Runaway simulator Militsioner from developer Tallboys has a bizarre premise with a terrifying, huge antagonist. The game has no planned release date yet, but that gives us enough time to comprehend its surreal nature.

Militsioner - a Russian name for an officer of the law - is set in a sandbox town run by an unlikely, titan-sized policeman, and now the developer’s name suddenly appears very meta. The provincial setting is governed by an enormous policeman who sits on the edge of town, visible from everywhere you look with a booming voice that lets you know who’s boss. The game is a first-person runaway simulator, meaning you have to find a way of leaving town and escaping the watchful eye of big brother.

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If this Russian indie hasn't scared you off already, then let's take a closer inspection at the officer in question. Standing taller than the human-eating titans from Attack on Titan, the last thing you want to do is piss this giant policeman off. The aim of the game is to escape town without being plucked from existence by the ever-watchful antagonist, equipped with a nightmarish stare and flawless observation - enough to put Sauron to shame. He also has a sun-sized flashlight, which makes escaping at night just as treacherous as fleeing during the day.


If you thought the game’s premise wasn’t unique enough, then one of its main mechanics will impress you even more. Voice recognition is how you will communicate with other civilians and the Giant Policeman. If you’ve ever wanted to shout expletives at a law enforcer or the overbearing control of big brother, then now is the time. Communicating with other characters will be the driving force of the game, and no doubt the oppressive presence of the antagonist will force you to whisper without noticing.

A difficult task lies ahead if you’re wanting to escape the Giant Policeman, but at least you have one of our guides to help you lose the police in Cyberpunk 2077. Cops will be on your back regardless of whether you started an altercation or not, but now you have some useful tips on how to disappear off their radar.

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