DokeV's open-world looks so realistic because Pearl Abyss is using a 180 camera set-up to scan in real-life items and even bits of terrain.

Ever since DokeV was first shown off earlier this year at Gamescom, one of the things that gamers have been most impressed about is its realistic graphics. Considering it's come relatively out of nowhere, many were surprised to see that it's one of the most realistic looking games we've seen on consoles yet. Besides those kids, they definitely don't look real.

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As reported by GamesRader, we now know a lot more about why DokeV looks so real thanks to a video from Korean news channel OMG-electronics, who took a trip to Pearl Abyss' studio. The ten-minute video dives into the creation of the game, including detailing how the team gets the world to look so realistic.

As it turns out, Pearl Abyss is using a massive 180 camera set up to scan items from real-world Korea into the game. Not only are they doing this for the game's many objects, but they're also doing it for the terrain. One part of the video shows that a cliff face has actually been scanned in, which explains why the environments are so details and realistic.


For anyone who's excited for DokeV, the video is well worth a watch as it dives into the development process a bit more and reveals some more details on the mysterious title. There's even one section of the video where we get to see a very brief glimpse of DokeV gameplay. It's no optical illusion - the game does exist and it really does look that good.

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