Fallout 76 recently released shelters—underground CAMP areas with fewer building restrictions. Players can use the lighter restrictions to fully realize their creations, but how can they make the outside of their CAMPs look as good as the inside? Here is a tutorial on how to get around one of Fallout 76's CAMP restrictions and make offset floors.

Normally, when you place foundations in your CAMP or in workshops, they snap together edge to edge. However, sometimes certain building techniques require foundations to be offset by half the length of one edge. This can be achieved through the following technique.

First, place a foundation where you want to start building. Then, add a staircase to the foundation. You can then attach a half-width upper floor to the top of the staircase, like so.

Via: Fallout 76

On the other side of the half-width upper floor, add a staircase going down. You can then use the bottom of that staircase as an attachment point to add a second foundation piece.

Via: Fallout 76

Then, you can delete the stair superstructure, leaving the two foundation pieces. It is best to delete the superstructure in the reverse order that it was built in. It will not always make a difference, but sometimes it can prevent "floating object" errors that prevent you from deleting altogether.

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From here, you can build out in a variety of ways. The important part of this technique is that you now have two foundations that are exactly half a foundation-length apart. You can snap other foundations to them, and can even delete the original foundations once you've used them for the spacing you want.

Via: Fallout 76

Try experimenting to see what kinds of different structures you can build with this technique!

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