Those holding off on updating Doom Eternal can now breathe easy. Bethesda has pushed live the 1.1 update for the PC version of id Software's excellent sequel, removing the gross Denuvo Anti-cheat client from the game. Those with Steam won't have to do anything other than downloading the patch while players on the Bethesda launcher will need to uninstall Denuvo from their PC's.

The patch notes include a few other small tweaks that should fix issues players reported. The first is a VRAM allocation problem that was causing performance drops on certain machines. This was introduced alongside the anti-cheat update and has now been fixed. The other tweaks are related to specific unlockable skins and memory bugs.

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The harsh backlash to the surprise inclusion of Denuvo anti-cheat likely fast-tracked the certification of this update. I understand id Software wanting to protect the integrity of its multiplayer component, but dropping unwanted software on users with no recourse wasn't a good move. There are plenty of other clients that could cut down on cheating without resorting to scary kernel-level applications.

There's no word on what id will be implementing in lieu of Denuvo, but we should be hearing something in the future. If Battle Mode is to live on, id will need to ensure cheaters are kept out of the ring.

Source: Bethesda

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