DreamWorks is one of Disney’s most prominent rivals for a reason. Since its founding in 1994, DreamWorks has created iconic films and characters that children and adults adore to this day. From the iconic and memorable Shrek to the solemn yet beautiful Prince of Egypt, everyone has a movie that they remember enjoying.

Since DreamWorks is an animation studio, naturally we can never meet the characters in person. That’s where cosplay comes in. Cosplay is essentially dressing up as and taking on the persona of your selected character. They do not have to be animated or anything, you just have to love them. Cosplay can be an enjoyable hobby or a rewarding career choice that will allow you to be creative and hone your acting and sewing skills. The cosplay community is huge, enthusiastic, and loving so you would be in good company should you decide to join in the fun.

But what about cute cosplays? What if Hiccup could be cuter in real life? How would a troll look when humanized? Well, wonder no more friends; I have scoured the internet high and low for some of the cutest DreamWorks cosplays out there. We have got How To Train Your Dragon, Shrek, and Rise Of The Guardians; we have Trolls, Sinbad: Legend of The Seven Seas, and more. So get cozy and prepare yourselves for some great art.

(If you know who one of the uncredited cosplayers are, please let me know so I can credit them).

29 Princess Fiona The Sassy

via deskgram

Fiona: Grange Airv

What is there to say about this except ‘wow’? If I did not know any better, I’d say that this was a DreamWorks face character. She looks exactly like Fiona in human form. The detail is astounding: the embroidery on the dress, the tiara design, the hairstyle are all on point. This expression is amazing, too. Maybe Shrek is late or said something stupid but either way someone is testing Fiona’s patience and may get whooped, or at least a sassy talking to


28 Sinbad’s Up To Something - Again

via vk.com

Sinbad: Greed

Sinbad: Legend of The Seven Seas is one of those under the radar gems. Nobody seems to have heard of it but it is a fabulous movie; excellent animation, a fun story, and loveable characters await you on the high seas.

Watch your gold, everyone.

Here we have the titular Sinbad, a thief who ends up under pressure in a race against time to save his best friend from death. This is exactly what Sinbad would look like in real life - smirk and all.

27 Pretty Princess Poppy

via pinterest

Ah, Trolls. This movie seemed like a weird mix of modern kids movies and those popular dolls from the 90s. It was a fun family romp that was as entertaining as it was colorful. Here we have Princess Poppy, one of the protagonists, created with a fabulous wig, good sewing skills, and excellent makeup artistry. I can not even get my hair to look as good as this wig. The forest setting, the pose, the adorable smile - how can you not think that this is adorable?

26 Jack Frost Is Perched For Fun

via flickr hivemind

Jack Frost: Meiko Cosplay

Jack Frost is one popular character to cosplay. From Rise of the Guardians, Jack Frost is the guardian of fun who can only be seen by people who believe in him. Meiko’s body position is classic Jack and her staff looks so cool and accurate. The blue sweater is really intricately decorated which is lovely. Jack seems to be silently hoping that someone will see him, maybe watching some kids play in the distance. There’s something sad about this image which is nice.

25 Don’t Look Down On Lord Farquaad

via lakeland ridge school website

Do I even need to introduce this guy? While this is a cosplay for a school play it seems, this Farquaad has the attitude down. The tilted head, the sharp brows, and the disgusted expression are so reminiscent of the snobby Lord from Shrek. There is so much attitude coming from this image it is surprising. The little fake legs are incredibly funny to me, along with the arms that are just a bit too long since this is clearly a tall person in real life.

24 Form Voltron!

via pinterest

Shiro: Androoly | Pidge:ToriiTorii Keith: AZNotaku Cosplay | Lance: hikarininjax | Hunk: nirosan

This is adorable - fans of Voltron: Legendary Defender would agree. This cheer triangle is a reference to season one where the five paladins of Voltron are trying to figure out how to transform into Voltron. This leads to various flight sequences and eventually, the team tries this formation out of desperation. Obviously, it does not work, but it was a great bit that will live on in infamy. These lovely cosplayers seem to be having a blast doing this and are maybe a little embarrassed since it is ridiculous. Gotta love group cosplays.

