Shipping! It can make a whole lot of sense, or none at all, depending on the fandom. We all ship things, whether it be fictional or real characters. With fictional ones, things tend to get a lot more creative, but a lot more weird as well. Whether it be because they look good or it's for fan service reasons only, no character is safe from shipping. Still, while a lot of shipping can be weird and cause battles in the fandom, there are interesting ones that crop up as well.

For example, with Nicktoons, there are all kinds of shows that have plenty of different and unique ships, both canon and otherwise, with a colorful cast of characters. From shows like Legend of Korra to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, there are all kinds of canon and fan ships to be found. Other than those, though, there are also crossover ships to be found. This is where the weird and nonsensical side of shipping lies.

While shipping can be weird and the characters that are paired up initially make no sense, there are some artists who present some surprising ships in the most endearing of ways. Even some strange and wild ships can be made cute with the right artist and photo. With Nicktoons, there are plenty of characters to choose from and ship. Here are some pieces of art of ships that not many would pair initially, but with a bit of thought and talent from the artists, they actually come off as rather adorable. Who knows, you might find yourself forming a new ship!

19 A Match Of Chaos


Not many may remember the cartoon Edgar and Ellen, but it was basically a show about a pair of twins causing mischief and chaos in a quaint little town. While the chaos they cause is not equal to Zim's, misslolas’ idea for this ship is understandable. Some could say this is a match made in disaster, if you know what I mean. And besides, isn’t the image of a tiny Zim trying to court with Ellen rather interesting? Those blushes are holding an interesting story to them.


18 A Possible Future


Many would remember Curly as the wild side character of the series. While the way he and Rhonda’s relationship went is less than stellar, knowing his story and background, you can’t really hate the guy. Besides, while he may come off as annoying, he’s still a kid. You never know, he might be better in the future. That’s what fan art like DontbeModest’s photo is here for. The scientist image certainly suits him, and of course, Rhonda would be a glamorous lady. This here is a hopeful image for the ship.

17 A Truly Grim Pair


With how Dib mellows out as he gets older, and Mandy being such a cynical person, these two seem strangely like a fitting ship. The two have gone through weird adventures, have friends/acquaintances who are oblivious to the weirdness, and both can be rather snarky. They’re a balanced ship.

While the two may be on completely different spectrums, you can see them relating to one another. Really, though, the fact that Mandy is hugging Dib in cROXover Goddess’ piece shows that the two would be a good fit.

16 A Quirky Pair


While the two may have similar names, it’s safe to say that they are not related but do seem like they would get along quite well. Given the similar fighting styles in the two shows, minus the chakra and bending differences, this kind of scene, created by Aeolus06, is the perfect image on how their dynamic would be. Well, it’s most likely that Lee would be rather dramatic in his courting. That, or Ty Lee would somehow manage to mellow him out, and they'd be this cute yet quirky couple.

15 The Inevitable Ship


The moment their crossover film came to be and showed that they could be friends, it was only a matter of time before the shippers sank their hooks into these two. If one of them was a girl, the ship would only be stronger, since they clashed with one another before ending up as friends. Their entire story arc is common fuel for a ship. To have them aged up in a sweet winter moment, as shown by daisuke063, is only adding fuel to the fire. The only unexpected thing with them is how they came to be.

14 The Other "Best Friend" Ship


The two have their moments and they have a good friendship, but let’s be real; between ChesterxAJ and ChesterxTimmy, the former’s got more backing than the latter. While the two ships can be debated, there is one thing we know for sure: best friends make the cutest ships.

This piece by numbah3 shows just that. These two may not be the sharpest tools in the box, but they do know how to support the other. And if they were a little older and looked as cute as this, well, they already have a foundation to their ship.

13 A Couple We Need More Of


Usually, characters like Leni end up being either boy-crazy or end up with a stereotypical kind of guy, like a jock or possibly even a bad boy. For her to end up with an unconventional guy like Chaz is a nice change of pace. There need to be more canon unique couples!

Since Chaz works in a clothing store, the whole bear suit works as something both sensible and cute. Honestly, the photo could describe their relationship in a nutshell. A blonde beauty that's smitten with her cute bear of a guy.

12 The Idol Duo

via: blackboltlonewolf

They’re both robots and they’re both idols, so the ship has some weight to it. Design-wise, BlackboltLonewolf did a great job in fitting the two’s styles together and really brings out their details. It’s actually a surprise that Mettaton is doing the carrying, and not the other way around. You can just imagine him doing the most dramatic dip with the whole hand to the forehead, while having a leg raised, with Jenny lifting him with no effort. That’s a more accurate image for the two.

