There are a large amount of Disney films that probably shaped who a lot of us are as people today, whether we realized it or not.  Maybe you believe in true love and are a hopeless romantic because of them.  Or maybe you had a newfound appreciation for lions and wildlife in general after watching The Lion King.

Either way, we can all agree that Disney films were a large part of our childhoods, in one way or another. Regardless of that fact, there were still a great number of inconsistencies throughout many of their films that had us asking, "come again?" more often than not when we've watched them as grown-ups.

That may not take away from our great love of Disney films, but it does have us asking more than a few questions about some of their storylines or choices they had certain characters make in their respective movies. And if you haven't had that experience yet, you definitely will after looking at these memes.

We have found a treasure trove of hilarious memes that all ask the same questions that have been rolling around in our heads for ages about these films. There are memes about Disney Princesses (as well as their Princes), memes about Simba and his illogical decision making, and even memes about our beloved Toy Story.

While we may have been confused about certain things in Disney films, that doesn't mean we love them any less. And it certainly doesn't mean we can't laugh at their expense.

So here are the 25 Hilarious Disney Movie Comics That Change The Way We See Them.

25 A King, No More

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The Lion King was a huge hit back in 1994 for kids everywhere. It told the story of Simba, and how he eventually came to be King of the Pride Lands. But before that could happen, there were a lot of ups and downs for young Simba.

His father, Mufasa, was the King of the Pride Lands before his untimely demise. What he doesn’t know until much later is it was planned by Mufasa’s younger brother, Scar, to have both Mufasa and Simba out of the picture so he could ascend to the “throne," so to speak.

This meant that he had to end Mufasa first, which played out in a very dramatic and upsetting scene towards the beginning of the film. Mufasa had come to save Simba from a wildebeest herd while he was trapped in a gorge. It had all been a ploy just to get Mufasa to meet his end, but he, unfortunately, didn’t know that.

After saving Simba, Mufasa struggled to make it over a cliff and was left dangling from it instead. He begged his brother, Scar, to save him, but Scar ended up piercing his paw with his claws, leaving Mufasa to fall and be trampled by the wildebeests.

The old myth that all cats land on their feet was proven wrong at that moment since Mufasa was unable to do just that.  

While that may be true, this meme doesn’t make that moment hurt any less, even to this day.

R.I.P. Mufasa.


24 Unfair Trade

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In almost every Disney movie that has a Disney princess, she ends up falling madly in love with her soon-to-be suitor within a day's time, if that. It's always been a running joke for Disney fans in a way, knowing that the heroine of the story will be falling in love with a man so quickly we get whiplash.

And it was no different for Ariel from The Little Mermaid. She had dreamed of being a part of "Eric's world" even before she met Prince Eric, but once she did, it pretty much solidified the fact that she would rather be on land than "Under the Sea."

While I'm all for people falling in love, I don't think that anyone should give up everything that makes them who they are in the name of love, however. So when Ariel decided she not only would give up her voice to Ursula just to make Eric fall in love with her, that was hard enough to watch. But when she gave up her family and her mermaid tail for legs just so she could get her happy ending, it became a little much.

But hey, that's Disney logic for you. Why be yourself when you could be someone else with a Prince for a boyfriend?

23 An Inanimate Friendship

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Beauty and The Beast is probably one of the most beloved Disney films to this day. That love grew tenfold when the live-action movie came out in 2017, a full sixteen years after the original animated version came out.

Seeing Belle fall in love with the "hideous" Beast, based solely on the fact that she loved who he was on the inside, was a beautiful tale with a good message.  As long as you overlook the part where Beast basically was holding Belle hostage.

When Belle decided to take the place of her father and become the Beast's hostage instead, you'd think that she would have been more on edge and alarmed about her circumstances than she was. But instead, she was seen befriending all of his servants that had turned into inanimate objects.

You would think she would be coming up with a plan to get out of the horrid situation she found herself in, but instead, she chats and laughs with Lumiere, the candelabra, Cogsworth, the mantle clock, as well as Mrs. Potts, the teapot and her son Chip, a teacup.

Granted, if she had decided to leave early on in the story, she and the Beast would have never fallen in love and he would have stayed Beast-ly forever.

But still, maybe she could have tried to fight the situation a little more instead of talking to the clock?

Just a thought.

