It's not that we don't spend our days dreaming of Goku and his amazing life that's obviously way better than our own. It's that we can't remember it all. Or were part of the people on this planet who hasn't gone back and binged all of the entire series. For those of you who've watched enough Goku to call yourself a fan, there's a chance you forgot some stuff.

Goku is often compared to some of the other strongest heroes and villains in all of fiction. Of all the most powerful things created, Goku is always compared to the ultimate power. The only characters who sure-fire wipe Goku out are the actual gods of creation. And destruction, if you follow the show. There's way more to this guy with the wild black hair who exercises all the time, and we're sure you're happy to learn plenty more.

But before all of that crazy God stuff, Goku was a simple wild boy who lived alone in the forest and had a tail. We'll get to all the cool stuff involved in Goku's early days that we have forgotten. So take the time to reminisce or actually learn a thing or two that fans may not remember about our old pals of Dragon Ball. It's rare that a franchise that has been running for so long is still good, but Dragon Ball shows us time and time again that it's possible.

25 Never Bothered


Back before Goku was busy saving the planet from psychotic rampaging aliens or getting trained by Gods of the universe, he was a little kid. A little kid with a tail and the power of a million suns. Eventually.

When Goku went after the Red Ribbon Army to make war on their deeds, they were ready for him.

Or at least they were prepared for a siege. Goku ran all over those fools. At one point taking a round only to laugh it off with a mere patch of slightly irritated skin.


24 Goku's Monkeying Around


The Monkey King, or Sun Wukong, was the main character in the famous Chinese novel Journey To The West. He was a monkey born from a stone that eventually gained spiritual that led him to rebel against heaven.

Pretty intense, dude, if you think about it. And Toriyama, though Japanese, was a fan of this Chinese character. He was sort of the underdog immortal with a power pole and tail. Not to mention Sun Wukong and Son Goku have the same spelling in both Chinese and Japanese.

23 Dragon Ball Is Based On "The Journey To The West"

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So you probably just read a bit about how Goku is this monkey guy from this story about Chinese mystics, but it goes way deeper than just being a character influence. The whole journey that Goku travels in Dragon Ball is easily a worthy comparison.

Bulma searching for the Dragon Balls is similar to the monk Xuanzang who searched for the "sutras" in the Chinese Novel.

While the latter half of Xuanzang is more related to Krillin as the Monkey King's loyal friend. The ideas are clearly parallel.

22 Krillin And Goku Were Rivals


Back in the day, Krillin was just a Buddhist monk type kid who was the same height as Goku. Obviously, that changed. But when they were both accepted into Roshi's Turtle School of Martial arts, they sparred often.

Krillin even went so far as to grab Goku's tail during the tournament thinking that was his weakness. But it was around then Goku had clearly surpassed Krillin in training since Goku's tail, which is normally a Saiyan's weakness, became a weapon.

21 Master Roshi's Shenanigans Started Early


Everyone who's seen Dragon Ball knows that the way women are treated wouldn't really fly super well today. Or at least, their portrayal would be curbed to fit a clearer sense of equality.

But it was almost immediate that Roshi saw Bulma for the first time and went after her.

Not that he's going to do anything extreme, but let's just say he likes women and will go to extreme lengths to be near them. Too often are men treating women like Master Roshi. #MeToo.

20 Bulma And Yamcha Were An Item


We're not saying that no one grew up with Goku during the original Dragon Ball series. But to be honest, most people got interested when it was DBZ  and Goku was flying to new planets wrecking everyone.

But before Vegeta and Bulma were an item, Yamcha was the obvious match. And then Vegeta totally took the place of an older version of Goku with similar hair for Goku to rival. After all, Goku surpassed everyone on Earth and Krillin was our favorite friend.

19 Goku's Power Pole (Like Monkey King)


The main comparison to Son Goku and The Monkey King is the Power Pole. Goku's Grandpa Gohan gave it to him years ago and it was the young Saiyan's chosen weapon.

That and his trusty steed, the flying Nimbus.

The Monkey King's magical staff, or Ruyi Jingu Bang, weighed over 17,000 lbs. Just so you know, he was whipping that thing around at the speed of light crushing fools with his wicked staff. Sound like Kid Goku? Definitely...

18 Vegeta Tried To Destroy Earth Like 3 Times


Dragon Ball Z started out much differently than most shows. Unless you count something starring Superman. But the audience was gifted with a piece of information that answered many questions.

Goku was an alien.

Not only was he an alien, he's a special kind of race of hardcore warriors that grow into massive apes in the sunlight. Well, we knew that part, but now there are more peeps like Goku. But Vegeta came and revealed all of this info right before he started trying to smash the planet.

17 Dragon Ball Z Wasn't Planned


Apparently, there was no real plan that Goku was from another planet initially. The creator, Akira Toriyama wanted the show to end with Dragon Ball, but its success pushed other members of the creative team to keep it going.

That's why there's a Z at the end of Dragon Ball Z.

