It seems that Netflix found a lucrative way to please geeks and gamers all over the world. After adapting other videogame franchises to either movie or series format, it is DOTA 2's turn to receive great animation and have its lore expanded. DOTA: Dragon's Blood tells the story of how Davion, Mirana, and Luna got caught in a battle of divine proportions. Although it has some minor changes like what happened to Dragon's Dogma, the show is very respectful of the established lore.

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The game accurately features many heroes, expands the backstory of powerful heroes, and even adds new characters. Many fans were apprehensive due to the common history of terrible videogame adaptations. It is only natural that players would want to know how well-represented their favorite characters are in the series.

5 Dragon Knight

DOTA Dragons Blood - Show vs Game - Davion

Davion, the Dragon Knight, is a member of the group that is devoted to killing dragons. In the Netflix show, Davion is a very skilled fighter. He is a young dragon slayer who takes pride in his abilities. He hates dragons with all his heart and will kill them whenever he has the chance. Like most Dragon Knights, a dragon killed Davion's parents, giving him a never-ending hatred for the species. Ironically, Davion has the blood of a Dragon in his veins.

In DOTA: Dragon's Blood, Davion partners with one of the creatures he hates to stop Terrorblade temporarily. The demon was trying to get the souls of all Eldwurms. The ancient dragon, Slyrak, was severely injured after the battle, so Davion decides to end his suffering. However, the dragon ends up killing the Dragon Knight instead. In both the show and the game, Davion is a guy in armor. Both versions of this character are dragon knights with the power of turning into an unstoppable ancient dragon. The show's version of Davion seems to be younger and less powerful, though.


4 Luna

DOTA Dragons Blood - Show vs Game - Luna

At some point in her life, Luna was offered a choice. She should either join the Dark Moon Order or forever leave the Nightsilver Woods. In both the game and the Netflix series, Luna is a ruthless Moon Rider.

Luna is very well portraited in DOTA: Dragon's Blood. Her appearance is very similar to the original, making the character instantly recognizable. Her armor has slightly different details, but she was given the same color pallet and weapon. Luna also uses her weapons and spells similarly to how her abilities in work in the game. She is also frequently seen with her mount, Nova.

3 Mirana

DOTA Dragons Blood - Show vs Game - Mirana

Mirana, the Princess of the Moon, was once a blood princess who was the next in line for the Solar Throne. She did not claim lands or titles and decided to dedicate herself entirely to the Goddess of the Moon, Selemene. It seems that both the Netflix show and the game are very similar when it comes to Mirana's story. However, the show takes it a step further and makes her someone opposed to Selemene's decisions. She is also constantly seen riding her cat familiar, Sagan, just like in the game.

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In the show, her outfit is not as characteristic as the one in the game. However, she is seen wearing an outfit that resembles the one in the game near the end of Season 1. Mirana is a fantastic archer. Davion even says that she is as good with a bow as a good elven archer. Although she is seen shooting multiple arrows and hitting the target from great distances, she does not call meteors on people's heads like in the game.

2 Invoker

DOTA Dragons Blood - Show vs Game - Invoker

Carl, the Invoker, is one of the most powerful mages in the world of DOTA. Possibly stronger than the most powerful wizards in Dragon Age. He started studying when magic was much more malleable and needed no aid like wands or scrolls. In the game, it is said that he learned the secret of immortality quite early. When he was young, he knew how to cast ten spells when other students knew up to four. Although he has been alive for a long time, he continuously learns new spells and improves his skills as a spell caster.

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It seems that his story was expanded for the Netflix show, where he reveals to have had a daughter with the Goddess Selemene. Since she let her daughter die, Invoker has been plotting revenge for centuries. He looks much more modest in the show than in the game. Although the character's essence is perfectly portraited, we haven't seen the spells and outfits he has in the game until the end of season 1.

1 Terrorblade

DOTA Dragons Blood - Show vs Game - Terrorblade

One of the show's antagonists, Terrorblade, is the demon who seeks the souls of all ancient dragons to reshape the world. He seems to be the most powerful entity to appear in the DOTA: Dragon's Blood so far. The show did the demon justice, keeping his original design and making him instantly recognizable.

His plan of taking souls from eldwurms seems to have been created for the series. Terrorblade lore does not talk about his plans for killing ancient dragons. However, he is seen using his Metamorphosis and Reflection during his battle against Selemene. His abilities and appearance are just some of the many details the show got right.

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