22 What’s With All The Singing?

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Time and time again in Disney films, the main characters, as well as sub-characters, are seen singing along to a song they seem to have just come up with on the spot but have perfected, no less. In a real-life situation, this would seem extremely odd to those around them, but that never comes across in Disney films. But hey, you could always argue that this is not based on reality anyway, and they are all fairytale characters, after all.

But there has only been one character that has shown how bewildered he is by that turn of events, and that was Flynn Rider, Rapunzel's love interest in Tangled.

This occurred during the musical number, "I've Got A Dream," which was sung primarily by Rapunzel and the "pub thugs" at the pub they went into. Flynn had gone there to frighten Rapunzel so she'd go back to her tower, but it quickly backfired on him when the other patrons recognized him from his wanted posters.

Rapunzel calmed them down by saying he was an integral part of her realizing her dream, which they surprisingly sympathized with. This caused them all to break out into song about their dreams, and Flynn was left to stand there looking like he has no idea what is actually happening at the moment.

Even when they go to include him, he simply says, "I don't sing"...that is, until he's practically bullied into doing it.

21 Hipster Maleficent

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Maleficent appears to have received the "hipster Disney" treatment in this meme. Though turning Disney characters into a hipster version of themselves only started with Ariel from The Little Mermaid back in 2011, it eventually expanded into other characters, but still primarily Disney princesses.

It ultimately expanded even furthermore with Disney villains as well. And that is exactly how this hipster Maleficent meme was born.

A hipster is defined as being, "a person who follows the latest trends and fashions, especially those regarded as being outside the cultural mainstream." So it would make perfect sense that a hipster Maleficent would be rather blase about not being invited to an infant's party. Especially one that was directly related to her enemy, King Stefan, as well as his Queen.

Yet, she instead gets furious when she learns she wasn't invited to the christening of Aurora and decides to not only punish the King but Aurora as well. She casts a curse on her, decreeing that "before the sun sets on Aurora's sixteenth birthday," Aurora will perish "by pricking her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel."

That seems very harsh for a child to have to endure when she had no say in who was invited in the first place. Not to mention, that is decidedly not very hipster-like on Maleficent's part.

20 Someday, My Prince Will Come

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This is yet another example of a Disney film having the protagonist fall head over heels in love with someone without actually knowing much about them at all.

The Prince had only seen Snow White once before, and granted, was entranced not only by her beauty but her singing voice as well.  And in turn, Snow White had only seen him the one time, as well.  While they may have gleefully sung along to songs together, that does not mean they knew much about each other at all.  In fact, they probably knew next to nothing about the person they were suddenly "in love" with.

But yet, when Snow White is put under a sleeping curse by the Evil Queen with a poisoned apple, she can only wake with true love's kiss. And you guessed it, the Prince is the one to break the curse in this scenario.

It begs the question of how in the world did they fall in love over the course of a couple songs? And also, why would the Prince just go up to Snow White's supposedly deceased form and kiss her when he hardly knew her in the first place?

It's all very confusing, but at least he woke her up in the end, I suppose.

19 Lost In Translation

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This meme actually presents a very good question regarding the language chosen for the Mulan movie. Now don't get me wrong, I absolutely adored Mulan and it's probably my favorite Disney film, but it's still a bit of a head-scratcher as to why the entire film had every character speaking English...even though they were all in China.

This has happened so many times throughout not only Disney's history but the movie industry's history as well. There have been examples of characters from France somehow having an English accent while other film's, such as Mulan, was based in an entirely different country with a corresponding language but yet they still chose to have their characters speaking English.

I do understand that Mulan was a wide release that first came out in America, so yes, of course, their characters need to speak English for the audiences to be able to follow along. But maybe just include a little of their native language next time, like Coco did sporadically during their film. Or better yet, have the film's release include both an English version as well as Chinese version, so families everywhere can go see the film and understand the language that is being spoken.

But hey, what do I know?

18 Disney Villain Logic

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Mother Gothel is the dark, twisted villain in Tangled. She stole Rapunzel when she was a baby due to the powers her hair contained.

It turns out that while Mother Gothel is seen mostly as a young, vibrant and beautiful woman, she is actually centuries old and will ultimately perish if she doesn't use magic to keep it from happening.  This means that when the guards from Rapunzel's parents' kingdom came to take the magic flower that helped to replenish Mother Gothel's looks and health, the powers ended up passing onto Rapunzel.

