You might not know a lot of things about the world when you first start playing Disco Elysium – you might not even know much about yourself – but there is one thing you can be almost immediately certain of, you want to sing Karaoke. Whether you have an oceanic soul or its size is currently obscured by the hangover, it must be expressed, towards other people, through song.

The problem is that the backing track for the song you really want to perform is currently destroyed in your suite. Thankfully this guide will tell you everything you need to get up on stage at the Whirling-In-Rags and show everyone in Martinasie your pain.

Where To Find A Song To Sing In Disco Elysium

The Song in Disco Elysium

The first thing you’ll need when expressing yourself is the song itself, The Smallest Church In Saint-Saens. As mentioned, the copy you had is currently very destroyed in your room, but there is another that can be uncovered in Martinaise while you’re doing less important things like solving a murder or whatever.

To find it you will have to wait until at least Day 3 though, as it is over the Water Lock that is currently broken. Once you've passed enough time for the repairs to be complete, you can take the Water Lock over to the coast.


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Once you’re on the other side you’ll want to immediately head south, to a small shack surrounded by a broken fence. There will be a break in the fence near the Water Lock entrance so you can easily access it. There are a few things to interact with, but you’ll want to focus on the music collection hidden under a tarp at the back of the area, behind the shack. You’ll have to interact with the green circle before you can look inside.

Inside you'll find the tape, but before you can sing karaoke, you’ll need to make sure it's correct, and for that, you will need a tape player.

Where To Find The Tape Player In Disco Elysium

Pawnshop in Disco Elysium

There is a story-related reason for needing a tape player as well, if you manage to convince Titus Hardie to hand over some evidence incriminating the victim, but the real reason for buying one is so you can sing Karaoke down the line.

You can find a tape player in the Pawnshop by interacting with the speakers above Roy’s head. The pawnshop is right next to the Water Lock, just south of the Whirling-In-Rags. It's barely a minute from where you can find the tape so you can head straight back and pick it up once you’ve collected the tape. The pawnshop also stays open quite late if you’re busy being a detective in the meantime.

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The tape player itself will cost 12 reál but you can talk Roy down to a measly 4 with the right choices. While you’re here you can also sell any postcards you might have come across until now, which might help with the cost. If you’re worried you won’t be able to afford another night in the Whirling-In-Rags as well, you can also speak to the women in the Fishing Village over the Water Lock who might have somewhere more affordable for you.

Once you’ve got the tape player and The Smallest Church In Saint-Saens tape you’ll have to access your inventory and interact with the tape in question before you can sing it. You’ll get to listen to it and understand just how powerfully sad it is, and how perfect it will be to sing. But your Inland Empire might also mention that there is still an obstacle in your path.

How To Convince Garte To Let You Sing In Disco Elysium

There’s only one obstacle left for you to sing Karaoke and that’s Garte, the manager at the Whirling-In-Rags and the ultimate decider of who does and doesn't get to sing karaoke. At the beginning of the game, your relationship with him is strained to say the least, but it can be improved through the game. However, he will still be reluctant to let you raise the roof in his establishment.

Firstly, you’ll have to have paid him for all the damage done to the room, which costs a fair bit of money. There are several ways to raise the funds, and if you’re desperate Kim will also help you out. With that done you’ll be in a slightly better position to ask to sing karaoke, but he’ll still refuse.

There is one final thing you can do to repair your relationship with Garte and secure a place on the stage. When you head downstairs on the first day you’ll see him repairing a stuffed bird that you destroyed the previous evening. The bird however is damaged beyond Garte's skills, and he won't be able to restore it to its former glory. Years of substance abuse have left your hands far too shaky to repair it yourself, but perhaps you can find a replacement.

In the Fishing Village, across the Water Lock and past the shack you find the song in, there a few buildings to can enter. Head into the shack on the far left of the Village, near the young boys playing a strange game and the washerwoman. Inside you’ll find a little girl playing by herself in a cozy hovel.

Speak to her and convince her to let you take the stuffed bird in the room, and give it to Garte in the Whirling-In-Rags as a peace offering of sorts. Be nice when handing it over though, as Garte won't exactly trust this gesture. With that done, as well as the money paid, you can ask Garte to sing karaoke and he will have no option but to accept.

You can only sing Karaoke in the evening though, so if you did all this in the day you’ll have to find, or solve a murder or something before you do it. Singing itself is a Drama check, so maybe stick a few points in the skill and an outfit change is in order before you get up there, after all, you’ll only get one shot.

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