The expansions of Fallout 4 added many things into the game, including new locations, DLC characters, and even equipment. Some of the weapons added with Fallout 4's expansion packs are much more powerful than the guns and melee weapons that are found in the base game.

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Weapons that deal explosive damage to enemies upon impact or spray a unique poison effect are just the beginning of all of the powerful effects that the Fallout 4 DLC weapons come equipped with. Legendary effects make weapons much more powerful, and the weapons in Far Harbor, Nuka-World, and Automatron make combat even more enjoyable.

10 Acid Soaker In Nuka-World

acid soaker in fallout 4

The acid soaker isn't the strongest weapon in Fallout 4; however, it has an incredibly unique damage type that isn't common in the Commonwealth. The acid soaker fires poison projectiles to defeat enemies, and although it doesn't deal as much damage as most ballistic weapons, this weapon is a good choice when fighting certain human enemies.

This poisonous gun can be acquired by buying it with tickets in the Nuka-World arcade. Winning tickets is quite easy, so every wastelander is capable of obtaining the acid soaker.


9 Old Reliable In Far Harbor

lever action rifle in fallout 4

Old Reliable is a lever-action rifle found on the island of Far Harbor, and it is equipped with one of Fallout 4's strongest legendary effects. The effect that Old Reliable uses makes it so that it shoots out 2 projectiles instead of 1, essentially doubling the weapon's damage.

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Although this legendary effect isn't particularly uncommon throughout the base game of Fallout 4, the lever-action rifle deals much more damage than an average gun which is why obtaining this weapon is a must for any rifle build. The NPC Dejen sells Old Reliable in Acadia, and it is one of the best weapons in Far Harbor.

8 Sergeant Ash In Far Harbor

sergeant ash weapon in fallout 4

There aren't many places to obtain a flamer in Fallout 4, let alone a unique flamer with a legendary effect. The Sergeant Ash has an effect that gives it a 20 percent chance of breaking an enemy's limb while damaging them.

Although this effect may not sound useful at first, since the flamer is constantly dealing damage with a regular flow of fire, it is almost certain that the enemy's leg will be broken within a few seconds of the flamer hitting an enemy. Dejen sells Sergeant Ash at Acadia on Far Harbor.

7 Hub's Alien Blaster In Nuka-World

Fallout 4 hubs alien blaster

Unlike Fallout 3, other-worldly weapons and alien creatures only made a single appearance in Fallout 4, and a single alien is found in a cave in the wilderness of the base game. However, the alien blaster found in the base game doesn't have any special effects, which is why the Hub's Alien Blaster is such a great weapon.

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The Hub's Alien Blaster deals a ton of base damage since it is an alien blaster, but it also has a special effect that makes critical hits deal double damage, and the critical meter fills twice as fast while it is equipped. This energy weapon can be obtained after helping the Hubologists on the outskirts of Nuka-World.

6 Tesla Rifle In Automatron

tesla rifle dlc weapon in fallout 4

There are many different unique energy weapons found in Fallout 4; however, one of the weapons added with the Automatron DLC alongside the robot modifications can easily defeat multiple enemies with only a few shots. The Tesla Rifle is obtained during the Automatron main quest at Fort Hagen.

The legendary effect that the Tesla Rifle is equipped with is completely unique to this gun; the effect makes a single energy projectile jump between enemies, effectively creating a chain lightning effect.

5 The Harvester In Far Harbor

The Harvester Bladed melee weapon Fallout 4

The Harvester is arguably one of the most enjoyable weapons to use in Fallout 4 since it combines the Ripper weapon with an effect that staggers enemies upon being hit. This means that an enemy will hardly be able to move because it will be staggered every few seconds since the Ripper has a continuous damage output, similar to a flamer.

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The melee weapon The Harvester is found at Echo Lake Lumber on the island of Far Harbor; it is inside of a chest.

4 Kiloton Radium Rifle In Far Harbor

Fallout 4 kiloton radium rifle

Unfortunately, there are few unique variants of the radium rifle in the Far Harbor DLC; however, the Kiloton Radium Rifle makes up for this by being one of the most powerful DLC weapons that Fallout 4 has introduced.

The Kiloton Radium Rifle deals radiation damage, but on top of that, its bullets also explode when they hit an enemy or a solid surface. This combination makes it so that no human enemy can survive an attack with this weapon. The rifle can be bought from Brother Kane upon joining the Children Of Atom while completing Far Harbor's main plot.

3 Atom's Judgement In Far Harbor

Fallout 4 atoms judgment

Atom's judgment is another weapon that is obtained from The Children Of Atom on Far Harbor, and it is one of the strongest melee weapons that can be acquired in the DLC or any other expansions. Atom's judgment deals 100 radiation damage, and its base is created with a super sledge, one of the most powerful melee weapons in Fallout 4.

Luckily, Atom's judgment is easy to obtain, and the only requirements are to follow the main questline of Far Harbor while siding with The Children Of Atom and eventually complete the side quest called "The Heretic".

2 The Problem Solver In Nuka-World

Fallout 4 the problem solver

Nuka-World introduced many new unique weapons that each have their own legendary effect, but The Problem Solver is the best ballistic weapon found while completing the Nuka-World DLC.

This rifle deals more damage with every consecutive hit against the same enemy, which makes it an incredibly powerful tool for fighting enemies that have a lot of health, such as Deathclaws. Unfortunately, the Problem Solver can only be obtained by choosing the correct dialogue and passing a charisma check while the Sole Survivor is speaking with Mason in Nuka-World.

1 Thirst Zapper In Nuka-World

thirst zapper in fallout 4

When the Thirst Zapper is first obtained, it doesn't seem to be a powerful weapon; it only looks like it's a squirt gun. However, The Thirst Zapper can be modified at a weapon workbench to shoot energy projectiles that deal a ton of damage, comparable to a rocket launcher.

All of these modifications make the Thirst Zapper shoot Nuka-Cola projectiles, which also makes this weapon one of the most unique guns in Fallout 4. The Thirst Zapper is found all throughout Nuka-World, and an unmodified version of this gun is acquired early in the main quest.

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