The post-apocalyptic settings of the Fallout series offer thousands of opportunities to deliver on some sweet weirdness. Fallout 4 did not disappoint fans of the bizarre, and it arguably has some of the strangest NPCs in the franchise's history.

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No matter what faction you decide to support during your playthrough, you're bound to run into a cast of memorable characters. We've taken the time to put together a list of the ten weirdest new and old fans alike can appreciate. Give yourself a break, crack open a Nuka-Cola, and enjoy the oddest NPCs Fallout 4 has to offer.

10 Cricket - Chaotic Weapons Dealer Junkie

Cricket in Fallout 4

Cricket is a chem addict weapons dealer who loves mayhem, making her a perfect choice to carry the legendary Spray n' Pray weapon. The submachine gun might show up with other shopkeepers, but it's worth taking the time to find this post-apocalyptic misfit instead.

Cricket operates out of Bunker Hill, but you might run into her in around a dozen other locations. She appears randomly, so you have to pray to the RNG gods if you want to find her early and get the most out of Spray n' Pray during your run.


9 Doc Crocker - Murderer And Cosmetic Surgeon

Doc Crocker in Fallout 4

You can find the facial reconstruction doctor based out of Diamond City in the Surgery Cellar (during a lame quest everyone does even if they have the worst rewards). Your introduction to him is usually brief because he's killed and dismembered Earl Sterling.

Doctor Sun's reaction to the situation is almost weirder than Doc Crocker himself. He doesn't appear upset by the murder of a patient nearly as much as having the inconvenience of cleaning up the mess.

8 Lorenzo Cabot - The Immortal (?)

Lorenzo Cabot in Fallout 4

While Lorenzo Cabot appears to be an old loon, if you choose to fight him, you'll learn that he has superhuman abilities. He even has this Mysterious Serum with massive radiation protection along with that sweet, sweet crown of his. He has incredibly high health, can deflect grenades with an energy burst, and has significant damage resistance.

Any of us might go more than a little insane if we went through the same experience as Lorenzo Cabot, to be fair. Finding yourself locked inside a maximum-security cell in the basement of an insane asylum for over 400 years tends to have an intensely negative effect on a person's psyche.

7 Mysterious Stranger - A Tradition

The myserious stranger in Fallout 4 takes aim at the player with a gun

The Mysterious Stranger is a Fallout tradition from the days of the original isometric RPG games. In Fallout 4, your character may discover that Nick Valentine is hot on the trail of this murderer who happens to share his fashion sense (among other secrets worth discovering about him).

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The Mysterious Stranger isn't so much a character in the game as a perk, but you won't be able to convince everyone's favorite synth detective about that. If he's your companion and sees him appear in VATS, he'll lament the fact that his target disappeared without a trace.

6 Strong - Renaissance Super Mutant

Strong from Fallout 4

Strong has a fundamental misunderstanding about a Shakespeare quote that motivates his character to become an available companion for the player. If that alone doesn't make him belong on the list, his strong sense of humor for a Super Mutant should qualify.

When you meet Strong, he's imprisoned with Rex Goodman because he became obsessed with the "milk of human kindness" phrase from Macbeth. He will follow you to the ends of the earth to discover the secret of humanity's power with zero sense of irony. This quirk makes him an odd duck, but he's a fan-favorite all the more because of his ability to make us laugh.

5 Billy Peabody - Refrigerator Boy

Billy from the Kid in a Fridge mission in Fallout 4

Billy Peabody is a thinly veiled reference to Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull and a potential moral test. Your character first encounters this NPC while he yells for help from inside a refrigerator. He presents a series of opportunities to make a horrible decision if you agree to take him to his parents.

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It's weird enough to find his parents living in the same house from his youth as ghouls, but Billy's story can get extra dark. You have the option of selling him and his family out to a local who wants to enslave them.

4 Sierra Petrovita - Nuka-Cola Brand Ambassador

Sierra Petrovita Fallout 4

Fans of Fallout 3 may recognize the Nuka-Cola-obsessed character from visiting her in Girdershade. As luck would have it, she found her way to Nuka World (which was far from the best DLC in the series, unfortunately) and lives in her idea of paradise when you discover her in the expansion.

Sierra gives the character a tour of the dilapidated amusement park with the remarkable enthusiasm of any franchise-obsessed fan. While it's fun to see her show up in two iterations of Fallout, it's undeniable that her obsession with Nuka-Cola makes her a perfect addition to our list.

3 Deacon - Railroad Spy

Deacon from Fallout 4

When Deacon first appears in Fallout 4, he vouches for the character for no apparent reason and proceeds to inform them that he's aware of the player's exploits. As it turns out, this Railroad spy has spied on you for quite some time.

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If you're aware of his presence during a fresh playthrough, you can catch him spying on your character in Diamond City, especially. If he has a problem with your actions, you may find yourself forced to kill him and other members of the Railroad. You can also go the other direction and romance this companion if you fancy bald men wearing dark sunglasses.

2 Shaun - Your Scientist Son/Potential Antagonist

Shaun from Fallout 4

Shaun didn't have anything resembling a "normal" life, but he feels like an odd potential antagonist and one of the weaker plot elements of Fallout 4 altogether. It's weird enough that his father called him "Father" before learning the truth, but we can dig deeper.

No matter how you choose to deal with Shaun, his choices are somewhat baffling. Building synths doesn't seem to be more than another intellectual curiosity, and he's unable to save himself from cancer despite wanting to rescue the entire commonwealth. It's odd and more than a little frustrating to witness his stubborn assertions while either deceiving or aiding The Institute.

1 Rhys - BoS PoS

Rhys from Fallout 4

Rhys doesn't give the best first impression for the Brotherhood of Steel because, quite frankly, he's a complete jerk (but he might have a reason to be, depending on who you ask on Reddit). Before you have a chance to choose a snarky reply, he's not a fan of your character and rude to a ludicrous degree.

It's clear that Rhys isn't a fan of newcomers, but his gatekeeping might have kept players from siding with the Brotherhood (which you can argue is either a great or terrible choice). Despite your best efforts or honest efforts, he's going to continue to act jealous about how much respect Danse throws your way from the start.

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