Halloween is upon us and the developers of Final Fantasy VII Remake have revealed the updated design of one of the spooky monsters from the original game as part of the holiday celebrations.

The Ghost monsters in Final Fantasy VII were found in the Train Graveyard during the Midgar section of the game, but they could also be fought in the Battle Square. The Ghosts are known for being one of the only ways to acquire the Ghost Hand items, which are used to drain MP from enemies. When faced in battle, the Ghosts have the power to turn invisible, making them immune to damage.

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The version of the Ghost monster from Final Fantasy VII looked like the generic white sheet with black features design that appears on many Halloween costumes. The official Final Fantasy VII Remake Twitter page has revealed the updated design for the Ghost monsters and their cloth appears to be more worn, with a design that resembles a bone structure. Parts of the Ghost's cloth-like bodies appear to be sewn on, giving it a Frankenstein's monster vibe.

There are many who remember Final Fantasy VII as being a very serious game, but it had some goofy monster designs. The series was still transferring from the chibi art style of the 16-bit era to the more realistic style that would later be used in Final Fantasy VIIIThe ghosts are one example of a lazy creature design in Final Fantasy VII and its good to see them receive a cool makeover in the remake.


The only question now is whether the Hell House has received a similar upgrade. The Hell House was a monster that looked like a house but turned into a monster upon being struck. It will be tricky to make the Hell House look cool in the Final Fantasy VII Remake, but if the developers managed to do it with the Ghost, then anything is possible.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is due to be released on March 3, 2020.

Source: Final Fantasy VII Remake/Twitter

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