A new game called Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout was released back in the beginning of August, but it's recently exploded in popularity, having been featured as a freebie on PS Plus. It is a fun and hilarious game that has players attempting a variety of courses and tasks in order to win a crown. Players even have the option to customize their character and buy new outfits from the store.

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Unfortunately, this game can become quite vindictive, as players pull out all of the stops to defeat their opponents. Luckily, other players can do the same in an effort to help themselves, or their team, achieve a victory.

10 Grab Onto Other Players

The number one way to stop an opponent's progression is to grab onto them. This can stop them momentarily or even throw them backward away from their goal. It is a useful tactic, especially when a player is lagging behind the pack and they need a way to give themselves a slight advantage.


9 Stop Them At The Finish Line

This is another way that grabbing an enemy can be a useful tactic, but it could also involve simply standing in the way. This is most useful when attempting to help a friend snatch victory from the jaws of defeat, as it gives them a few extra seconds to cross the finish line before an opponent. This method won't always grant the person doing the hindering a spot in the finals, though.

8 Use Mob Mentality In Matching

A game mode called Perfect Match involves standing on the correct tile that pops up on the screen in order to avoid elimination. A keen mind is necessary to remember where each tile is located, which is where the mob mentality comes in to play. Many players just watch where everyone else goes, so standing on one tile and jumping to the next tile right before they disappear could end a few opponents' games.

7 Dive For The Finish Line

Many times, it is a close race to cross the finish line, as only a few spots are left. It is not always possible to grab an opponent to give a player the lead, so a dive might be necessary.

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This method hinders an opponent indirectly, as it ends their game as they are eliminated instead of the diving player. It doesn't always work, but it is worth a shot when the odds are against a gamer.

6 Knock Other Players Off Platforms

Players can be knocked off of platforms by grabbing them or pushing them. It is an especially useful tactic in game modes such as Jump Club, The Whirlygig, and even Perfect Match. A player's opponents will be eliminated, and all it takes is a few simple nudges to help them off the edge.

5 Push Them Into A Hazard

This is a similar tactic to knocking a player off a platform, but it involves using a hazard to a gamer's advantage. Many are often found waiting for a hazard to pass, although an opposing player can push them into it and send them flying into the oblivion. This is useful in game modes such as Dizzy Heights, Hit Parade, and Slime Climb, as opponents do their best to avoid the various hazards headed their way.

4 Stop Their Ball

One of the game modes that players will encounter is called Rock 'N' Roll, and it entails working with a team to push the ball to the end of the course. The ending is usually a race for the finish as all three teams rush to push their ball down the final stretch, but players can hinder each other's progress.

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All they have to do is go to another player's ball and push it in the opposite direction. The only downfall to this is that not too many team members can leave their ball—otherwise, it could end in a loss for them.

3 Stand On The Edge Of A Seesaw

The one game mode called See Saw involves plenty of these contraptions that players are tasked with crossing. It is tricky to choose when to jump, as players often have to wait for one end to go back down before attempting this feat. One way to stop an opponent is to stand on one end of the seesaw in order to keep one side suspended in the air, making it impossible to cross.

2 Block A Pathway

This method refers to the thin round bridges that players often have to cross in game modes such as Slime Climb. All a player has to do is stand in the middle of one of these and every player who runs into them will be knocked off. It will force them to make their way to the top once again and cause them to lose precious seconds that could be the difference between victory and elimination.

1 Wait At The Finish Line

The evilest way to hinder an opponent's progress is to wait at the finish line. This entails sitting at the end and watching the number of spots slowly diminish until only one is left.

A player can then watch as players rush for the finish line only to have them step over at the last second to be the last one to make it to the next round. This is pure evil at its finest, as players will be distraught how they were so close, yet so far from victory.

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