Suddenly, the world makes sense again: All 1300+ spirits in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate now have an (unofficial) description.

There’s really no way to overstate what a huge title Smash Ultimate really is. Not only in terms of the character roster, content and everything else, but also with regards to its impact and what it’s meant for the Switch.

In early March last year, Nintendo pulled that old ‘one last thing’ trick in a Direct. All it showed was the Smash Bros. logo reflected in an Inkling’s eye, but that was enough to send the entire internet into overdrive. The hype train continued to barrel along until the game was finally released that December.

Since then, King K. Rool’s suction shenanigans have proven controversial, Piranha Plant has joined the roster (also controversial) and we’ve all wondered just when the heck we’re going to get to see Persona 5’s Joker in action. In amongst all of this, though, the game has been super well-received, but there’s always something to complain about.

Smash Ultimate Spirits Fansite 2

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Never mind all of the characters that made the cut, what about the things that didn’t? The Home-Run Contest, Break The Targets, the Stage Builder (which seems to be on its way now) and, of course, trophy descriptions.

As we know, trophies have been replaced by spirits, which are essentially the same thing but can be equipped to your fighter to increase their power and add new abilities. It’s an interesting system that adds a little more depth to the character-collecting thing, but the game doesn’t include little text boxes with descriptions of each spirit. This fact still rankles with some Smash fans, but don’t despair: is here to help.


This handy-dandy fansite provides a complete directory of every spirit in the game (there are 1303, at present) navigable in a similar way to the in-game gallery. The difference is, you can click on each one to read a description of them, written by fans in Nintendo’s familiar slightly-snarky trophy description style. If this is something you’ve needed in your life since Smash Ultimate launched, your time has finally come. Hop on in and enjoy (while you can, as Nintendo aren’t likely to approve of this).

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