The Dragonborn of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim can achieve many feats of greatness. Among those many feats is earning the title of Thane in every hold of the nation.

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While thanehood is not necessarily the highest-ranking nobility that comes with the title of jarl or equal position, it does place players among the higher classes of Skyrim and comes with many perks. But the path to this title varies from hold to hold and is not always so straightforward. For Solitude and its hold of Haafingar, this is no exception. And so, here is how to obtain that lofty title.

5 No War Necessary Here

Whereas the city of Windhelm is the capital of Skyrim's rebel group, the Stormcloaks, Solitude is the capital of Skyrim's Imperial loyalists. But for the former city and region, the title of thane is locked behind the game's Civil War, and can't be accessed until the questline has been initiated (to varying extents, depending on the side chosen). Fortunately, Solitude doesn't have such a lofty hurdle to pass.

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Indeed, players can become thane of the city even before the Civil War gets into full motion. This is partially due to the fact that, also unlike Windhelm, its jarl does not change, no matter the outcome of the war. Yes, Elisif the Fair will still remain on the throne whether the Empire or Stormcloaks win, and whichever side players choose won't have any major effects on acquiring thanehood (not that it'll make the process any less awkward, for Stormcloak players).


4 Stop An Ancient Evil

Whether done before, after, or amid the Civil War, the path to thane begins with a quest given by Elisif's steward, Falk Firebeard. The quest is deceivingly titled "The Man Who Cried Wolf," as the innocent name belays the full extent of what it entails. Rather than simply clearing out a cave of some unassuming canid predators, players will have to scour a full-blown, ancient Nordic ruin full of draugr, necromancers, and their numerous atronachs and undead. And these necromancers are attempting to revive one of Skyrim's deceased rulers, Queen Potema, a cruel and powerful leader (and lowkey necromancer) in her time.

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To complete this quest seemingly interrupts the summoning ritual, and protects Solitude and all of Skyrim from Potema's return. Indeed, players can return to Falk Firebeard after clearing out the ruins, receive their reward, and continue the rest of the quest towards their thanehood. At first, it seems all is well...until Falk reveals the ritual still worked. Potema is back and gathering strength, untethered to the control of any necromancer, and it'll be up to players to stop her.

Of course, this sets off another questline, "The Wolf Queen Awakened." While this isn't technically a quest that's necessarily needed to become thane given that the Dragonborn is trying to become the thane of the hold this queen threatens, it seems only right to help protect it and put this ancient evil down. The rewards it yields can also help later on for the path to thanehood, but it's still, ultimately, up to players' discretions.

3 No One Tell The Thalmor

Given that Solitude is at the heart of Imperial Skyrim (unless done post-Stormcloak Civil War), that means it strictly adheres to the White-Gold Concordant with the Aldmeri Dominion. Consequently, no worshipping of Talos is allowed. But that doesn't stop Jarl Elisif from sending you on a private mission, which may or may not do just that. Indeed, after you complete the first quest from Falk Firebeard, Elisif will request a small favor of her own.

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It just so happens said favor involves taking the warhorn of her late husband -- High King Torygg -- and placing it at one of Skyrim's remote Shrines of Talos. It's a rather simple quest, given that these shrines are located in the overworld. No dungeon delving or enemy slaughtering needed, save the occasional wild animal or bandit. The only downside is that these shrines usually aren't marked on maps, so they can't be fast-traveled to. But given that they're relatively close to major locations anyways, it's won't be too much of a hassle to do as Elisif asks. Just don't tell the Thalmor about it.

2 Purchase Some Property

As is the tradition in many holds, the path to becoming thane requires that players own some sort of property within the respective hold, be it in the form of a house or land. After all, owning land ties a person's loyalties closer to the hold and is a sign of the higher class.

Fortunately for those seeking out thanehood in Haafingar, the city of Solitude has a nice little piece of property for sale: Proudspire Manor. This lofty house comes at the price of 25,000 gold -- a bit steep compared to even the priciest of armors, but such is the cost of land ownership. This is also why completing "The Wolf Queen Awakened" is highly recommended, as it offers the chance for more lootable riches and rewards, which can go towards acquiring our new property.

1 Be A Good Citizen

After acquiring a house, though, there's just one last thing to do: help people. Specifically, help five citizens located anywhere in the hold -- from Solitude to Dragon Bridge, and any mines or mills in between -- and at last, the title will be yours. Fortunately, there are enough people within the actual city that you need not set another foot outside its walls to complete this specific quest. Should players have high enough Speech skills, the ability to invest in any of the city's stores will count, with each different shop counting as one person helped.

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Of course, that isn't the only way to help people. Offering alms to the two beggars of the city -- which must be done separately, meaning the Gift of Charity must wear off for this to count -- is an easy task, as is convincing a few shopkeeps to forgive their debtor's dues. There are also a couple of deliveries players can make, whether it's information about an alchemist's soldier daughter or alcohol to the jarl's steward.

But, for those who complete "The Wolf Queen Awakened," they'll be pleased to know they have one less person they need to help, among these many miscellaneous quests. Indeed, completing this small yet packed questline will preemptively count towards helping the people of Haafingar, and put players one step closer to thanehood. Once all five citizens are assisted, players can return to Jarl Elisif, upon which time she'll finally dub them Thane of Haafingar. Aside from the usual perks of thanehood and unlocking Jordis the Sword-Maiden as a Housecarl, players will also receive the Blade of Haafingar, a radiant sword, which will vary in Smithing material and Enchantment, scaled to players' levels. Either way, it's yet another impressive accolade players can add to their Dragonborn.

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