The third trading card game expansion set for the Pokémon Sword and Shield line will release on August 14, 2020. The expansion set is called Darkness Ablaze, and it will have over 185 new cards for trainers to collect. Here is all the information about Darkness Ablaze.

New Cards

The new set will bring 14 new Pokémon V cards. The new V cards include Eternus V, Centiskorch V, Mew V, and Galarian Slowbro V.

Other confirmed V cards include Crobat V and Salamance V. The set will also have seven new VMAX cards including Charizard, Grimmsnarl, Butterfree, Eternatus, Centiskorch, and Salamance. The set will also introduce 15 new trainer cards and three special energy cards.

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The introduction of a new set brings new products to open. Two new theme decks from Darkness Ablaze will launch with the expansion. One of the theme decks is a fighting type theme deck that features Galarian Sirfetch'd. The other deck will be a water type deck featuring Galarian Darmanitan. New booster pack images feature Gigantimax versions of Charizard, Grimmsnarl, and Centiskorch. Trainers can also buy a blister pack, which contains two booster packs of Darkness Ablaze, a promo card featuring either Pikachu or Hatenna, and a Shaymin coin.

There is also another blister pack coming, which contains one booster pack of Darkness Ablaze, and a second booster pack from previous Sword and Shield expansions. The blister pack costs $3.99, which means that this is a buy one pack, get one pack for free.


Other Possible Cards

English releases of Pokémon TCG sets differ from Japanese sets. The Japanese TCG has different booster sets, starter sets, and subsets that get rolled into one set for English release. The Japanese equivalent of Darkness Ablaze is called Infinity Zone. The Japanese subset, Explosive Walker, will also be included in Darkness Ablaze. Finally, the Charizard and Grimmsnarl starter sets will also be in the upcoming English set.

Going off of the Japanese sets included in Darkness Ablaze, Houndoom, Dreadnaw, Galarian Cursola, Rhyperior, Scizor, Vikavolt, Gardevoir, Grapploct, and Galarian Stunfisk could be in the set. Of these V cards, Scizor, Gardevoir, and Dreadnaw all got VMAX cards.

Three new energy cards come to Darkness Ablaze. The hide energy card is a dark energy that also gives the Pokémon a free retreat cost. The powerful energy provides one colorless energy while also increasing attacks by +20. The heat energy is a fire energy that gives a Pokémon 20 additional hit points.

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Trading Card Games And COVID-19

Pokémon's next set, Darkness Ablaze, releases next month. While fans can predict what will be in the future based on previous Japanese sets, it will be exciting to see what cards fans will be able to open soon. While it is unfortunate that COVID-19 has shut down pre-release events, fans will still have new cards to collect, and new ways to build powerful decks. Hopefully social distancing restrictions can ease soon, and Pokémon TCG fans can get back to trading, battling, and competing in tournaments.

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