Nuka-World in Fallout 4 is full of lots of great attractions for players to ride and experience. There are so many things in the Nuka-World DLC that players can experience including robots and even functional amusement park rides like a roller coaster and Ferris wheel. How much fun is that?

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This list will let players in on some of the rides and attractions they may have missed in their playthrough of the expansion. From arcades to rollercoasters here are 10 functional attractions in the Fallout Nuka World DLC that every player should ride!

10 Arcade

Mini-games inside video games have been a fun little tidbit added by developers for decades. The arcade in Fallout 4 has a bunch of games to play and win tickets for prizes from the terminal.

Although the prizes aren't especially interesting there are a few that stand out among the bad ones. It's worth grinding for because there is also an achievement to earn a large number of tickets and the arcade games are a ton of fun so players will definitely get enjoyment out of this place.


9 The Gauntlet

The gauntlet is first encountered by the player when they first get to the park. The player is thrown into it to fight the Overboss of the park and once they defeat him they become the new boss themselves.

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This place is full of fun and the boss fight within it is one of the best in the entire game. Players didn't expect such an in-depth fight to be waiting for them at the beginning of the DLC and the electric arena was just awesome!

8 Mystery Mansion

The mystery mansion is outside the bounds of the Nuka-World park, however it is in the expansion. It's one of the best locations added with the new DLC and the story within the mansion itself is extremely well written and captivating.

A lot of players missed this place because it's outside of the park itself, however it's definitely worth the walk to for any player that likes adventures. It's an interesting little place and the guided tours inside are still functional which earns this place a spot on this list!

7 Robots In Dry Rock Gulch

The robots in Dry Rock Gulch have various mini-games for the player to complete. They're extremely interesting and funny, which is why players quickly fell in love with their programmed personalities.

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During the main quest line of the DLC players will have to get to encounter this location, and it's definitely worth going through the quest and not just killing the robots point-blank. It's amazing that these robots are still functional so many years later and it's a testament to how well Nuka-World was built.

6 Kids Rides In Kiddie Kingdom

There are a bunch of various children's rides within the bounds of Kiddy Kingdom and if players time their jumps at the right time they can catch a ride on some of them. Although these attractions aren't the most interesting in the DLC they are fun to ride if the player can get the chance.

Some of them only work after the player has turned on the power but once a player is able to hop on these rides it's a guaranteed good time. These attractions are some of the best in the entire expansion.

5 Power Plant

The power plant is still functional, and the reason it makes its way onto this list is because of the firework display that the player gets to enjoy after turning the power to Nuka-World on. The giant show of lights is even better experienced at night under the veil of darkness.

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Getting into the power plant can only be accessed during the main quest and the player will have to kill a bunch of raiders to get inside. Although it's a difficult task the firework show is definitely worth the trouble.

4 Fizztop Grille

This mountaintop restaurant is one of the most scenic locations in the entire expansion. It's a great place to visit and it even features a player home where the sole survivor can store some of their items.

Technically the restaurant itself isn't functional anymore, however there is a lift that goes up to it and it is very fun because of how high up the player gets to travel on the platform. The player home is also still functional and has lots of places to sleep and in-store items so this location deserves a spot on this list without a doubt!

3 The Tour Of The Bottling Plant

The tour of the bottling plant is an interesting attraction that players can still experience even after all the years that it has been rotting away. Although the tour is still functional, players will need to come prepared with weapons because there will be Mirelurks inside ready to hit them with their claws.

It's actually a quite scary location, which is surprising considering what it looks like on the inside, but players that are able to push through the enemies will get a fun tour and an interesting back story. This is definitely one of the best locations to bring a follower for a date!

2 Ferris Wheel

Everybody loves a Ferris wheel and in the Fallout world that is no different. The Ferris wheel in Nuka-World is located in the Kiddy Kingdom part of the park and it is actually functional once the power is restored to the park.

This ride is one of the best in the DLC because of how high players can ride and how well it actually replicates a real Ferris wheel. Every player should take a ride on this one at least once.

1 Roller Coaster In the Galactic Zone

The rollercoaster in the Galactic Zone is well-thought-out and developed. It's not a tiny ride, and the fact that the developers decided to actually put it into the game is a testament to their dedication.

It's an indoor roller coaster, so there won't be too many large drop-offs, however what players will get to experience is a grand display of a starry sky on the inside and a fun twisting and turning roller coaster. This ride can only be accessed after the power is turned on, however it's worth coming back to because it's such a fun attraction. This ride will have players riding it over and over again, which is why deserves the highest spot on this list!

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