Final Fantasy 14's Warrior of Light is known for many things, like helping end the Dragonsong War and restoring balance to the First. However, RubberNinja's Warrior of Light is known for something more special, he's eaten 999 eggs. He is the Eggwalker.

Last year, we saw YouTuber Ross O'Donovan, or RubberNinja, consume a whopping 999 eggs after a stranger handed them to his Miqo'te out of the blue. To the joy of thousands of Eorzeans, RubberNinja ate all 999 of those eggs in the game's major hub, Limsa Lominsa, documenting his entire saga over on Twitter. The ordeal took a while, but Limsa popped off with a crowd waving glowsticks and cheering the entire time.

Almost a year later, RubberNinja is back (thanks for the heads up, Kotaku), and he's got a few more eggs. This time, he plans to stuff his cat boy's face full of the things, over 138k of them. Now that Final Fantasy 14 allows you to stack 999 items instead of the old 99, he's got a massive inventory full of the boiled things.

O'Donovan began his latest endeavor yesterday, making his way through one stack in an hour. By the time he was ready to sleep, he'd already consumed 17 stacks of eggs - that's 16,983 eggs. Bless this man.

He's set a couple of rules around the challenge, too. O'Donovan says he must be constantly consuming the food no matter what, so that means even if he's doing something else in-game. Every time he gets 1,000 subs, he'll add 999 eggs to the stack, so we could very well see poor RubberNinjas downing more than 138k. He'll also only eat meals in real life with eggs and only break to sleep and use the restroom. 20,000 subs means he shaves his head, thus becoming an actual egg.

Final Fantasy 14's popularity has seen a sharp spike lately, so now seems like as good a time as ever to eat a stack of in-game eggs. If you haven't kept up with the boom, Square Enix just announced it will bring back the auto-logout idle timer as the game continues to see serious server congestion from the onslaught of new players.

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