One of the most interesting ways Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot infuses its many characters into the game is by way of the Community Board. Similar to Z-Orbs, Soul Emblems and the board itself can be easily overlooked if a player only glanced at the explanation given in the early hours of the game. It's one of those long-winded messages that, unfortunately, only slows down the already relatively slow intro to Kakarot. Yet, despite the swift explainer, the Community Board is another highly important mechanic in the game that will help the player throughout their experience in a variety of ways.

That is, of course, if one knows how to use it to their advantage...

In-game Soul Emblem explanation

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Gaining Z-Buddies

Most character Soul Emblems are garnered through playing the story, yet there are plenty of others found during intermission periods and through side quests. Don't fret if you have already finished the game and missed a few, as Trunk's time machine allows players to revisit previous story arcs in order to tackle any missed opportunities. Soul Emblems will be divvied up into different Community Boards that speak to their proficiency levels. For instance, Goku himself is the leader of the Z-warrior squad, while Bulma is head of the engineering board, and King Kai is at the top of the training section.

Almost every single character, from Yamcha to Captain Ginyu, can be utilized in some fashion to the player's advantage, giving Kakarot this all-around feel that is rarely met in open-world games of this caliber. To find all of the various Soul Emblems in the game, a spoiler-filled spreadsheet has been created on Reddit for the benefit of all players. Still, we recommend simply playing the game and experiencing all of the inherent wonders provided therein. While much of the narrative may be repurposed from the animated show and manga, there are plenty of side quests that deal with events ignored in the main storyline.

Soul Emblems

Leveling Soul Emblems

All Soul Emblems come with a Friendship meter, which has a specific cap depending on the character. As the player progresses through the story and unlocks more and more characters, it's important to keep an eye on the friendship levels for support party members, because boosting their skills aren't the only ways to improve their battle capabilities. The best advice we can give for early players is leveling up their Community Board leaders first by giving specific gifts that correspond to their board. For instance, the apron would go to Chi-Chi, who is the leader of the cooking community board, whereas a pervy comic book would immediately go to Master Roshi.

This will also help the player to level up their communities without having to sacrifice specific characters for other boards. While some characters may work well in one community, others can actually be leveled up and switched amongst them. One such individual is Gohan, who in the early game has all of his proficiency stats at a mere level 1. This allows players to test where and how to best use the various in-game characters to their advantage. Though there isn't exactly a right way to do this, there are a few fully optimized ways of getting the most potential out of all of the community boards.

Gifting is extremely important.

A Well-Rounded Z-Community

Utilizing bonus effects through linking and even character relationships is the best possible way to ensure the community boards are all working in tandem to their maximum potential. For instance, King Yemma and Kami have a friendship boost when linked together and work best in the Gods community board. There's also a nice connection shared between Pilaf, Shu, and Mai, all of whom are the perfect trio to have in the engineering board. If one is unsure of what connections certain Soul Emblems may have, easily check by way of the community bonuses button.

Don't forget about other linking possibilities, as even the way one's community is set up can make a huge and lasting difference. This can be modified and tested through trial and error, of course, given the fact that there are literally infinite ways of making the best possible Community Boards. Simply put, get creative with it.

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