One of the most important steps you can take at the beginning of Disco Elysium is by stepping with two expensive, clean snake-skin shoes on your feet instead of one. When you first enter the gameplay world, your clothes are scattered around your hostel room and you're wearing nothing but some underpants. You can collect these pieces of clothing and wear them! Clothing items in Disco Elysium give you buffs, so it's important to start out with something at the very least.

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But there's something is missing. Something familiar and green. There's only one shoe to be found in your room. Some people end up going the whole game with only one shoe on, gaining no additional perks, and looking foolish. No more of this treachery, because here are the secrets to finding the shoe for the other foot. It comes with benefits.

Go Back To The Whirling Rags

disco elysium harry in whirling rags room

If you've been walking around with a missing shoe for a while, the first step here is to go back to the Whirling Rags. This is where you'll find your shoe. If you're starting a new game, don't leave the building you spawn in until you've found that shoe!

The missing shoe won't be in your room, but it's somewhere else in the building. The Whirling Rags is the hostel you spawn inside at the beginning of the game and that serves as your temporary headquarters for rest (which heals yourself) and consultation with Kim, which progresses the story.

Go Out To The Balcony

disco elysium the whirling rags balcony

This is it. This is where you find your shoe. The time has come. From the starting point of your room, exit and keep walking down the hall. There are only two ways to g: down the hall or to the right where you'll soon find the stairs to the cafeteria.


Down the hall, there will be a door to a balcony. The door may be hard to spot since it's the edge of the map and won't glow unless you hover over it. If you have a hard time finding it, or anything else in the game really, be sure to hold down Right-Click or Tab to highlight interactable objects.

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Your other shoe will be at the end of this balcony, as seen in the photo above. Before you interact with the shoe, you'll get a thought bubble around your head which triggers thoughts about the ocean air. Once you pick up the shoe and put it on, a cut scene will trigger. This will grant you ten experience points and complete the hidden side quest of finding your shoe.

The cut scene involves appreciating how comfortable and good they feel on your feet. This unlocks the buffs for the shoes. Most clothing items in Disco Elysium offer buffs, or the opposite, to help you pass skill checks and say things you know you shouldn't. With only one shoe, you get no perks from it. With both shoes equipped and found, the shoes then give you +1 Composure and -1 Savor Faire.

Hidden Side Quests

disco elysium journal completed quests

There are multiple hidden side quests in Disco Elysium. The only way to find them is by walking along the edge and thinking outside the box. The point of this game isn't to be a perfect cop and solve crimes with ease, it's to say things you shouldn't and see what happens.

To find most of these hidden quests, you have to say some dumb things, steal things you shouldn't, and live life on the edge. Commit to ridiculous ideologies and make Revachol yours for the taking.

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