This happened due to the Queen falling ill during her pregnancy with Rapunzel. So when she consumed the magic flower, the powers from it translated onto her daughter.

That prompted Mother Gothel to sneak into the castle when she was born to use her hair to get back into tip-top shape once again.

Once she realized she would need to kidnap Rapunzel to get what she needed from her for the rest of her life, she did what needed to be done. At least, that is how she rationalized it.

In reality, people typically accept the fact that they are no longer youthful, and will, unfortunately, have to perish at some point. But Mother Gothel just could not accept that, and instead decided to steal Rapunzel from her parents and keep her locked away in a tower, just so she could use her hair to retain her youthful glow.

That's Disney Villain logic for you.

17 Trust Issues

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The 1992 Aladdin film told the tale of a "street urchin" who simply wanted to be seen as more than just a "menace" to the public. He had to commit "crimes" such as stealing bread to feed him and his monkey, Abu, just to get by. But the public, as well as royalty, looked at him as if he were nothing more than a "street rat."

He eventually meets Jasmine, a princess who was disguising herself as a peasant girl. It eventually backfires on her when she gives an apple to a hungry child, causing the street merchant to become frighteningly angry.

A lot occurs after that, including Jasmine being led to believe that after Aladdin helped her, he was punished and ultimately, ended, for "taking a princess".

But when Aladdin appears again, this time as a rich Prince due to his wish being granted by the Genie, Jasmine is reluctant to trust him since he seems to be another rich and entitled prince just like all the ones before.

When he goes to leave on his magic carpet, he ends up convincing her to come with him. This is all in spite of the fact that they just met - technically, and he is leaving on a magic carpet, of all things.

But I guess if you're in a Disney movie, your trust issues with a near-stranger can leave just as quickly as they came.

16 Adopt, Don’t Shop

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The fashion-obsessed villain of One Hundred and One Dalmatians, Cruella de Vil, is probably not the smartest villain out of all of the Disney films. She is, however, the least powerful seeing as she has no magical powers to fall back on during her evil scheming.

Yet, she still was able to cause a lot of damage throughout this film. And regardless of the fact she ended up not succeeding in her nefarious plans, she still caused a lot of trouble and heartache for the protagonists of the movie.

The movie itself is about a pair of Dalmatians who fell in love and after being wed, had a litter of puppies. This is where Cruella comes in. She is an heiress who is absolutely obsessed with having fur coats all the time. So she wants to buy the entire litter of puppies to make a new fur coat.

Sick and twisted, I know. But you'd think instead of buying the entire litter, and then later just stealing them since they weren't planning to sell them in the first place, that she would just go to an animal shelter instead and purchase as many dogs as she wanted to make this coat of her's.

Of course, it would still be a really awful and sad thing to watch, but since she is the villain, you would think she would have thought of that on her own. But apparently not.

15 The Stroke Of Midnight


One of the main things that people will always remember for the Disney film, Cinderella, is that the spell her fairy godmother performed on her would wear off when the clock struck midnight.

Of course, we all remember the evil step-mother and step-sisters, too. And let's not forget that her fairy godmother also made a carriage for her out of a freaking pumpkin. While all of that was frankly unbelievable, what is truly astounding is the fact that the entire spell changed everything back to normal, except for one thing: her glass slipper.

When Cinderella's fairy godmother first performs this spell to send her to the ball, she changes her servant clothes into a gorgeous ball gown with a beautiful pair of glass slippers. Plus, the pumpkin becomes a carriage, and her mice become horses. So if everything that was affected in this spell immediately turned back to "normal" when the clock struck midnight, why did the infamous glass slipper stay the same well past that time?

When Cinderella left the ball and somehow left her one slipper behind, the main point of it was so the prince would find her and they would fall madly in love, as Disney would tell it. But it still makes no rational sense why that is literally the only thing that stayed the same from the spell.

I suppose it is just meant to be one of life's greatest mysteries.

14 A Proper Tarzan

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There are plenty of things that do not completely add up in the movie Tarzan, some of which we'll talk about later. But one of the most curious things about the movie was the fact that Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle, and the man who was raised by apes, was somehow always clean shaven.

