Fallout 4 has many different arguably evil characters that are essential to the main plot; however, one of the most important of these characters is Shaun. Shaun is the Sole Survivor's child who was born before the war, and his DNA was used to create every third generation synth in existence.

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Shaun is fascinating because he is extremely intelligent and because he has a unique moral philosophy. There are many facts to miss about Shaun during a playthrough of Fallout 4, both about his personality and his programming; especially since some players barely interact with Shaun at all.

10 Shaun Can Be Killed Without Ever Talking To Him

Shaun from Fallout 4

It is possible to kill Shaun as soon as he is met in the Institute for the first time. Killing Shaun early will result in the Institute becoming hostile and locking the Sole Survivor out of the faction for the remainder of the main story.

It may not seem like killing Shawn immediately is even an option; however, it is entirely possible to do so, although the Sole Survivor will miss a lot of important dialogue if this choice is taken.


9 Shaun Is Tolerant Of Opposing Opinions

sole survivor character from Fallout 4

Despite the fact that Shaun is generally an arrogant person, he is surprisingly tolerant of opinions that oppose his own mindset. This is proven both by how he acts towards the Sole Survivor and how he communicates with other Institute members.

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If the Sole Survivor voices concern about any of Shaun's opinions during dialogue, he will not react in a hostile way and even tells the Sole Survivor to run the institute their own way following his death. Shaun also allows the different members of the Institute to run their departments in the way they see fit, within reason.

8 Shaun's Highest Stat Is Intelligence - 6

special stat intelligence, Fallout 4

Shaun is an intelligent man, and this is not only proven through dialogue and personality but also because he has a higher than average intelligence stat. Considering how many important choices Shaun has to make as the leader of the Institute, Shaun is lucky that he is so smart.

Shaun has an intelligence of 6, which is higher than any of his other stats. It is interesting that Bethesda bothered to give Shaun a high intelligence stat since players are not able to access this information in-game.

7 Shaun Is Terrified Of The Wasteland

picture of super mutant running, Fallout 4

Similar to many other members of the Institute, Shaun voices his concern and fear of the above-ground world many times throughout the main story of Fallout 4.

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Shaun is scared of the idea that he may need to leave the Institute at some point, and because of this fear, he doesn't leave the Institute very often. This is especially strange considering that Shaun is one of the few members of the Institute that was born in the above-ground world, although he was born prior to the Great War.

6 Shaun Cares Deeply For His Synth Clone

synth clone of shaun in institute, Fallout 4

The Sole Survivor comes into contact with Shaun's clone many times during the course of Fallout 4, and it may come as a surprise to learn that Shaun actually cares about this clone, despite the fact that he usually doesn't care about the emotions of synths.

Following the events of the main story, Shaun leaves a holotape for the Sole Survivor that asks them to take care of the synth clone so that it may live a happy and relatively normal life. It is easy to miss this holotape since the synth clone of Shaun can be left in the Institute to die, and a lot of players chose this option. Shaun's clone became one of the best synth characters in Fallout 4 because of the character development he allowed Shaun.

5 Shaun Believes Humanity Cannot Continue Without The Institute

Diamond City in daylight.

Similar to Shaun's belief that the outside world is incredibly dangerous, he also doesn't believe that humanity can survive without the help of the Institute.

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This idea is a theme that is common in Fallout 4 as many members of the Institute try to convince the Sole Survivor that their organization is necessary for the continuation of the human race. Shaun mentions this many times in Fallout 4, and he doesn't seem to have any faith in the organizations of the Commonwealth since he thinks that their movements don't make any sense, such as the Railroad or the Minutemen.

4 His Appearance Depends On Sole Survivor Customization

Baby Shaun being cared for by both his parents

A fact about Shaun that is very easy to miss is that his appearance changes depending on how the player customizes the Sole Survivor and their spouse.

The player can change key details about Shaun if they create their own character with certain characteristics, such as skin color. This feature flew under the radar for players who only played the game once or created multiple characters with similar appearances.

3 How Shaun Earned His Nickname "Father"

synth factory in Fallout 4

Shaun has a unique nickname in the Institute that doesn't make a lot of sense if the context is unknown. Shaun is nicknamed the "Father" because his DNA was used to create every third-generation synth that roams the Institute and the Commonwealth.

This technically makes Shaun the father to every third-generation synth which is how he earned his interesting title.

2 Shaun Can't Survive The Ending Of Fallout 4

shaun talking with the sole survivor, Fallout 4

There are four different endings for Fallout 4 depending on which faction is chosen; however, every ending for the game will result in Shaun's death. It is also possible for Shaun to be killed earlier than the final mission in Fallout 4 or at any point during the main story.

Shaun is destined to die either with the Institute being destroyed or by cancer. Although it is easy to dislike Shaun for his actions, his death is still a sad moment since he is the Sole Survivor's child.

1 You Can Damage Shaun Without Turning Him Into An Enemy

Fallout 4 Character With Institute Armor And Energy Weapon

Most characters from the main quest in Fallout 4 will become hostile if the Sole Survivor attacks them; however, Shaun will not become immediately hostile if he takes damage from the player character. The most likely reason that Shaun is such a rare exception in this regard relates to him being a key character for moving the plot forward.

The developers wouldn't want him to immediately attack the player if they accidentally hit him. Regardless of the reasoning, it is interesting to think that one of the most arguably evil characters in Fallout 4 is more forgiving than everybody else.

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