Season 2 of Fall Guys is almost upon us! Next week, the second season update will bring a bunch of new features to the game, including new costumes, new maps, and an overall theme that just screams high fantasy.

And now we’re finding out that the cosmetic updates won’t end at just costumes. Community manager Oliver Hindie recently posted a video that showcases the upcoming banners and nicknames that will be available in Season 2.

So far, the only place where you really see a banner is on the pre-launch screen and the end-of-match screen when you either fail or actually obtain a crown. Right now, the banners are all set to a default crown image, but the upcoming banners will include a pizza slice, Pride flag, watermelon, and stylized text for what appears to be "slime" and "fame."

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And then there's nicknames. We're not sure where these names will actually be displayed in-game, but we do know what those nicknames will be. Here's a handy list of all the revealed nicknames so far:

  • Free Hugs
  • Good Egg
  • Rookie
  • Sir Hugs A Lot
  • Stay Away
  • Trying Their Best
  • Big Yeetus
  • Cool Bean
  • Follow Me

Oliver seemed to leave the door open for more names to be added later, so long as the community comes together to agree on then. "We can have something like 'Community Blessed' for anyone who does anything particularly awesome in the community [and] we can have loads of really cool, custom, one-of-a-kind names for awesome events."

So far, the Fall Guys Twitter account has yet to activate a poll or announce a community-driven event for names, but we’re sure that’s only a matter of time. Fall Guys has had quite a bit of success on social media, as exemplified by their recent contest that resulted in a half-million-dollar donation to Special Effect, and the eventual creation of a Ninja, G2 Esports, Mr Beast, and Aim Lab costumes.


Fall Guys Season 2 starts on October 6, so get ready.

Source: Twitter

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