The next Earth Defense Force game is coming to the Nintendo Switch with distinctly blocky graphics for some reason.

Are voxels back in vogue? We thought that we’d had enough of the faux-pixelated look, but apparently retro co-op shooter franchise Earth Defense Force isn’t done with voxels quite yet. Although to be fair, they never really had a turn with voxels, so they just might be late to the party.

For those unaware, Earth Defense Force is a Japanese co-op shooter franchise that’s basically Starship Troopers in game form. You play as the Earth Defense Force, an international combat team tasked with eliminating alien bug invaders. The series has typically been fairly light-hearted despite its doomsday scenario, with soldiers having crazy powers and weapons to beat back the onrushing bug hordes.

EDF World Brothers
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Recent games like Earth Defense Force 5 and Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain have received average to mixed reviews, but Earth Defense Force 4.1 is still listed as one of the best co-op shooters you can own on Steam.

And now, the Nintendo Switch will receive Earth Defense Force: World Brothers. Why voxels? Not sure. But the game is at least acknowledging its blocky aesthetic by using it in its core mechanics.


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In the world of World Brothers, the Earth has just a giant floating block. Each of Earth's cities has been "shattered" and is "floating in the voids of space." If you reach the edge of the city, you fall off a huge cliff.

EDF World Brothers
via Gematsu

Besides the cutesy Minecraftesque vibe, World Brothers is a compilation of sorts for the Earth Defense Force series. The game will feature a roster of 100 characters, with heroes, skills, weapons, and alien bugs all being taken from previous iterations of the franchise and being converted into voxel form.

World Brothers is in development for both the PS4 and Nintendo Switch, with a Japanese release to come later this year. No announcement for a worldwide release has been made as of yet, but EDF has managed to cross the ocean many times before, and we don't expect this time to be any different.

Source: Gematsu

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