Toriyama wanted it to be the last letter so that no more sequels would spawn from it. And if you don't count GT , he didn't make one for a while. After the horrible feature film that shall not be named, he was going to leave Goku's story where it was. Thank Beerus for Dragon Ball Super.

16 Goku Had A Tail Too


Goku had a tail that he lost three times. The first time is when he lost it was when Puar turned into a giant pair of scissors and cut off Goku's giant ape tail.

Always need a good pair of those around!

The second time he lost it was when Grandpa Gohan accidentally pulled it off during a sparring match. It grows back again, and finally, at the end of Dragon Ball, Kami permanently removes his tail. Though, we're not sure why. It's a good look.

15 Goku Ended His Grandpa Gohan


It's a sad story and we wish we had more fun times with Grandpa Gohan, but Goku is a dangerous creature and he can't go chill in the moonlight. We love the nighttime, and a full moon is a beautiful thing.

To Goku, it signals the rage of the Great Ape.

It wasn't until he transformed the time when he was trapped with Bulma and Yamcha in Emperor Pilaf's dungeon thing that he told the story. The story that involved his Great Ape form to wound his only family member.

14 Bulma Found Goku In The Wood


When we first meet Goku, he's living a simple life in the woods and mountains never talking to another human and beating up dinosaurs. Therefore, Goku had no frame of reference for civilization.

When Bulma shows up, Goku is looking weirdly at her because she's the first female he's ever seen. We're not really sure why Grandpa Gohan never brought Goku to a town or city, but we think it had something to do with the spaceship. Bulma was looking for the Dragon Balls.

13 Bulma And Goku's Relationship


Apart from the random times Goku is running around naked and Master Roshi doing basically everything in his power to be around women, there was the first meeting of the two.

Goku immediately gives her a once over, and when she needs his help he insults her in a weird way. Not that this is a big deal, but there was definitely some censorship in our  American versions. Nothing's going to erase that meeting, though.

12 King Piccolo Was A Jerk


The first major enemy of the series that far surpassed any Earthly threat was King Piccolo. He's a Namekian scumbag who gathers power to hurt other people for no good reason. Goku messes him up, and he has to give birth to his son-clone.

That's the Piccolo we all know and love. An egg that hatched and grew into the next Piccolo version. But this Piccolo decided he was going to live his own life and be a decent being. He basically raised Gohan.

11 Kid Goku Defeated An Army By Himself


We talked about earlier how Goku got hit in the face and just kept running. He basically stormed a military compound with just a power pole. Yeah, it's a mystical weapon of lore, but Goku was just a kid.

Still, Goku rushed in and destroyed an entire army from the front guards all the way to the leader of the army. Who Goku smashed like a baby. It was actually a tough fight for Goku, but he was only like... 9.

10 Yamcha And Goku Were Equals


Yamcha the Desert Bandit was once a formidable martial artist. He eventually put his near-superhuman skills into baseball to which no one thought it was fair. And he was way done with Bulma by that point.

But Goku never really beat up Yamcha. Yeah, Yamcha was surprised at Goku's strength, speed, and skill. But that was only because Kid Goku was only a kid when they met. You'd be surprised too if a 7-year-old could beat up a dinosaur twenty times his size.

9 Yajirobe Saved The Planet From Vegeta


So Yajirobe was spending most of the Vegeta and Goku Saiyan battle behind a rock. You'd be a bit nervous too, if you befriended a weird monkey person who ends up being a superhero level alien.

Then his alien Prince comes to Earth to wipe everyone out and subjugate Goku. Yajirobe left in fear, but he stopped. He slammed on the breaks and turned back to help his friend. Leaping into the battle to cut off Vegeta's tail and weaken him once more.

8 Chi-Chi Is Ox King's Daughter


Ox King is Chi-Chi's dad, you now know this. But what you may not realize is that Goku has a real connection to this guy. He used to train with Grandpa Gohan under Master  Roshi. So he's got a background in martial arts.

When Goku and Chi-Chi get married, his castle gets lit on fire for like what feels like 100 days. I think that ending was really weird when you think that the show was supposed to end. Thankfully those weren't the final episodes.

7 Emperor Pilaf


Pilaf was the first major enemy in the series. He eventually became a joke, or maybe it's that he was never meant to be taken seriously. Goku bested this little guy and his buddies at every turn.

After a while, he doesn't even compare to anyone on the scale of enemies Goku has faced. When you talk about people who've tried to defeat Goku, you're basically comparing the strongest beings ever thought up to Pilaf in the same category.

6 Fortune Teller Baba Is Roshi's Sister


It seems like all these old people are friends or related somehow. Grandpa Gohan used to train with Roshi and used to be pals with Ox King and everyone knows Bulma's parents. Then to find out Baba is Roshi's sister? Come on!

Everything's tied up in a cute low-population bow. Everyone is friends. We know that sometimes crazy coincidences occur, but isn't this playing a little too hard into the saying that It's a Small World? How small?

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