College has almost become its own aesthetic. College translates to books, coffee, and friends in much of the art world. With that in mind, there is a lot of alternate universe fanfics and fanart out there of people’s favorite characters in a college setting. We like to think of what classes Rapunzel would take or where would be Elsa’s favorite place to study. What major would Hiccup take and so on.

Some of the post popular college AU’s (alternate universe’s) come from fans of Pixar and Disney. What’s also popular is modern AU’s where these characters live in our world and in our time. It’s pretty cool to see Snow White and Jasmine in modern clothes. That’s part of why we made this list!

Here we are listing DreamWorks and Disney characters redesigned as modern college students. Backpacks, coffee, and books are in abundance and these characters are ready to study in those infamous all-nighters before a big test. Press the pause button on plot because we have no need for that in a school life AU. The only plot here is the every day of college.

27 Pocahontas


A modern college student Pocahontas would make her drastically different in terms of lifestyle.

Due to her love of the natural world from her movie, it’s easy to imagine her as a geology and/or biology major.

We definitely need people like her in today’s world, as we can be sure she would make a positive difference on the planet.

Art was made by


26 Rapunzel, Cinderella, And Snow White


It’s even more unusual in these days to have hair that’s long enough to go completely down your back. Even in the modern world, Rapunzel will be recognized on her campus as the girl with the crazy long hair. Snow White’s look seems kind of old-school, almost like it’s a school uniform. Also not so many people rock long skirts or those kinds of hair bands today so Cinderella looks a little old-school as well. They give off sophisticated looks you don’t see on many college students.

25 Ariel


Ariel would definitely go to a college by the beach. The artist really did a good job modernizing her while also keeping what makes Ariel recognizable.

She still has the colors of her tail but on her pants and it’s the same deal with her top.

Due to her fascination with society, Ariel could definitely be an anthropology or sociology major. She would work in a museum of old human objects from history.

24 Hiccup And Jack


“After seeing a post/tweet from William Joyce about the fact Jack could actually settle and age with his ‘partners’ (whether romantic or not?) I really wanted to see if I could successfully age Jack to about 20-22/Hiccup’s current age,” wrote the artist for this piece.

Not only are Hiccup and Jack in college together in this fan art but they are also boyfriends! A lot of artists like to draw Jack as a skinny twig, so props to this artist for making his body realistic!

Art was made by kt-exreplica.

23 Jasmine And Pocahontas

The best part of this fan art is Pocahontas using a battery powered fan to stay cool. It’s the artist giving a nod to the song, “Colors of the Wind” and how Pocahontas’ movie constantly had wind billowing through her hair. It seems her hair even has dyed highlights to pay homage for the “Colors of the Wind” song as well.

Pocahontas even has her mother’s necklace, but in a more modern style.

Jasmine doesn’t appreciate it though. She’s trying to take a selfie without Pocahontas hair in her face.

Art was made by mauricioabril.

22 Anna And Kristoff


Of course, these cuties would have a Disney World or Disneyland date as a break from studying. With how hyper Anna is, it’s easy to imagine her zooming from ride to character photoshoot to the shops with Kristoff barely able to catch up. There will be a lot of eye rolling from Kristoff but he’d secretly be having the time of his life as well. He’d have to stop Anna from buying everything she sees in the park.

21 Merida And Rapunzel


Rapunzel getting an art degree makes sense due to how much she painted in her tower. As for Merida, can you major in archery? She could study sports and be involved in a lot of clubs.

She would definitely be the head of the archery club.

Merida could be one of those students that gets involved in so many activities that she does not have time to party or relax as much as she’d like but she also doesn’t know how to stop because she has interest in so many things.

20 Elsa


Elsa would be a studious and shy college student. She would probably spend most of her time in the library. Despite not going to parties (unless her sister Anna drags her), she is friends with her professors due to her maturity and visiting them for help during office hours. She could even be a teacher’s assistant. The question is, what would she major in? Meteorology probably? She could study the weather and write papers about predicting weathers and make presentations on weather patterns.

19 Shang And Ping


There has been debate among fans about Shang’s preferences due to him seeming to fall in love with Ping before he realized Ping was a woman in disguise. So in some fan art, they ship Ping and Shang rather than Mulan and Shang (even though they’re the same person, some fans treat them as different people).

Shang would probably study politics while Ping has changed his majors constantly until he also settled on politics.

Art was made by JohannaTheMad.

18 Merida


“I wanted to do the whole revived-nineties-grunge trend that's in right now. Effortless tomboy chic,” wrote the artist for this piece.

