Sephiroth is one of the most iconic and popular villains in all of video games. He's up there with the likes of Bowser and Ganon even. It helps to be the enemy of the most popular RPG of the decade as well. But Sephiroth was so much more than that. He sort of helped usher in a dozen years of young kids loving samurai swords and lighting things on fire. Because that's who Sephiroth was.

But he was not invincible like many other superheroes in the world. And not even as strong as everyone else in the series, as far as bad guys are concerned. But the coolest thing about Sephiroth is that he was a man who becomes a god. Only a few people do that and when they do, it's never to be the nice god or a good guy who wants to give people presents.

So, of all the games in the series, it's been narrowed down to 25 of the characters or monsters who would be able to defeat or at least stand their ground against Sephiroth. Whether you agree or not depends on how much you've played the other games in the series. If you're an avid fan and have played the main series, then you'll know what we're talking about.

Did your favorite character make the list? Well, only one way to find out. Here are the characters who not only would give Sephiroth a run for his money, but defeat him as well.

25 Sabin Figaro


If any of you aren't familiar with this guy, then you need to go back to the old days when dudes barely wore shirts. But this guy, Sabin, like many on the list, can't defeat Sephiroth on his worst day.

He needs some leveling.

The reason Sabin is up here is because he can deal 80,000 damage in a single turn when on level 99 with is strength stat maxed out. He just needs Genji Gloves for dual-wielding and the Offering. Allowing him to attack four times each weapon.


24 Kefka


Now, Kefka is on this list because he is at least on a similar power level to Sephiroth. Kefka becomes a God, the God of Magic. That has to count for something.

Even if Sabin can take him out in just a few turns.

But Kefka, along with every other final boss in the series, deserves to be in the conversation. It'd be a pretty good fight, even though we think Sephiroth would win more often than not.

23 Chaos


Chaos is a unique entity in that he is the manifestation of chaos within the universe. And it takes the four warriors of light to end his reign of terror and torment. But that's not something Sephiroth would shy away from.

Sephiroth would have to be at full god strength to take this guy on, and if he was, he might be able to topple this villainous entity. Or maybe Chaos isn't bad, just an inevitability in the universe with no emotional center.

22 Cloud Strife


This entry has to be obvious to everyone involved. Cloud is one of the few characters on this list who has gone one-on-one with Sephiroth and won. And he did it more than once.

Cloud is the hero we all want.

Sephiroth and Cloud pretty much hate each other as well. They fight all the time and Cloud can never get over how Sephiroth betrayed him. But it was all for the best because we got a super awesome game out of it.

21 Everyone Else From FF7


So these guys helped Cloud defeat Sephiroth more than once. So it would be safe to assume they should be on this list and considered. Maybe not all of them can beat Sephiroth by themselves but who cares.

They actually defeated him.

He was about to destroy the planet and they stopped him. Especially Aeris with her magic green mist. This is a team that took on the world and decided they were gonna look awesome doing it.

20 Lavos


Lavos isn't really a Final Fantasy character, but he's close enough. And Chrono Trigger had some similarities to the series so he deserves a mention. Even if he is a giant tick from outer space here to destroy everything.

Sephiroth may have his hands full Lavos.

After all, he is enormous. Sephiroth might find a way through. Seeing how all Crono did in the game was hack at Lavos' face with a Katana, Sephiroth could probably do that too.

19 Ruby Weapon


Both Sephiroth and Ruby Weapon appears in the game together but they never cross paths. Which is a shame. There should be a time where Sephiroth flies around and beats all the Weapons into submission.

Maybe they could show us the battles too.

Then, when the time comes to fight Ruy and Emerald, we do it because they are helping Sephiroth destroy the planet. The very opposite of what they were created to do.

18 Jenova


Sephiroth got his powers from being injected with Jenova cells to make him stronger. It's why he calls her his mother and stuff. So it would be wise to think that if Jenova was at full strength, she'd be able to handle Sephiroth.

But she probably wouldn't.

She'd help him out because she's a maniac alien demon that came to the planet to mess things up. She's only using Sephiroth until he figures out what she is and starts using her.

17 Anima


Anima is the only summon on this list. Unless you count Sin, which we don't. But Anima is one tough homie. There are even some speculations out there that Anima is the Fayth of Seymour's mother.

