You can find various different loot crates or treasure chests on the map in Dodgeball Academia. Some are disguised as trash cans while others are very clearly locked chests meant for a hero's hands. Some of these chests can be unlocked without effort, like trash cans and chests. Others require a second step to be able to open them, like chests with chains on them. You won't be able to open these chained chests until later in the game.

By opening chests and trash cans, you receive food items. Food items are what allow you to heal in Dodgeball Academia. There is an infirmary on campus that will heal your entire team completely for free, but sometimes you're nowhere near the doctor and one of your teammates has fallen in battle. This is why it's important to stock up on food and treats, specifically ones your companions have a liking for. Purchasing food from the Lunch Lady is one way to get these items. Unlocking and looting chests around the campus is another!

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Find Dodgeballs Around The Map

Dodgeball Academia otto holding a dodgeball on campus

The first thing you need to do is stock up on dodgeballs if you're hunting for chests. The only way to open chests is to smack them with a dodgeball. Because the game is a 2D side scroller, you have to make sure you're either directly to the left or right of the chest. If you're behind or in front of the chest and try to throw the ball, it won't work.


Rogue dodgeballs can be found in random areas on the map. If you find any, pick them up just in case. The ball will stay with you even if you enter a cutscene or enter a battle and you can carry more than one. When you enter the school where your classes are, there are plenty of dodgeballs near the door.

Recruit Shoy As A Companion

Dodgeball Academia mina and shoy

You'll notice there are some treasure chests tied up with chains and bolts. These cannot be opened with the smack of a dodgeball, but instead, you need a specific companion to open it. That companion is Shoy. You can gain up to five different companions to aid you in battle as you progress through the game. As soon as Shoy joins your squad, make sure to utilize him for those chained-up chests.

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