11 Squandy


Who knew that a cartoon squirrel and squid would look so cute together? Supericebeam certainly did with their handful of Squandy art. Even the 'ship name' is silly but adorable. 

Squidward has always been easily flusted, and honestly, the artist shows that there needs to be more shy and flustered Squidward in the world — art is clearly too adorable words.

10 They Grew Up


Fans have always tended to ship Angelic and Chuckie together. Still, while Angelica is most likely to be an overbearing girlfriend, images like this one by Esenkas makes the ship understandable. Here we see these two in a sweet dance together — and the artist really captures the charming (but awkward) relationship between the two. Even the follow-up series, All Grown Up doesn't quite nail the charm of a potential relationship in the franchise.

9 They're Already An Old Married Couple


This is just a perfect couple. Every fan of the franchise instantly 'gets' why this pairing works. Blinkpen’s piece could very well be a canon look at how they are in private. You can just hear the teasing and shyness here. They completely nail the aesthetic of the series, and make fans want to see even more from the classic characters. Danny Phantom fans are lucky enough to have an incredible repertoire of fan artists creating images of the franchise.

8 Dibbles


One of these two is already paired with a certain redheaded genius, why not Bubbles? What’s more, they’ve already been dubbed “Dibbles”, a silly but cute name that seems to fit them. They are certainly a surprising pair given their contrasting natures, but look at this innocent picture by ZimGalForevah. This looks like the beginning of a couple that would leave people bewildered but at the same time have them cooing at how cute they are.

7 A Stereotype That Works


Patti and Roger may be the most cliche couple that could get together on this list. Like, seriously, this is a real old school type of ship — but to be fair, it is an old show. Some may argue that ship is pretty par for the course. That aside, the little tease between them that artilustra shows here is a great summary of their ship image. An in any case, it's a very very cute image showing the two classic characters together at school. It has to be one of the best looking pieces of Doug fan art out there!

6 A Mystery Solver And Musician


Lee Ping is a loyal friend and is usually a laid back guy ... albeit a bit paranoid, risky, and somewhat manipulative due to his determination to solve the mysteries he’s involved in. Luna Loud, on the other hand, is a happy, caring, wild (and lover of loud music). So uh, anyone else see a connection for the two? Well, in any case, they’re cute together and Araitsume did well in forming a style to fit them together. Clearly, this is a new relationship/first date for them. It's just precious how shy they are together.

5 The Legend Of Two Heroes


Is there no girl that BloodyRiley won’t ship Naruto with? Seriously, he may as well be one of the top most shipped male in the crossover spectrum. And let’s not even get started on this ship. Given that both of them are prolific heroes, it's obvious that their ship would rank among the most powerful in cartoon history. Still, it seems more likely that these would be partners in crime who butt heads and had a friendly rivalry rather than a romantic relationship. They are a sweet looking pair though.

4 The Beauty And The Muscle


It was pretty heavily hinted throughout the series, but these two are still unexpected insofar as Rhonda is the one who’s doing the chasing and not the other way around. What makes the two adorable though is the whole posh girl thing — and we owe the excellent art to Alyssa who brought romance to life. They just look so precious being all affectionate,  and the fact that its Harold giving affection makes it all the better. It is truly an adorable image that fans everywhere would love — we owe so much to the community of artists.

3 The Ice Pair


Let’s be honest, these two seem more likely to be partners in crime or pseudo brothers rather than a couple. While the two have a lot in common and their aesthetics make them a perfect pair, it's hard to imagine how this ship would work. Ostensibly, they are two sides of the same coin. On the other hand, they’re a precious ship. The way S-Athena captures how sweet their chemistry could be does a lot to make the fan fiction work. The ship really does look legit when you see them together.

2 The Wildness Of Crossovers


Does anyone still remember the whole The Wild Thornberrys and Rugrats film crossover? Yeah... so, that was pretty interesting. But here’s the thing with crossovers, half the time, they spark quite a bit of creativity (and fervor) from the fans. There are so many ways someone could go about this ship. Age difference aside, they both have animal companionships and they have leadership qualities. When it comes to this type of ship, there are all kinds of possibilities.

1 From The Minds Of Fans


This, this right here is the prime example of a ship that feels like it came out of nowhere. What makes ships like these so great though is that they bring lesser-known characters into the lime-light. 

Characters like Bumi and Izumi here are characters that really shine on the periphery of their respective franchises (though Izumi is definitely a more recognized characters). And with a scene like this by viria13, it's clear that their ship really could work given their family’s connections to one another.

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