Yesterday streaming giant Guy "Dr. Disrespect" Beahm was banned from Twitch. According to some sources, the ban is permanent. No reason has yet been given for the action taken against The Doc, however, a video of his last few minutes on stream does give a few hints that he knew what was coming, as well as a potential reason for his ban.

YouTube channel Daily Twitch Fix has captured the last nine minutes of Doc's final stream, and there are a few moments that are very telling. Take a look.

It all starts off sounding very much like typical Doc; giving sass, cursing, being arrogant, and reading donations. Then at around the two-minute mark, it takes a turn. He glances down, appearing to check his phone, and his face visibly changes. Despite the wig and glasses, you can see his distressed reaction and it takes a few seconds for him to switch back to his cocky persona. He then starts talking about the Champions Club needing to be strong. This is where things really take a turn for the weird.

Next, he starts briefly discussing David Icke, an English former footballer and well-known conspiracy theorist. Along with being named as an antisemitic Holocaust denier, Icke has posted articles and memes about the Black Lives Matter movement that have racist connotations on his Twitter account. This isn't Doc's first venture into conspiracy theories either. He has previously been criticized for discussing unfounded and dangerous conspiracy theories about the current COVID-19 pandemic.


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After a short ramble on the topic, in which he once again tells people to "wake up," he starts reading a comment about Roblox and switches to a video of the game. He watches in silence for several minutes before he mentions David Icke once more then goes into a sorrowful sounding goodbye, uncharacteristically stuttering and stumbling over his words.

"Appreciate everyone watching today," he says. "We'll get through this, Champions Club. That's- I- I know it's tough. Life's weird right now, I- we'll get through this ok and-" As Doc trails off he looks up suddenly, curses, and then goes into his Champions Club video before the stream ends.

Beahm's demeanor suggests he knew something was coming, although no explanation has been given. His peddling of dangerous conspiracy theories could potentially be a cause, as could his support of someone who is accused of supporting white supremacy and racism, something Doc himself has previously been accused of.

Doc hasn't exactly been squeaky clean in his time on the platform. Last year he was banned after filming in bathrooms at E3. He's also picked fights with TimTheTatMan, Ninja, Shroud, and even Twitch themselves, amongst many others. More recently he lied about having VALORANT Twitch drops on his channel, with no apologies given when he was called out.

For now, we're still waiting for official confirmation of both the reason and length of the ban. It definitely seems like Beahm knew it was coming, even if he only had a few minutes notice.

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