In fact, he was free of any body hair, seeing as he was always seen in nothing more than a loincloth. The man didn't even know what species he was before Jane and her father showed up in the jungle, showing him that he, too, was human.

While the story of Tarzan was enthralling, and the love story between he and Jane was sweet and endearing, there were plenty of moments in the film that didn't make sense, but this one may take the cake.

Realistically, he would be quite the hairy man, especially on his face, seeing as he has been living in the jungle with apes for a family since he was a baby.

So tell me, who exactly showed Tarzan how to shave? Also, what was the point in doing that since he is just surviving in the jungle, not trying to truly impress anyone?

These questions need answers, Disney.

13 Simba, The Bug-Eater

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When Simba is basically exiled from the Pride Lands after his father's untimely demise in The Lion King, he is eventually found by Timon and Pumbaa. They are a duo who are a meerkat and warthog, respectively. They decide to help raise Simba using their "Hakuna Matata" lifestyle as the basis for their philosophy on raising him.

Because they are the ones who are now raising Simba, he learns from them to eat bugs rather than what a lion would typically eat: prey.  Lions are literally known as being the kings of the jungle since they are the fiercest predator out there.

They are known to not only be strong and quite fast, but they are hunters by nature. When they see another animal that is further down in the food chain than them, their animal instincts kick in and they hunt them down until they end them...and then devour them.

So even though I understand that Timon and Pumbaa taught Simba their ways of surviving, it's still a little surprising that Simba's own animal instincts wouldn't have eventually kicked in and he would finally become the predator he is supposed to be.

Plus, how did the meerkat and warthog not fall into the category of prey he would potentially devour if given the chance?  It's all quite baffling.

12 Mulan’s Reflection

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Any girl or woman who has worn a full face of makeup knows that it is quite the ordeal to take off all of your makeup successfully so you don't cause any skin irritation.

So when Mulan started to sing her rendition of "Reflection" after her failed meeting with the local matchmaker, we were all left wondering how she was able to wipe off nearly all of her makeup with one swipe of her sleeve.

Okay, so we know this is just another way Disney took creative licensing and had Fa Mulan magically take off all of her makeup with just a swipe of her kimono sleeve.

But I think women everywhere would love to know her technique and secrets because it would save them all a lot of time.

Putting the makeup aspect of this scene aside, this was a pivotal moment in Mulan's journey to saving China. She questioned during the song "Who is that girl I see, staring straight back at me?" because she didn't want to just be an obedient wife to her future husband. She wanted to be a warrior who fought for her people and saved them all in the end.

So while she has a fierce makeup removing technique we're all envious of, she also is a pretty phenomenal fighter and woman aside from that.

11 Salon Mishaps

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Women who have long hair probably know how this feels. You go into a hair salon, expecting to just get a tiny trim so you can get rid of split ends, and then suddenly all of your hair is chopped off because your stylist got a little scissor-happy.

Some women just own it and go on with their lives, while others are utterly devastated because it does not suit their look or style.

So when you think of Rapunzel and her long, flowing golden locks that she has at the start of Tangled, it might be difficult to see that she now has a very short haircut that looks mildly like a train wreck.

To be fair, though, she had to cut off all of her hair so that Mother Gothel would leave her alone forever. It took away all of her "powers" that the magical flower her mother consumed before she was born had given her. At least, that's what we thought until her tears healed Eugene a.k.a. Flynn Rider.

So if you really think about it, this haircut of her's was actually very empowering for her, in more ways than one. So next time you are at the salon and the stylist "butchers" your hair, just think of Rapunzel and the haircut that gave her her life back.

10 Safety First

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One of the more curious aspects of the Aladdin movie was the fact that Princess Jasmine had a tiger for a pet. And that it was mostly pretty well-behaved. Tigers are notoriously fierce and ravenous creatures.

So the likelihood of her having him as a pet for so long without a casualty or two is quite the feat.

But yet, when she meets Aladdin for the second time, though she's not aware she has met him before, she is not only stubborn in resisting his charms but is very reluctant to get on a magic carpet with him.

Don't get me wrong, he is very nearly a stranger and she probably shouldn't be going anywhere with someone she hardly knows, royalty or not. But how is this any more dangerous than having an unpredictable tiger for a pet?

