A trailer for a popular Chinese MMO has a whole lot of similarities with a Final Fantasy 14 promo, as spotted by some online. Camera angles and character movements align almost perfectly, to the point where it's obvious that the creators of the Doula Continent: Soul Master Duel trailer took some, uh... inspiration from Square Enix.

Gaming industry analysis Daniel Ahmad uploaded a video of the two trailers playing back to back, and it's undeniable that something is going on here. As you can see in the clip below, the pacing, tone, and narrative of the promos are identical - to the point where the games even drop their titles at the exact same time.

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In both trailers, a character takes on a flying enemy, gets knocked back by a magical blast and gets up again to run in for an attack. Not only are the actions exactly the same throughout the video, but the positioning on the map and the camera angles are identical. Clearly, very little was done to differentiate it from the Final Fantasy 14 promo.


The Final Fantasy 14 video was a promotion for the Shadowbringers expansion pack. It was uploaded two years ago, as opposed to Doula Continent: Soul Master Duel, which only started appearing on YouTube earlier this year.

It's not known if Square Enix is bothered by these similarities enough to get lawyers involved. However, as we recently found out in a chat with Stranger of Paradise producer Jin Fujiwara, the studio is annoyed about something it's seen on the internet: all of those chaos memes.

Speaking to TheGamer's Meg Pelliccio, Fujiwara-san commented influx of digs about the number of times the word "chaos" was said in the Strangers of Paradise reveal: "It's obviously not something we're terribly pleased about." In all likelihood, this is probably the reason we didn't hear it once in the most recent trailer, which dropped at the Tokyo Game Show yesterday.

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