Eleven is a brand new character that was added to Street Fighter 5 recently at the same time as Dan Hibiki, but for fairly obvious reasons he hasn’t been able to claim much attention for himself. Eleven is Street Fighter 5’s mimic character, and the very first mimic character to make a canon debut in the series.

Yes, it’s true that Eleven’s introduction is, fairly obviously, a product of the rumoured delayed of Street Fighter 6, but I will not complain because I love to see a goofy, dumb character that takes the concept of a “random select” to the next level.

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Eleven can be as good as, well, any other character in the game, and your skill with Eleven will be dictated only by your knowledge of the cast as a whole, and not by a dictator. See what I did there? Hilarious, I know. Now read on below for everything you should know about Eleven in Street Fighter 5.

Eleven’s History And Future

Eleven is the predecessor to Twelve, the mysterious low-tier monster from Street Fighter 3: Third Strike. Eleven, being the predecessor, is incomplete and weaker. While Twelve had a range of unique abilities of its own, only copy a few win quotes and super moves, Eleven is a complete mimic, completely devoid of its own abilities. If you want to fight with Eleven, you have to use another character’s moveset entirely.

We actually see Eleven in the Street Fighter 5 character stories, way before he was ever actually introduced into the game. If you play through Urien’s story you’ll see Eleven present, being beaten down by Urien. Later, Kolin uses Eleven to resurrect Charlie Nash, which is why he makes a return in Street Fighter 5 despite dying in a previous game.


Now Eleven has been set loose from Dr. Woo’s lab, and he’s able to fight against the World Warriors - only he doesn’t have any mind of his own, inhibitions, or even an in-game story mode. Eleven just appears on the battlefield, ready to fight, mimicking the first fighter that comes to mind.

Eleven’s Abilities In Street Fighter 5

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As I’ve said multiple times, Eleven is a mimic, so if you want to play well as Eleven, you need to play well as pretty much every character in the game, in addition to every V-Skill and V-Trigger ability.

When you pick Eleven you really won’t know what character you’ll be playing with until the match starts, and your V-Skill and V-Trigger is also randomly selected, taking control away from you fully. If you want to pick Eleven and try your hand at online battles, well, it’ll be an uphill struggle, but one well worth trying out.

Mastering Eleven and beating down experienced players online with it is the ultimate brag, throwing caution to the wind and allowing RNG to dictate your playstyle and character. Excel here, and you’re a true Street Fighter 5 master. And just in time for Street Fighter 6.

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