FaZe Clan continues to grow with a new partnership with production studio Sugar23. That’s right--they’re making movies now.

First it was millions of dollars in funding, then it was a partnership with the NFL to sell merch. Now it’s a partnership with a big-time Hollywood producer to start making movies and TV shows. What’s next for FaZe in 2020, a presidential run?

Maybe in 2024, but for now, FaZe has announced that they’re partnering with Sugar23, the production company run by Oscar-winning producer Michael Sugar. The plan here is "to develop films and scripted television in line with the brand's ‘aspirational gaming lifestyle’ image.” These projects will be aimed at a younger demographic and be “culturally impactful.”

For clarification on that cultural impact, we turn to the Hollywood Reporter which recently interviewed Sugar on just what they have in mind. "We see the chance to create content that is not specifically about gaming but about the culture," Sugar told the publication. "Something akin to [HBO's] Euphoria or Dazed and Confused or [Netflix and Sugar23's] 13 Reasons Why or anything subversive that has a strong point of view is something we want."

Whether this results in something that heads to theatres (when they reopen, anyways) or sticks to digital distribution platforms like Netflix remains to be seen. Faze Studios will be located in Los Angeles, with Sugar23 managing development operations.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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