23 The Most Detailed Toothiana

via pinterest

Toothiana: Kimba Sprite Cosplay

Here we have an impressively detailed cosplay of Toothiana, the tooth fairy from Rise of The Guardians. First of all, can we just look at all of those feathers? Not only are those beautiful and layered, but they are also accurate.

Get this person a costume career!

Then there are those eyelashes - they are exactly right. So much time, work and skill clearly went into this cosplay and I am in awe of it. Bravo, Pokemon Master Kimba, bravo.

22 A Cool And Collected Tigress

via deviantart

Tigress: Aurora Saber

Now, this is a creative cosplay. Tigress from Kung Fu Panda looks as cool as always, eyeing up the viewer to see if they are friend or foe. I love the sleeves acting as Tigress’ arms and the facial markings. The shirt and the black pants combo are absolutely typical for her character and they even matched the wig color. You can just about spot her tail in the background, which is a nice touch. A very creative cosplay indeed.

21 Awesome Adult Tip

via pinterest

Home is another one that may have slipped under the radar. Home is the cutest and silliest alien invasion movies around. Tip, the protagonist we see here, was voiced by Rihanna which was great. This is a lovely casual cosplay of Tip as an adult still hanging out with Oh. As fantastic as detailed cosplays are, casual cosplay is a cheaper and more subtle way of repping your favorite character around town. Anyone can give it a try, which is part of the fun.

20 A Mother’s Love

via deviantart

Hiccup: AlexanDrake89

Valka: Chorchori

This is so sweet. Valka loves Hiccup so much and this shows such a tender moment between the two. The pose is touching and the cosplay outfits are on point.

The material looks like real leather. The face on Hiccup’s shoulder is cute and makes me smile, though it probably should not be amusing. They even put some grey in Valka’s hair. It is rare to see Valka cosplayed and you do not see such a quiet moment portrayed by How To Train Your Dragon cosplayers. What a refreshing cosplay.

19 Almighty And Powerful Goddesses

via Pinterest

Miguel: Elissisblack | Tulio: nata_ziron

Another under the radar gem from DreamWorks. The Road To El Dorado is about our heroes Miguel and Tulio trying to find the city of gold known as El Dorado. You may remember Miguel from this meme, which is a classic reaction GIF. These cosplayers have chosen to gender swap Miguel and Tulio and pulled it off majorly. The big hair, the color palettes, the lute: wonderful. Imagine how different the movie would have been with female leads: maybe they would have actually left with treasure.

18 Pidge, The Casual Green Paladin

via pinterest

Pidge: The Kigu Stop

I think I just fell in love. Pidge Gunderson, green paladin and main brains behind the operation in Voltron: Legendary Defender is sporting a more casual outfit in this particular cosplay.

Wish we could see this cuter side of Pidge more often.

Everything about this is perfect and what makes it better is that you can actually buy the sweater and other related items from the cosplayer’s online store, so excuse me while I spend my entire paycheck on a new wardrobe.

17 Human Bunnymund Peers Into The Distance

via snap 361

Bunnymund: Zwillingsnadel Cosplay

What beautiful detail! The face makeup, the wrist cuffs, and the mask plus the shirt really sell this. There are even little Easter egg bombs from the movie strapped to his chest. The sunny forest setting is ideal for cosplaying Bunnymund from Rise of the Guardians. I am in awe of the care and attention to detail here. This is genuinely one of the best cosplays I have seen in a long time. Props to you, Zwillingsnadel Cosplay - you did a great job.

