It's the second time in a row that I'm compiling TheGamer's best features of the week. You could say that I'm kind of a connoisseur of fine content. We have a lovely collection for you today, with a rich base of Pokemon, a dash of New World, some rare Elden Ring, and finely aged Silent Hill.

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professor oak pokemonPokemon Gen 1's Hidden Oak Battle Is Still Complete And Utter Genius

Our features lead, Cian Maher is quite a Pokemon buff; you'll even find him somewhere high up on the Pokemon Unite leaderboards. In his feature he points out the beauty of the hidden battle you can have with Professor Oak, which can be triggered via a series of glitches in the old Red & Blue game. Cian talks about how it's the perfect endgame battle from a narrative perspective. You begin your journey by getting your starter from him and it's only fitting that you come back to beat him. He even breaks down Oak's team and the significance of each of his 'mons.

Ash Dad JungleWhat's The Deal With Ash's Dad In The New Pokemon Movie?

From a father figure to a biological one, associate editor Eric Switzer writes about one of Pokemon's biggest mysteries - Ash's dad. We've never really seen or heard much about Mr. Ketchum except for a few vague references in obscure supporting novels and quotes from the creators. Eric explains that despite not knowing much about his dad, Ash actually has fond memories of him, as can be seen in the story he tells Koko in Pokemon: Secrets of the Jungle. So Ash's dad may not be the deadbeat flake that we all assumed he was.

New World Broken

New World's Endgame Content Is Completely Broken

Up next we have Harry Alston, who has the coolest sounding designation at TheGamer, Specialist. Harry writes about how New World's endgame content is broken, much like its reporting system. He breaks down the various activities you can take on and why they're not worth the grind or simply just don't work thanks to bugs. But wait, there's more! He further picks apart the game's overall progression and gear systems and argues that they need major balancing updates.


Dark Souls 2 Elden RingElden Ring Is Classic FromSoftware In The Best Possible Way

Features editor Jade King's piece on Elden Ring talks about how it is the perfect culmination of everything FromSoftware has learnt so far. We haven't seen much about the game besides a trailer at Summer Game Fest and a recent 30-second gameplay leak, which is very much the developer's formula. Jade explains that the Lands Between is a forsaken place, much like its predecessors, Yharnam and Lordran, taking some of the best features from the previous worlds created by FromSoftware.

silent hillKonami Has Done A Terrible Job Preserving The Original Silent Hill

Lastly, photo and news editor James Troughton had a bone to pick with Konami for its absolute lack of effort in preserving one of the best horror games ever made, Silent Hill. James' grievance comes from the fact that it's really hard to find a way to play Silent Hill. He argues that it's unfair that the classic game cannot be experienced by younger audiences due to its lack of ports. With PS Now servers being unreliable as they are, you'd have to go all the way back to the PS Vita to play it, and we haven't heard that name in a long time.

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Brock Cancelled
I'm Sorry But Brock Would Totally Be Cancelled In 2021

Your drying pan won't protect you from the wrath of societal cancellation, Brock.

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