Relics are among the most powerful items your heroes can wield in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Acquiring them often requires performing great feats of skill and heroism. Having these important relics on the field of battle can often mean the difference between victory and defeat.

Yet not all relics are created equal, while some are considered the most powerful weapons in the game, others are outclassed by more common items. While any relic is useful and can be wielded to great effect, there are some that prove to be much more useful than others.

12 Sword of The Creator

The weakest of all the relics is surprisingly the one wielded by Byleth, the Sword of The Creator. The sword gives Byleth a powerful combat art known as Ruptured Heaven which boosts the damage of the sword by 20% of an enemies attack stat.

The reason it ranks so low is some of the important stats are abysmal. It has seven might, zero critical hit chance, and 20 durability. This sword needs the special attack, but with such a low durability it won’t be used too often. It does get better with upgrades/enhancements, but out of the gate it’s the worst relic.


11 Thunderbrand

This sword is in Catherine’s possession and honestly, she’s the best person to use it. Thanks to her Crest of Charon this sword grants her the ability to strike twice when she initiates an attack.

Unfortunately, that first attack is the peak of this sword’s abilities as afterwards it relies upon a 13 might stat to dish out further attacks with no added bonuses or perks. After that first hit the Thunderbrand basically becomes your average sword.

10 Blutgang

Blutgang is a wicked looking sword meant to be wielded by Marianne as anyone else who uses it suffers damage after each use. The sword grants the combat art Beast Fang which grants extra damage against dragons or cavalry.

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This creates a bit of a problem as its true powers are only really utilized by Marianne, but she is meant to be a ranged magic wielder. Her strength stats are terrible, and she has mediocre stats for surviving melee encounters so she can never effectively wield the relic meant to be used solely by her, making it a weak relic overall.

9 Luin

Luin is one of the few items on this list that does not grant the user an additional ability or perk for wielding it. It has decent stats for a lance so it’s not entirely a waste, but what makes the Luin rank so low is that the legendary Gradivus has roughly the same stats but weighs less making this relic an inferior weapon.

There’s no combat art that comes with this spear and there’s no reason to use it over the Gradivus other than you may not find the latter right away, but once you do this thing will quickly be replaced.

8 Failnaught

The only bow on this list is a strong weapon. If wielded by Claude it grants the ability Fallen Star which allows the user to avoid all enemy attacks in the next turn. It has a decent attack with 18 might, 75 hit chance, and a 20 critical hit chance.

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The only reason it doesn’t rank higher is because of a lower durability at 20 and simply because the other items are better.

7 Crusher

The Crusher is a rather powerful axe meant to be wielded by Annette. The weapon has 18 might and it deals magical damage instead of physical. It also grants Annette the combat art Dust which causes hit enemies to receive -5 to their defense for one turn. It suffers a little because Annette is meant to be a magic user, but it’s stats are good enough and the magical attack modifier makes it an adaptable weapon.

6 Areadbhar

This lance is wielded by the powerful Dimitri and can serve him well over the course of the game. With a 19 might stat this thing does decent damage with a standard attack. What makes it truly powerful is the Atrocity combat art which makes the weapon effective against all enemy types allowing Dimitri to handle any situation.

5 Aegis Shield

One of the few none weapon relics on this list, the Aegis Shield is a powerful item when wielded by Felix. It provides six defense, three resilience, and a +3 to resilience when used by Felix.

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What makes it truly incredible are the Pavise and Aegis abilities which help negate attacks either fully or by half, which is handy for a sword fighter like Felix.

4 Lance of Ruin

The Lance of Ruin does impressive damage with its 22 might and 20 critical hit chance. When wielded by Sylvain it grants the combat art Ruined Sky which allows the wielder effectiveness when hitting flying units and dragons. Given Sylvain is suited for this style of combat this relic can make him an effective hunter of Wyvern Riders.

3 Freikugel

This is the most powerful relic weapon in the game and for good reason. Its base attack ability is impressive with a whopping 23 might. But when in the hands of Hilda it grants the epic combat art Apocalyptic Flame.

Apocalyptic Flame gives a strong boost to damage, a higher hit chance against dragons, and any enemy hit by this ability will suffer -5 strength for one turn. This relic is a heavy hitter and allows Hilda to carve through even the most powerful of enemies.

2 Thrysus

Thrysus is a powerful relic wielded by arguably one of the weaker characters in the game Lysithea. Yet this relic taps into a lot of her raw magical abilities and allows her to hold her own. The staff grants the wielder a +2 range and the abilities Pavise and Aegis which help negate incoming damage either by half or entirely.

1 Rafail Gem

The Rafail Gem is the only relic on this list that is an accessory, and this is part of what makes it the most powerful. Another perk is that anyone can utilize the Rafail Gem to its full effect as it’s not limited to one specific master.

Its powerful abilities remove movement type weaknesses meaning anyone who is armored, flies, or rides a horse no longer suffers from the weaknesses those things provide. It also prevents enemies from dealing critical hits against the wearer and has a chance to halve all incoming damage.

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