Dr Disrespect has claimed that he's making a quarter of what he made at Twitch, following his controversial ban from the platform last year.

Last year, Dr Disrespect was suddenly banned from Twitch permanently, with no reason given to him or the audience as to why he was being removed. Even to this day, we still don't know the reason why he was removed from Twitch, but he has recently opened up about the situation a bit, revealing that is going to sue them because of it.

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As reported by Dexerto, the streamer opened up about the financial toll the move had taken during the same stream that he announced that he'd be suing Twitch after finally finding out why he was banned. He said, "I make probably a fourth, a quarter, of what I was making on Twitch. With all the relationships we’ve built over the past five years, in terms of Activision and EA, all the big sponsors and all the big partnerships have to question — Why did you get banned?"

Dr Direspect continued to talk about the situation during the stream, thanking his fans for sticking with him during the move. He also claimed that several sponsors and partners have blacklisted him due to the Twitch situation. He said, "We've certainly tried to maximise the most of what we have to work with. That's certainly been the case, I appreciate the support, you guys have been amazing. But the Twitch ban has really affected us, not just from a financial standpoint, but from a networking standpoint."

"Whether it's obvious or not, the blacklisting, the shadow-banning, it's happening. As well as you think we're doing, and we're doing well, we're doing well enough, it's been extremely disheartening. It's been a rollercoaster of emotion and it absolutely fucking sucks."


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