Disney Plus prices are going up for subscribers in the US later this week, but there is a way to get the service for its original price before that happens.

It has been well over a year since Disney Plus launched in the US. That whole time, Disney has kept its subscription fees at the same price. That is about to change. Starting from this Friday, March 26, 2021, the monthly price of Disney Plus will increase to $7.99. An annual subscription will jump from $70 to $80, while the Disney Bundle that includes Hulu and ESPN Plus will also be a dollar more. The ad-free version of that last option will also be a buck more expensive starting this Friday.

What all of that means is if you aren't already subscribed to Disney Plus, today is your last chance to get the service at a lower price. Should you opt for the annual option before midnight tonight, you will get it for the lower price of $70. Not only is that a $10 saving compared to the incoming new price, but an additional $16 saved if you were to pay monthly.

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The price increase comes as Disney starts to add more and more content to its platform. Just last month, it added the Star expansion for viewers outside of the US. That's why the price hike in the UK has been in place for a while now. However, it only applies to new subscribers. Anyone in the UK who signed up before the increase will not be subject to the higher price until later this year.


Back to Disney's additional content, and earlier this week it announced Black Widow will be streaming on the platform this July. The next chapter in the MCU will be made available on the platform at the same time as it is released in theaters, as will Cruella. However, as was the case with Mulan, subscribers will have to pay extra to watch both new releases on Disney Plus.

There was a lot of content on Disney Plus to begin with, of course. It does have almost a century of movies and shows at its disposal after all. However, some of that content is proving to be problematic. Dumbo, Peter Pan, and a handful of other Disney movies were removed from children's profiles this month due to their offensive content.

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