16 The Fairy Godmother Wows All

via deviantart

The Fairy Godmother: Matsu-Sotome

Remember the scene in Shrek 2 where the Fairy Godmother sings ‘I Need A Hero’ while Shrek and his crew storm the castle? Everyone talks about ‘All-Star’ being the best Shrek track, but I would argue that this rendition of ‘I Need A Hero’ takes the cake. The Fairy Godmother is a big personality and this cosplayer managed to capture her sensational performance in a single image. She looks like she’s having a blast, which is the cherry on top of an excellent cosplay.

15 Sinbad Tries To Charm His Way Out Of Trouble

via vk.com

Sinbad: Greed | Eris: Leya Shion

Back with another Sinbad cosplay, here we see a moment from the movie itself. In this scene, Sinbad meets Eris for the first time. She tries to convince him to steal the Book of Peace for her in return for fortune and retirement. Here, Eris is cool and calculating and that hair movement is stunning. Sinbad’s trying his best to charm his way out of working for her, but he will ultimately accept. The water effect in the background is beautiful and adds to the atmosphere.

14 Princess Poppy Strikes Again

via twgram

Princess Poppy: Princess Elichi

How cute is this? I can not even with this cosplay. Her facial expression is so cute; the glitter, the contacts, and the eyelashes all work together to create a striking and adorable look. The peace sign and handmade felt crown and watch are lovely touches.

Can anyone handle how cute this is?

The wig’s style looks natural and the color is bright and beautiful. What a wonderful and sweet cosplay - I can’t get enough of this one.

Crane Flies Into The Spotlight

via word of the nerd

Crane: Olly6559 Cosplay

Here’s a character that is often overlooked. Crane, the mild-mannered but hilarious character from Kung Fu Panda deserves more hype. Olly6559’s cosplay is genuinely amazing. The feather details on his batwing sleeves, the hat and his facial expression are perfect. His sandals are awesome and the gold wraps are a nice attachment. The pose makes it seem like he’s ready to leap into the fray or back into the air at any moment. Definitely, do not mess with this guy.

13 Springtime Femme Hiccup Checks In

via snap 361

Hiccup: ronzrihen

What a beautiful version of femme Hiccup! This Hiccup seems like she’s checking in on you and listening intently to what you have to say. The flower crown is gorgeous and the outfit materials look high-quality. If she is wearing green contacts, it is hard to tell and the lighting really highlights the little details in her armor. Her facial expression and posture seem so natural here, which is fitting for a spring-themed cosplay. I adore this cosplay so much, she did a great job.

12 Chel Challenges You To Play Ball

via Pinterest

Where to even start with this cosplay. Cosplaying Chel from The Road To El Dorado seems like a simple task, but looks can be deceiving. The eye makeup and facial expression are classic Chel. This pose is from the scene in which Miguel and Tulio are losing a ball game and Chel suggests they use an aardvark instead of the ball to win. She looks phenomenal in her outfit and her pose only highlights her features. But the details in the aardvark ball combined with her confident expression are what sell this image.

11 Princess Allura Takes Control

via Pinterest

Princess Allura: pixelghosts

You know how I said that I might be in love earlier? Definitely in love with this cosplay. This is a new version of Allura’s regal outfit in Voltron: Legendary Defender. The corset is beautiful and the crown is so intricate.

She blows everyone away with her regal beauty.

The contacts are bright and really stand out. Even Allura’s Altean markings are visible, which is an essential part of her. Pixelghosts totally nailed this cosplay and should be super proud.

10 Rise Of The Guardians: Family Edition

via coolest homemade costume

There’s something really special about family cosplays. I bet this was super fun to do, particularly with young kids. The boy playing Jack Frost, in particular, seems to be really into it. The father even has North’s Naughty and Nice tattoos drawn on, which is a lovely touch. Even the little girl’s shoes match the rest of her outfit - excellent color coordination. Bunnymund’s outfit seems like it would be nice and warm, which would be great for trick or treating since cosplays like this usually occur on Hallow’s Eve.

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