Any doubts about the recent Final Fantasy VII Remake demo leak have now been dispelled, as footage of the first three minutes of the demo has appeared online.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is due to be released in a few months, but it seems that Square Enix wants to get fans excited with a demo of the game. The fans first learned of the demo due to a leak on Christmas Eve, as an icon for a Final Fantasy VII Remake demo was found within the PlayStation Network, along with region codes for several different versions of the game.

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It seems that someone has cracked the demo files and managed to get them running, as a YouTuber named Lystrasza has uploaded footage from the first three and a half minutes of the demo. The video is unlisted but it can be checked out below.

The video shows an updated version of the intro from Final Fantasy VII, with Aerith looking at the dripping Mako pipe before walking into the crowd of people. The camera pans out to show the city of Midgar in all of its glory, revealing the logo of the game, before descending to a speeding train. The train stops and Biggs & Jessie team up to dispose of a Shinra guard. Wedge and Barret arrive on the scene, who are swiftly followed by Cloud as he jumps from the train. The footage ends before we can see much of the gameplay.


One change in the demo footage of the introduction from the original version of the game is Aerith seemingly being spooked by something at the end of the street. It's possible that her reaction is linked to the new ghostly enemies that have been added in the remake.

Square Enix and Sony didn't deliver the Christmas present of an early taste of Final Fantasy VII Remake for the fans, but we can only hope that they decide to drop it as a gift for the audience as part of the New Years' celebrations. What better way to ring in the roaring twenties than with a return to Midgar?

Final Fantasy VII Remake will be released for PlayStation 4 on March 3, 2020.

Source: Lystrasza/YouTube

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