The artist made a cool choice using the paid jacket tied around Merida’s waist because it looks almost like a Scottish kilt.

The arrows on her shirt are also a nice touch to commemorate her archery. Merida is short, so maybe she would wear high heels? But then again she’s also a tomboy so maybe that’s not a great choice?

Art was made by nina-d-lux.

17 Mulan


The clothes the artist chose for Mulan sort of leans into the rebellious side of this Disney protagonist. To the most conservative of conservatives, Mulan is actually controversial for showing that women can be a powerful force in war. With that in mind, modern Mulan would probably be active in feminist clubs and could even major in philosophy or women’s studies. Maybe both? She would not be afraid to be loud and break expectations of what female college students should be like.

Art was made by natalico.

16 Frozen And Tangled College


Frozen and Tangled are often drawn together because Disney fans often can’t help but compare the two movies to each other.

If it’s not for that reason, there are also theories that Rapunzel could be Elsa and Anna’s cousin since there was an Easter Egg of Rapunzel and Flynn walking around in Frozen.

If they were related and all went to the same college, that would be unusual. Know anyone who had a cousin and sister go to the same school at the same time?

15 Belle And Adam


“Adam [is] good looking because well....he is in human form,” wrote the artist for this piece. “Only his personality can be beastly in the story.”

So in a college setting, Belle would be at the top of her class and Adam would probably be studious as well but a jerk to fellow students. Belle’s outfit makes it look like she could be part of a tennis or cheerleader team. Both of them would probably be English majors and that’s how they get to know each other.

Art was made by nina-d-lux.

14 Jack And Hiccup Roommates


A lot of cute details went into this roommate fan art. Hiccup has a dragon plush to symbolize Toothless and he has his prosthetic leg by his bed. Jack having the top bunk just feels right and he has space stickers on this bedside. The two beds are also just color coded based on the characters’ clothes. It looks like Jack wants to talk but Hiccup just wants to sleep. They probably have different sleep schedules with Jack being more of a night owl.

Art was made by elfpen.

13 Student Selfie


There is a big hangout. We have got Flynn, Jack, Kristoff, Hiccup, Rapunzel, Anna, Elsa, and Merida. Where are they? It looks like Jack and Kristoff has blankets. There are a lot of chairs too.

Maybe a bus road trip? A college field trip?

What class could all these characters be taking together? It would have to be some core class that’s required no matter what your major is like math or writing. They would certainly make for a fun group to travel with.

12 Ruffnut And Tuffnut


The college campuses are not all full of just princesses and princes! These two more minor characters from How to Train Your Dragons have gotten some fan art love as well. These twins are known to have rough personalities, unafraid to get dirty or fight. Translating that to a love of skateboards and roller skates makes sense. If they fall, they would get right back up. They’d be known for rolling around the campus, making all the other students get out their way.

Art was made by artphish.

11 Studious Hiccup


“I drew Older Hiccup in modern-day version; he is studying or something like that,” wrote the artist for this piece.

“I thought he would be cute looking a bit nerdy, and I added a dragon tattoo on his neck, though most of it is hidden under his sweater.”

Tattoos are always a cool way to modernize characters while also leaving hints from their original stories. But what would Hiccup study? Biology? Horseback riding? Architecture? He already does so much in his movies!

Art was made by alexdasmaster.

10 Aurora


If we want to be really silly in terms of callbacks to her movie, Aurora could have a bad habit of falling asleep in class. Her style in this fan art is sort of a mix of goth and hipster. She wears moody looking clothes but with a twist of white and some bright colors.

Her hair is literally sparkling as well. How do you make it do that?

She would be very active in the school chorus, in fact, that could be her major.

9 Aladdin And Jasmine


First of all, their shirts are adorable. “Riff Raff” is a callback to the movie and how Aladdin is seen as “riff raff” or a “street rat.” Of course, Jasmine’s shirt is over the fact she had a pet tiger in the movie. In college, she’ll probably have to settle for just a goldfish if she is living in the dorms.

They look so happy together. What would Jasmine study? Political science? Sociology? What if Aladdin pretends he’s hast the same major to get her attention?

8 Jack, Merida, Rapunzel, And Hiccup


“I'm actually pretty satisfied with how Jack turned out...he basically has a present time clothes in canon, so that was a bit difficult,” wrote the artist for this piece.

“I love drawing Rapunzel’s hair. And Merida's hair! That was kind of a challenge as well.

“As for Hiccup, I had no idea which version to choose. I mean I like the idea of him being the tallest one. But that just doesn't go with the classical version of him. However, as an adult he is too handsome.”

Art was made by alassa.

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