Elder Maxson is an Elder in the East Coast branch of the Brotherhood of Steel in Fallout 4. This leader is an extremely interesting character with so many cool facts that it's easy to see why so many players missed a bunch of them. This Elder can kill a deathclaw single-handed, and he can even do it as a child!

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This list will tell players about some hidden tidbits of Maxson's life that they probably never learned while playing the game. From pickpocket immunity to being worshiped as a God, here are 10 interesting facts that most players don't know about Elder Maxson!

10 He Appeared In Fallout 3

In Fallout 3 there is a giant BOS base called the Citadel. This giant fortress helps the Brotherhood fight the evil creatures of the wastes and there are many supplies for soldiers to use stored there. Elder Maxson appears as a squire and he is nothing more than a young child.

It's insane to think that Maxson was just a lowly squire and actually getting to see him as both a low tier member and an Elder is extremely interesting. Players love this kid because although he is only in his teens, he is very strong and mature.


9 Descendant Of Founder

The founder of the BOS is a man named Roger Maxson. Elder Maxson is actually a descendant of Roger Maxson himself and its fascinating to think that this Fallout 4 character has the blood of such an important wasteland figure.

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Because of his family, Maxson is an extremely skilled fighter in combat and it's no surprise that he eventually became a major leader in the organization himself. Most fans never learned about Maxson's family tree!

8 Cape

It's funny that Elder Maxson's design almost included a cape. Some concept art of Fallout 4 shows Maxson with a bit less facial hair and a crazy cape. Apparently he thinks of himself as a superhero!

It would have been very cool to see a cape item within the game that players could loot from his body and it's sad that it will now never happen. Unfortunately, it never came to be, but perhaps players see this piece of apparel in a mod at some point in the future!

7 Immune To Sneaky Thieves

Elder Maxson knows how to spot a thief apparently because he is completely immune to being pickpocketed by the player. Regardless of if players have any stage of the pickpocket perk he will continue to be immune to their slippery fingers.

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Maxson has surely met some thieves in the wasteland but it's still bizarre that he cant be pickpocketed at all because most other NPCs in the game can. What are you hiding in your coat pocket you sneaky soldier Maxson?

6 Final Judgement

If Maxson is killed by the player during the main questline then he will have a unique Gatling laser weapon on his corpse that can be looted by the player. This is one of the only unique Gatling lasers that players will run into during their playthrough of Fallout 4.

The effect on the weapon gives it a 25% faster fire rate and a 15% faster reload speed. This makes the already powerful Gatling laser weapon into a beast that will quickly shoot through any and all enemies within the game!

5 Keen Eyes

Maxson is a man that knows how to observe and asses a situation better than most people are generally capable of. This skill is shown throughout the game on many occasions including the quest where the players must destroy an island full of super mutants.

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This skill comes in handy since he's the leader of the biggest army in the wasteland and this talent surely helped him earn his spot as a leader. Maxson's observant mind makes him an even better leader for the BOS.

4 Loneliness

Elder Maxson may seem like a well-rounded man mentally but he struggled in his past with severe loneliness. He grew up in the Citadel so it is no surprise that he didn't have too many child friends to talk to.

Growing up around mostly adults will cause any kid to be somewhat sad and he definitely ended up as a lonely commander. At least all of his training in isolation was worth it because he became a major leader in the BOS and has more authority than the vast majority of wastelanders.

3 Face Scar

The scar on Maxson's face tells a heroic story of a 13-year-old boy that killed a deathclaw completely by himself. Although he won the fight and is a proud man that lives to tell the tale he also took some large wounds including the deep scratch across his face that is immediately apparent to anybody he meets.

Elder Maxson does not regard this scar with shame, on the contrary, he expresses pride about it because it is a major accomplishment to kill a deathclaw without any help at such a young age. This is one amazing combatant!

2 Deity Maxson

Elder Maxson is a powerful man but he is certainly not a god. However, the wasteland creates wacky misconceptions about people and cults are quickly formed for weird concepts that have no basis in reality.

Apparently, because of Maxson's presence in the wasteland, there are many religions that worship him as a god and he definitely doesn't seem to mind the praise. Players should be careful if they're thinking of messing with the great God Maxson because although he's not a real deity it takes a lot of power to be considered one at all!

1 RadAway

Maxson is a man of technology and although the BOS is known for being hoarders of a sort, Elder Maxson is actually more reasonable on the matter. He has instructed the BOS to work on finding or creating more powerful versions of the RadAway drug which would be extremely useful for the wasteland.

Players should think twice before using a gamma gun against this Elder because he may very well have a much more powerful version of the iconic wasteland drug. For the sake of irradiated people hopefully he will find an improved version!

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