Dr Disrespect has been hit with another disappointing ban, according to fellow streamer ZLaner. Disrespect was banned from Twitch on a permanent basis last year and claimed to have no idea why.

ZLaner confirmed the California native has been handed another ban in recent times, though not by a streaming platform. With the latest Call of Duty: Warzone tournament, the Toronto Ultra, now underway, the Doc has apparently been disallowed participation.

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The Toronto Ultra is a $100,000 tournament pitting Warzone players against each other in a free for all. This latest competition is the second of its kind and features a number of renowned streamers, as well as the best Warzone players around.

This year's tourney sees 36 teams drop into Verdansk, where they will attempt to bring their best in efforts to win a share of the aforementioned prize pool.

While there's been no official word from the tournament organizers, nor from Call of Duty, ZLaner reckons Dr Disrespect has been prevented from entering because of his permanent Twitch ban.

He claims to have asked Disrespect whether any strings could be pulled but was informed that wasn't an option.

The Doc, real name Herschel Beam, has been streaming on YouTube full time after being banned from Twitch. A former level designer for CoD with Sledgehammer Games - he made several of the multiplayer maps in Advanced Warfare - the 38-year-old has lashed out at Warzone's Season 2 update.

Disrespect is among a number of streamers who have expressed disappointment with the game's latest change. After experiencing some frustrations with stream snipers in a recent session, he claimed the patch was to blame. Given that it isn't attracting that many new players, he's pretty much stuck with the very snipers he's been having difficulty with.


The streamer has also criticized the roof ziplines in the game with the assertion they only make things easier for roof campers as players need to wait for an animation to end before being able to fire.

In any case, he won't have to deal with any of that as he hasn't been allowed to take part in the latest major tournament.

Source: ZLaner

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