The Far Cry series is easily one of the best and most notable IPs in gaming. Each game in the series delivers exactly what it promises — excellent open-world design, a tight narrative, and pulse-pounding action gameplay. In this regard, the latest game in the series is truly in a class of its own, featuring the stellar qualities of Ubisoft at its very peak.

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Now, with the release of Far Cry 6 on the horizon, it's only a given that players would want to revisit the franchise once again, with Far Cry 5 being a great drop-off point as any. For players who just want to have a good time in the game, the following cheats can certainly prove to be quite handy indeed.

8 God Mode

Far Cry 5 Explosion

It's only a given that the first cheat that any player would seek out in a video game is God Mode, allowing them to tank through enemies and blast past challenges without a care in the world due to their invulnerability. There are three ways to activate this cheat in the game.

  • The first one is more of a technical god mode where the player can reduce AI damage to zero by editing the parameters of the hex code in the GameRules.lua file.
  • The second method is to add the -DEVMODE command line parameter to the game -- preferably through a shortcut of the game. This unlocks — fittingly enough — Developer Mode where players can press the Backspace button to trigger God Mode.
  • The third way to unlock God Mode — and by far the easiest one — is to simply use the ~ (tilde) button to open the console in-game and enter the command god_mode_count=1.

7 No Clip Mode

Far Cry 5

A legendary cheat code that has appeared in the land of gaming since time immemorial, No Clip Mode is a nifty little cheat that allows players to pass through any solid objects, barriers, or anything else that has an otherwise impassable mesh.

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The only way to toggle No Clip Mode is by enabling Developer Mode in the game — a method that has already been described before. Following this, players simply need to press the F4 button to enable No Clip Mode.

6 Get All The Weapons In The Game

Far Cry 5 explosion

One of the simpler cheats in the game allows the player access to every weapon in the game without any restrictions whatsoever. There are two ways to enable this cheat.

  • The first way to get these weapons involves the use of the reliable Developer Mode, following which players need to press the letter P to fill up their arsenal completely.
  • The second method uses the console command give_all_weapons=1 to achieve the same.

5 Max Out Ammunition Of Every Weapon

Far Cry 5 Reshade presets

Another useful cheat to allow players to go absolutely wild during a firefight is to easily max out the ammunition of all their weapons. There are three ways to go about this.

  • Going to the FCData folder and finding Scripts\Entities\Weapons will allow the player to change the hex code of each weapon in the game and increase their clip size.
  • With Developer Mode on, players can simply press the letter O to get 999 ammunition instantly.
  • The final way to get ammunition for every weapon is to open the console with ~ (tilde) and entering the command give_all_ammo=1.

4 Gain Access To Any Level

Far Cry 5 Turkeys

There are times when gamers would want to play a specific level in Far Cry 5 without having to do the busy work involved in unlocking said weapon.

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Players who want to access any level in the game can do the same by simply opening the console and writing the command /map, followed by the name of the level they want to access — such as "archive", "boat", "bunker", and "carrier".

3 Control Game Speed

Far Cry 5 Offroad

Another cool cheat that players can use in Far Cry 5 is using the Developer Mode to increase or decrease the speed of the game. It's a cheat that is bound to have some weird and hilarious effects on the gameplay indeed. After activating Developer Mode, the player can press the following keys to control the game's speed.

  • = (equals) increases the speed of the game.
  • - (dash) decreases the speed of the game.
  • F5 brings the game back to normal speed.

2 Enable Quicksave And Quickload

A fight in Far Cry 5

While this might be one of the more mundane cheats on the list — given the fact that Far Cry 5 autosaves at appropriate times in the game anyway — players who want full control over their saves in Far Cry 5 with cheats.

  • The first way to unlock this is to enable Developer Mode. After that, players can use F9 to quicksave and F10 to quickload at a moment's notice.
  • The second method involves the use of console commands. Open the console with ~ (tilde) and use either \save_game or \load_game to perform the respective actions.

1 Toggle First And Third-Person View

Far Cry 5 in third person

Perhaps the coolest cheat in Far Cry 5 that most people had no idea about is the fact that players can actually go through the entire game in third-person as well!

The only way to enable this cheat is through Developer Mode. After the command line parameter is set, pressing F1 will let players switch between first and third-person mode with ease.

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