There's a new name in the gaming headset scene, though you might already own one of their products. EPOS is a "newly formed company dedicated to the creation of high-end audio equipment for Gaming and Enterprise Solutions." Basically, they want to make high-quality headsets for esports pro and hobbyist alike. EPOS plans to reveal its first brand-new product in October. Until then, it sells the Sennheiser line of headsets.

EPOS comes into the game with promises of uncompromising quality and builds that last. Their advertising strategy for conveying this is "The Power of Audio." The idea being that great gaming audio can take you out of the real world and transport you to the world of your favorite game. A new trailer for the brand demonstrates this with a Cyberpunk-esque setting and a gorilla monster.

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If you read TheGamer often, you might have seen the Sennheiser name come up before. We've reviewed both their entry-level GSP 300 and higher-tier wireless GSP 370. We found the GSP 300 to have excellent sound quality and a comfortable design for a $100 headset. The GSP 370, meanwhile, was praised for its no-hassle wireless setup and very long battery life. We can only imagine what a more high-quality line version of the Sennheiser design will look like.

At the moment, those in the market for a new headset can find EPOS selling Sennheiser gear as a co-branded EPOS | Sennheiser initiative. Their website sells the GSP 300 and 370, as well as the closed acoustic GSP 600 line. It can be reasonably assumed that this website will be updated in October once EPOS reveals its new line of headsets.


You'll probably know when the EPOS line launches in full, as the brand has an aggressive marketing campaign in store. Aside from the trailer above, which was made by Academy Award-winning Danish director Anders Walter, there will also be some forthcoming esports partnerships. These moves go on top of the usual social media and traditional retail campaigns.

Gamers will probably be staying at home for a good amount of 2020's latter half. Even those who are able to return to their normal jobs, schools, and routines will be tempted to fall back into hermit mode once Cyberpunk 2077, Ghost of Tsushima, and other hit games release. It's a good time to invest in a new gaming headset, and EPOS might just make a solid sell.

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