Either way, whatever Anima is, it's incredibly powerful and can wipe out most enemies in a single attack. Alongside Sabin, Anima is one of the highest damage dealing characters on this list that the players can actually use.

16 Sin


Sin is on this list because it is basically a flying Godzilla like monster that destroys entire cities and wrecks everyone's face just for using technology. So maybe Sephiroth would have some trouble fighting Sin.

But if Sephiroth were to fight Sin, he wouldn't be scared.

It would be safe to assume that Sin is on a similar power level to Ruby Weapon. So we think Sephiroth would have a chance one-on-one.

15 Cecil Harvey


Cecil is another hero on this list that goes through the rigors of becoming an extremely powerful warrior that can take on pretty much anything. He also happens to be the leading man for the fourth game in the series.

Cecil is a Dark Knight, but later in the game, he becomes a Paladin to fight away the dark forces in the world. That sounds like a pretty good resume to fighting a guy like Sephiroth who wants to destroy the planet.

14 Gilgamesh


Just look at that guy. He's got like fifty swords. That would be one awesome battle. Sephiroth with his speed and skills against a Demi-god that can pretty much wield every legendary weapon on the planet.

Gilgamesh is never a truly difficult enemy in the game, but that's not indicative of his ability to battle. If Gilgamesh was able to use his full power, he'd do a ton of damage to Sephiroth. This'd be a good battle.

13 Level 99 Black Mage


Mages are one of the most underrated characters in all of the series. Imagine a Black Wizard with all the strongest spells and the speed to dodge attacks and attack basically nonstop with no need for rest.

It'd start something like this.

Black Mage casts Haste, then MP Regen and MP Turbo. He's now fast and self-regenerating. Then a few doses of Flare, Ultima, and Holy. If that doesn't work, maybe Doublecasting Vanish then X-zone would work.

12 Seymour Guado


Seymour is a pretty tough cookie. He has Anima at his beck and call, and even without the summon, he's got plenty of magical powers to stand on his own against pretty much anyone who would want to fight him.

Seymour eventually becomes a soulless maniac and increases his power by a ton.

When he does this, he sort of loses the ability to summon all his creatures. But We think he knew what he was getting himself into when he did that.

11 Vayne Solidor


Vayne is another big boss at the end of a game who has sold his soul to the darkness. Whether or not he deserves to be on this list is another question altogether.

And we are going to tell you why.

In FF12 there is a gambit system that allows you to set up what your party does during battle so no buttons need to be pressed. When you reach the end of the game, you may not have to lift a finger to defeat this boss.

10 Noctis Lucis Caelum


Noctis is our newest leading man in the series. And he happens to be one of the most powerful and skilled warriors in the mix. It's pretty unique to have such an overpowered leading man right off the bat.

Most of the time, you have to really level up the main character or get them to unlock some new technique that puts them in the rest of the others. Noctis starts out as a teleporting, sword wielding air-ninja.

9 Knights Of The Round


Many of you people out there use this method to defeat Sephiroth in the game. You attack him and attack him until the person holding the Knights Of The Round Summon's turn comes up and you unleash the knights.

They do some good work.

But are you really willing to raise a golden Chocobo to achieve this piece of materia? You should, because Chocobo racing and breeding is one of the coolest side-quests in the series.

8 Lightning


Lightning has the privilege of being only one of two main series characters that is a woman. It's her and Terra from the sixth game. But Lightning is something altogether tougher than most women with swords.

Even if she couldn't beat Sephiroth in a one on one battle, chances are she could seduce him and make him fall to her will. Sort of like what Pokémon do. Infatuation is an extremely powerful method.

7 Ultimecia


Ultimecia is an incredibly powerful sorceress who decided it would be a fun time to condense all of time and space inside of her so she could become a God.

She has ambition enough to fight Sephiroth.

So if the Black Mage is on this list, then so should Ultimecia with her magical skills. She's similar to Seymour Guado in that their magical prowess sends them to new heights and makes them crazy with power.

6 Ozma


Ozma is considered by many to be the strongest and most difficult boss in all of the video games of the series. And Ozma happens to be an optional boss. A super boss if you will, capable of wiping out an entire maxed level team.

So it would seem that this is a worthy entry of battling Sephiroth.

With all that power and all that spherical rage, Sephiroth might have his hands unclean with all the garbage that Ozma tosses at him. Can his sword cut through this guy?

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