Final Fantasy VII Remake is great but more importantly, it's a very memeable game. Screenshots can encapsulate the perfect moment to notify fellow fans of some of their favorite parts. Either that or they can use these screens to tell a story in a new context. For example, talking about how things don’t make sense in the game.

There are plenty to choose from, such as the size of Materia varying between cutscenes to the very idea that an electric company rose to power. These ten hilarious Final Fantasy VII Remake memes will dive deep on some of these matters and will (obviously) contain spoilers that only real fans will understand. Prepare for a few laughs in the land of Midgar!

10 Aerith Be Cray!

Talking to flowers in a world of magic should not be that weird. There are weirder things going on around in this world than talking to the local flora.

That being said, this scene that plays out after Cloud and Aerith arrive at her house definitely has the former with a confused look on his face. After all, he already made fun of Barret for hearing the planet cry out. Why should Aerith speaking to silent flowers be any different?


9 Fly You Fools!

That look and position Aerith takes as she is whisked away by Whispers in the Train Graveyard could remind nostalgic Final Fantasy VII veterans remember none other than The Lord of the Rings. Specifically, it's that moment from The Fellowship of the Ring when Gandalf tells the fellowship to run as the Balrog engulfs him.

Aerith’s look says something that that no words could, as if everything was going to be okay. How and why she understands Whispers and or ghosts remains an unanswered question.

8 High Five!

Aerith is just full of memeable and gifable moments in this game, isn’t she? Her constant craving for high fives is reminiscent of Borat in, well, Borat (or if you want the full title, Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan).

Cloud’s rejection then is indicative of Borat's love of saying, “Not!” And of course, that response wouldn’t be complete with the cool guy glasses. Thankfully, Cloud eventually breaks down and high fives her back for a sweet moment. Come on Cloud, quick holding backing on the goofy side!

7 Gotta Catch 'Em All!

Why does Red XIII have a flaming tail? He must be a Pokémon! That’s exactly the kind of conclusion Ash Ketchum would come to if he fell into the world of Final Fantasy VII. It's hard to deny that he does have a tail like Charmander.

But unlike the cute monsters of his world, most of the fiends in Final Fantasy VII Remake would tear Ash to shreds without a moment's notice. All except for Red XIII of course. If it helps, Cait Sith also has a Pokémon vibe to him like Meowth plus Snorlax.

6 Nice JPEG, Bro

One of the worst, or more like inconsistent qualities in this remake, are the textures. Some environments and characters look stunning and sometimes, the game struggles to load in something as simple as a poster without it looking blurry.

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Take this scene on the way up to Shinra HQ. Instead of creating a draw distance, Square Enix took a shortcut by seemingly injecting a blown up photo as the background. Uncharacteristically for a remake of this scale, that backdrop looks incredibly cheap!

5 The Midgar Special

On the other hand, sometimes the models are perhaps too detailed. Whoever went through the trouble of modeling whatever monstrosity of a sub sandwich this is should get a reward.

It’s disgustingly detailed, so much so that certain fans want to know more. Heck, what would Guy Fieri think of the food if he went into this world? Now that is a piece of fan fiction just waiting to be written as if it hasn’t been done already!

4 The Boy Who Lived

From the moment Whispers were showcased in one of the trailers, one thought went into the collective minds of fans: they look like Dementors from Harry Potter. It is impossible to unsee that once someone points it out.

On the other side of this joke, a Whisper asking Cloud if he is Harry Potter works as he kind of has a similar backstory. Similarly, Cloud also had a tragic past thanks to a villain who is constantly giving him headaches. Oh right, and he survived a fatal incident only to come out clean. The meme works on multiple levels!

3 Shh, They're Sleeping!

Batman’s code of ethics has him unwilling to kill people. As if breaking someone’s back isn’t a fate worse than death, right? Well, this CollegeHumor video looks at the idea that Batman is too stupid to know he doesn’t kill people. He, instead, thinks they are sleeping. If one hasn’t seen it, go watch it now!

Anyway, there is an early mission involving Cloud beating up Shinra guards in order to save Johnny. After he wins, Tifa tells him to let them be. Uhh, Tifa? Get a load of Cloud’s giant sword. Those guards aren’t sleeping - they're dead!

2 Kingdom Fantasy

There are many similarities one can point out between Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy VII Remake. One, the most obvious is, of course, the battle system. Another is that both games are directed by Tetsuya Nomura.

Now, Nomura certainly has a certain taste when it comes to final battles and boss designs. The Whisper entity that the party fights at the end looks like a giant Heartless. On top of that, the chaotic nature of fighting through a storm of debris and buildings is straight out of those games as well. Cloud even realizes it with that look on his face!

1 Too Easy!

One of the saddest moments in the series is the death of Zack. Not helping matters is that his sacrifice is what lets Cloud survive. It also screws up his mind, to be honest. That being said, it always felt meaningful so it was a good sadness.

But in Remake, this iconic bittersweet moment was changed since -brace yourselves - Zack survives. Here, Zack's sacrifice plays out differently and instead of being a sad moment, it's now a triumphant one. Who needs a remake of Crisis Core when Zack could get a new game?

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