The logical part of Jasmine's brain should realize that flying on a magic carpet is probably not nearly as dangerous as having an exotic animal such as a ferocious tiger as a pet.  Yet, she is still questioning the safety of it right before she boards the carpet with Aladdin.

All Aladdin is really trying to do is show her "A Whole New World," after all.

9 A Problematic Duo

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Ratatouille was quite the ambitious Pixar film back in 2007. An animated movie featuring a story based on a rat who had dreams of becoming a gourmet chef was quite a lot to take in. But kids everywhere absolutely loved the film.

When Remy (the rat) is separated from his family and winds up at his idol, Auguste Gusteau's, restaurant, he ends up saving the day by helping the new escuelerie at the restaurant, Alfredo Linguini, recreate the soup he spilled. It won over everyone at the restaurant and created a friendship between the rat and human.

But Twitter summed up the plot rather quickly and not to mention, badly, when they stated: "idiot ginger and mouse violate 8 health code regulations." Of course, they did this because it was a trending hashtag where people described film plots badly. But it was still pretty hilarious.

Plus, they aren't wrong here. Having a rat in a kitchen at a restaurant, and then having him help make the food as well, is pretty gross if you think about it and could potentially get anyone who ate there sick.

But since this is a Disney Pixar movie, it's not meant to be thought out that thoroughly, so we'll just watch Remy and Linguini do their thing in the kitchen instead.

8 Fascinating Dinglehoppers

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King Triton in The Little Mermaid was the over-protective but "well-meaning" father of Ariel.  Ariel was always a curious one and wanted to know what life on land was actually like.

She would excavate shipwrecks with her best friend, Flounder, to find items that are used on the land above. She actually had a hidden grotto where she would keep her wide variety of human items, including a pipe that she was told was a "snarfblat, an object for making music." She was also told that a fork was a "dinglehopper" which was used for styling hair.

The fork, in particular, seemed to fascinate her to no end. But it was also baffling that she was so entranced by it when her father was King Triton, who wielded a mighty trident. The merman rules the undersea kingdom of Atlantica, for crying out loud, but yet the dinglehopper was just the best thing Ariel has ever seen.

To her credit, she had never been on land prior to this adventure she went on in The Little Mermaid, so she would find literally anything fascinating from above the sea's surface. But still, your father is King Triton which is pretty darn cool in itself.

7 Irrational Decision Making

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In most Disney films, especially ones that involve a Disney princess, they make illogical decision after illogical decision. It's never explained why they make such irrational choices, but they just keep on doing it until the climax of the film and all is finally righted in their fairytale world.

So it stands to reason that should they see something "creepy" or enchanted that they would reach out to touch it. Sure, it looks like it could do serious harm, but these ladies seem to just throw caution to the wind and go with the thought of "let's see what happens."

For instance, in Beauty and the Beast, when Belle sees the enchanted rose that is located in the infamous West Wing that she was explicitly told to stay out of by the Beast, she starts to reach out to touch it, even though she has no idea what will happen to her when she does. The Beast ends up angrily yelling at her to leave before she can actually touch it, but it still left us wondering what was going through her head.

Then, in Sleeping Beauty, when Aurora sees the spinning wheel that is cursed, unbeknownst to her, she reaches out and pricks her finger on it. This causes her to go into a sleeping curse.

So much like this meme, I can only wonder why they think touching an enchanted or cursed object will result in anything good. "Seems legit," indeed.

6 A Frightening Predicament

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Toy Story was a clever film that first came out in the 90's. It told the story of Andy and all of his beloved toys, that could come to life, and frequently would, as long as humans weren't around to see. In the first film, after Woody and Buzz are imprisoned at Sid's home, Sid decides to blow up Buzz one morning.

This spurs Woody into action and he and the other mismatched toys they've come to know decide to break the rules and let Sid see that they can, indeed, come to life. This frightens Sid greatly and results in the toys finally escaping.

But in Toy Story 3, when all of the toys end up in the furnace at the landfill, they make zero attempts to let their presence be known to human life. It's a frightening and heartbreaking scene for all of the toys we grew up watching, and it was difficult to take in.

They end up escaping at the last minute, but it was still very hard to watch. Not to mention the fact that Woody should have remembered that if they break the rules and let humans see they can come to life, maybe it would have saved them some trouble and heartache.

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