admit that they won't be getting a Diablo 4 yet, many are returning to replay the old classics. Since they last played, lots of new content - including pets - has been added!

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There are plenty of pets in Diablo that the player can summon to fight on their behalf -- magical, undead, or otherwise. However, the developers had more room for pop culture references and creative designs in the non-combative pets that follow players around. Though there are many options, here the top 10 ranked.

10 The Mimic

Diablo 3 The Mimic Pet

The Mimic pet is a chest walking on black, spirit-like legs. Players who are experienced nerds with lots of hours logged into fantasy worlds will understand how it's a reference to the "Chest Monster" cliche.

Chest Monsters are any box that the player might expect to have loot in it but instead becomes a deadly adversary. In Dungeons and Dragons, this often takes the form of a mimic -- a kind of shapeshifter that takes the form of objects; it was in the original Monster Manual by Gary Gygax.


9 Cucco The Chicken

Diablo 3 Cucco Pet

The Cucco pet is an adorable chicken that follows the player around wherever it goes. Unfortunately, it doesn't peck of the eyes of your enemies, but it will pick up gold for you.

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This pet was released when Diablo 3 was added to the Nintendo Switch. As with many of the new things added at that time, it was a reference to The Legend Of Zelda, a series in which the Cuccos feature.

8 The Royal Calf

Diablo 3 Royal Calf Pet

The Royal Calf pet is part of Diablo 3's annual Darkening of Tristram event which takes the player back to the town of Tristram where the first Diablo game took place. Strange jokes about cows have existed in Diablo since the first installment and they are beloved by many long-time fans.

Rumours began in Diablo 1 about a "Secret Cow Level" and they only grew larger. The developers actually added in Diablo 2, as well as a "Not The Cow Level" in Diablo 3. Yet, to this day, Blizzard can still be seen denying the existence of any cow levels.

7 Blaze (Actually Ghost Rider, Probably)

via Oggie Doggie on Youtube.com.

The Blaze Pet is a skull ablaze in a bright orange fire and it floats around, following the player on their missions. The in-game description explains that this is the skull of a man named Blaze who "made a horrific pact with one of the Prime Evils to save the life of his father."

He will "never die, so long as evil stalks the land." Between the name, the appearance, and the description, it's pretty clearly a reference to Marvel's Ghost Rider whose burning orange skull-head is iconic.

6 The Friendly Gauntlet

Diablo 3 Friendly Gauntlet Pet

The Friendly Gauntlet pet is a severed hand wearing a gauntlet that follows the player by "walking" with its agile fingers. Some players have suggested it could be a reference to the Wallmasters from the Legend of Zelda series. But it wasn't added when Diablo 3 was added to the Nintendo Switch -- like the Cucco.

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It's more likely a reference to the Addams Family (a fictional household that's a satirical commentary on the ideal nuclear family from 20th century America). The "Thing" is, in the 1991 and 1993 Addams Family films, a disembodied hand that helps out the family.

5 That Which Must Not Be Named

Diablo 3 Pet That Which Must Not Be Named

That Which Must Not Be Named may be the best representation of how insane the cow jokes in the Diablo community have gotten. Just looking at this monstrosity of a pet makes people want to laugh! Or facepalm; 50/50 chance.

But Diablo 3 didn't shy away from the cow jokes and has only continued that habit. It included its own secret cow level under a new name. Yet, the game still denies this pet's existence: its description says that "it is a lie" from "a place that doesn't exist." Does that imply that this pet is an eldritch creature?

4 Haunting Hannah

Diablo 3 Pet Haunting Hannah

Diablo 2 was a haunting game for those who experienced it - at the time or in retrospect - and perhaps shouldn't be played by everyone. With this pet, many fans believe that Blizzard is referencing a moment from Diablo 2 when the player had to fight a group of Rogue Archer mercenaries -- one of which was named Hannah.

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In Diablo 3, the pet's description includes a quote from Hannah that reads, "If you think death will be our parting, you have another thing coming." It's a nice a throwback for long-time Diablo fans.

3 The Angelic Goblin

Diablo 3 Angelic Goblin Pet

The Angelic Goblin pet combines two polar opposite NPCs from the series. Treasure goblins are a small demon that steals loot and offers substantial rewards to the player that can slay it before it disappears. On the other hand, the angels are a race that features prominently in Diablo 3 as enemies and allies.

Diablo 3 loves angels so much that wings, like the Prime Evil Wings, became an aesthetic choice even for the player. The combination of these two ideas creates a pet that is just unsettling to look at and only made worse by the fact that his clothes look similar to the character Tyrael's.

2 Lamb (Literally Just a Kid)

Diablo 3 Lamb Pet

The Lamb pet is just a little orphan boy with a sword and shield. This pet ranks so high on the list due to how quintessentially unnerving he is to play with. Lots of fans who take him on their adventures cite how, though the game doesn't force the issue, it's hard to ignore the ramifications of bringing a small child into dungeons to fight demons.

The game simply says in his description that the "battlefield is no place for a child unless he's got a copper sword." I guess Lamb meets that description, so it's okay?

1 Diablo, The Prime Evil

Diablo 3 Diablo Pet

Diablo himself is among the most powerful enemies that the player faces in Diablo 3, so being able to adventure around with him in tow would have been a little unbelievable. Instead, Blizzard included this version: a Diablo pet modelled after his appearance from Diablo 1.

His description still pokes fun at the idea of dragging around a little Prime Evil with you. There is also a quote from Leah (who fans will remember became possessed by Diablo) saying "Aren't you a little short for a lord of terror?"

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